Hollywood What If

Kazir Grey returned to 1994 and decided to pursue his dreams of making movies. With his knowledge, he would take the path of becoming the best director of Hollywood.

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HWI 209

Hollywood What If Chapter 209

"Director Grey, I promise you I have no bad intentions. I just want to make sure that you are relaxed." Franklin Maxwell realised that Director Grey didn't like his preparation as they left the private room.

Director Grey didn't even enter the room. After looking at the people in the room, the Director immediately announced that he wanted to talk downstairs instead. Perhaps Kazir was just curious about the agent's intentions.

"I know." Kazir nodded.

'Of course, if you try to blackmail me or release footage of me having fun with five women and two men, then your future in Hollywood is already over. Besides, a lot of directors will lose faith in the WMA if they find out that one of their agents blackmailed me.'

In this situation, Franklin Maxwell and the WMA were at a disadvantage. Kazir Grey was not the person he was five years ago. His connections run deeper and many people would protect him. Even CAA would look after Kazir's welfare.

Kazir's talent was already proven and many people considered him useful. On top of that, everyone knows that Kazir would never spend his time in a room with strangers. Unless he was drugged or kidnapped.

'If you try to make things difficult, Orlando Bloom will never get a chance to audition and your career as an agent will be over.'

Kazir was now a powerful figure in Hollywood.

The WMA usually attacked him indirectly and their means were not that extreme, apart from the domestic violence allegations. They would never put themselves in a difficult position.

'Maybe I'm getting used to this life that I can deduce the WMA's way of thinking... Money and power are scary things.'

Now that Carl Morin and Lawlor Dean had been thrown out of the WMA, Kazir understood that the grudge was basically over.

The two reached the ground floor and Kazir sat down at an empty table. Franklin Maxwell followed suit and sat across him.

"Franklin, let me get this straight. I'm not the type to say yes just because there's some first class pussy in front of me. The people you sent into that room will never sway me. So let me ask you, why are you doing this?"

Knowing that Kazir Grey was serious, Franklin Maxwell swallowed hard and decided to speak. This was all or nothing.

"Director Grey, I hope you can return to the WMA and become my client."

'As expected...' Kazir leaned against the chair. It was obvious. This was not the first time an agent had tried to talk to him about changing agencies. He had turned down all their offers, even though some of them had good conditions.

But today Kazir was free and he was thinking about changing agencies... Or so.

"What will I get?" Kazir asked.

"Y- Yes." Franklin Maxwell got excited when he heard the director's answer. His face blushed slightly.

He had heard that Kazir Grey had been contacted by many agencies but had never accepted their offers. He explained that he was happy with the way CAA was helping him.

Franklin pulled an envelope from his suit. It was warm from his body heat...

The agent handed the contract to Kazir and let him read it. Franklin wrote only the important things that Kazir could get if he signed a contract with the WMA. Of course, this contract was not official. Most of the time contracts were as thick as books because of all the clauses and conditions.

Franklin Maxwell only included the conditions that could attract Kazir.

Reading the contract, Kazir raised his eyebrows and read the first line.

'A 2% commission? Damn, that's basically a robbery, from them. Have I reached the point where I am on a par with Steven Spielberg and James Cameron in terms of importance?'

This kind of contract was usually for top directors like them.

The contract stated that Kazir Grey had full control over his project and could hire whoever he wanted. However, they hoped that Director Grey would prioritise WMA's clients first. A very typical condition.

Other than that, nothing really caught his attention. Kazir was not a fussy person and the conditions were within his expectations.

But when he read the last clause, he couldn't help but smile.

Every week, the WMA will send one of their female clients to his apartment to serve Kazir.

'This is crazy... I don't even know if WMA is crazy enough to do this. But it's not impossible, they can send a newbie actress who has no foundation in Hollywood and leave it at that.'

If he was right, that last clause was added by Franklin Maxwell himself.

'I'm sure no actress would object to sleeping with a famous director like me. Especially if the actress is new in the business and needs to make connections. '

Talent Agents... They were known for their thick faces and shameless behaviour. They would do anything to get a better deal. This time Franklin Maxwell used a dirty trick.

Kazir could only shake his head and laugh.

"Franklin, this contract was approved by the WMA, right?"

"Of course, although I added a few conditions to make it better. Don't worry, I think the WMA will do anything to get you signed."


This contract was indeed good. Unfortunately, Kazir was no fool.

If he signed a contract with WMA, then all the crew members and employees of Grey Pictures would be affected. Most of them were CAA clients. There was a chance that most of them would resign. Kazir didn't want to risk that.

"... Let me think about it. By the way, tell Orlando Bloom to get ready for his audition. The final round of auditions for the lead role will take place in 12 days".

Kazir wanted to play a little with WMA and CAA. Although he already had an idea of the outcome.

"Yes, director!"

Franklin Maxwell was delighted when he realized that Kazir was not against it. At least he had a chance to sign Director Grey. If WMA heard that Kazir was interested in returning to his "roots", the agency would welcome him with open arms.

A director who could make blockbuster after blockbuster would be accepted by any agency, no matter what kind of person he was.


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