Hollywood What If

Kazir Grey returned to 1994 and decided to pursue his dreams of making movies. With his knowledge, he would take the path of becoming the best director of Hollywood.

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HWI 60

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Hollywood What If Chapter 60

Kazir Grey signed a contract with Warner Bros to release the movie in the summer. 

Because of this, Kazir formulated a plan... to make sure that the filming would be finished in April or early May.  

After the trouble with the Children's Association, Kazir and his crew began to pick up the pace. The atmosphere in the crew became better and the mood of the actors was great. 

Some of the actors made mistakes, but not enough to cause much trouble. After all, even talented actors had NGs while shooting movies. 

'If there's something that surprised me, it's the acting of these certain actors...'

Whenever these actors were in front of the cameras, they easily adjusted their emotions and expressions. 

'I don't ask for explosive acting, but they really gave me one.'

Kazir understood that the level of acting in The Hangover was much higher than in Napoleon Dynamite. In fact, that was the reason he wanted to shoot four takes of each scene to make sure he could pick the best shot. 

Kazir expected Reese Witherspoon to improve after he coached her on her acting. 

Because of their relationship, Kazir made sure that Reese Witherspoon would be a great actress. Unlike other actresses, Reese Witherspoon had a strong sweet charm. So Kazir wanted her to take advantage of that. 

'She's really improving, I'm impressed.'

Reese's scenes in the movie were not many, but she clearly gained the attention of the camera. 

'Once The Hangover is finished, I'll try to help her get roles that suit her. If that's not possible, I'll make a role that fits her.'

Kazir had a lot of ideas for the future... He basically knew most of the romantic comedies that would hit the blockbuster. 

'The other actors are Jack Black and Pedro Pascal.'

After playing Pedro Sanchez in Napoleon Dynamite, Pedro Pascal decided to keep the mustache. Kazir approved of his decision because Pedro Pascal with a mustache was iconic. 

Pedro Pascal's character in the movie was Doug. He was the groom who disappeared after the night of drug use. To be honest, his scenes were mostly concentrated in the first half of the movie. 

'Still, his acting is impeccable. I can't ask for more because he has no NGs. Although I am reshooting the scenes in the hope of seeing more impressive acting from him.'

As for Jack Black, he was a funny guy. He just knew how to make people laugh. 

For a comedy actor, that was the best and strongest talent he should have.

'Maybe that is why Jack Black is one of the most famous comedic actors of all time. He just knows how to make people laugh.'

Kazir doesn't regret his choice.

"This guy... Jack Black. I think he's not bad."

Producer Enrico Pusi whispered next to him, and Kazir agreed. 

"Indeed. If you have a role that suits him, please send him an invitation. I think he can make the role worth it."

"Do you think so?"

"I strongly believe so."

It was already the first week of April and the filming was 1/3 finished. It was still within their calculations, so there was no problem. 

In fact, the shooting of a movie was always behind schedule. Only a few projects could be finished within the right schedule. There were many consequences in the shooting and it caused the shooting to be late.

Fortunately, Kazir knew how to deal with these problems. He never showed nervousness or irritation. He kept his calm demeanor as much as possible, which made the crew feel comfortable. 

Last week, one of the crew members fell from the ladder and people got nervous. Kazir immediately ordered an ambulance.

Kazir contacted producer Enrico Pusi to settle the matter. Fortunately, the man was not seriously injured. Of course, it was still Enrico Pusi's responsibility to pay for all of his hospital expenses. 

The incident passed quickly and everyone returned to their work. Kazir made sure to remind everyone to stay focused and take everything seriously.

So far, everything was going well. 

After his success with Se7en and Napoleon Dynamite, the crew members never turned against him. They all respected his decision. 

"What do you think of this shot?"

Renner approached him and showed him the camera angle. He was the crew's director of photography(Cinematographer). He was in charge of the cameras and lighting. Perhaps his position was second only to the director and producer. 

"Let's try this angle first. If it doesn't work, we'll find another angle or destroy the wall."

"I understand."

"Okay, let's start shooting!"




"And cut! Okay, guys, I announce that the filming of The Hangover is complete!"


The crew members around him shouted excitedly. Even the actors sighed and smiled after knowing that the shooting was over. It had been an exhausting three months for them. The project was fun overall, but it still took its toll on them.

"We have three days to relax. You can go to the casino and have some fun. But don't spend too much."


The second week of May came and the shooting of the movie officially ended. They started filming in the last week of February and finished in May. 

To be honest, their filming was fast compared to other projects. It was all because of Kazir's plan. 

He already knew everything he wanted to shoot, so he did not make a blind move. 

The actors thanked him one by one. They enjoyed working with Kazir. If the movie went well, they wanted to work with him again. 

"It's okay, I believe in you."

Kazir thanked everyone and promised that they would have a farewell party in Los Angeles. 

For now, they could rest and have some fun in Las Vegas. 

"Director Grey, how about we go to the MGM Grand? I hear they have a nice casino there." 

The actors tried to invite him, but Kazir shook his head. 

"I'm sorry, but I have to check the footages later."

As always, he preferred movies to anything else. Even Reese Witherspoon, who was sitting next to him, just shrugged. She was expecting his reaction. 

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