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What would you do if you had the chance to travel back in time? For the protagonist, Billy Carson, the day his father took him to see E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in the movie theaters, he realized that maybe he wasn't in a fuzzy dream and maybe he was in a life that sent him with a system of suns, an art system, that will allow him to make history above the masses. I like anxious readers who question, I have some people who follow the story and because of them, I have learned a lot, if you are new, keep in mind that I am also new to writing, and I want to finish this story even if it has many errors, for all the stories unfinished. English is not my main language. But I do what I can, good day. this is my Patreon, I'm usually 20 chapters ahead, I hope you like this series, good day. patreon.com/vin_modeus12 (Disclaimer: Everything described in this series is science fiction)

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reincarnated rules

Rules of Reincarnation:

Art System.

[Art System: The user could enhance their artistic skills, cultivating skills under the assumption of reincarnation. The user must fulfill the greatest desires that they couldn't fulfill in their previous life.

Based on how you earn points, whether it's through emotions, gratitude, or admiration. One point of emotion is worth 1, one point of gratitude is worth 4 points, and one point of admiration is worth 10 points.]


Choose the art skills that you consider necessary to fulfill your promises. You can only choose three special skills that will provide you with opportunities for reincarnation.]

Musical:Performative: ChosenDrawing: ChosenArtistic:Literary: ChosenPhysical:Emotional:Political:Sports:


This special skill is subdivided into three items, which are now manifested in specific performing activities:

Language: Body posture:Charisma:

A person who masters these skills above level 20 is considered a professional actor. Language is the way you convey words to your audience; good language can express different emotions. Body posture refers to the correct movement of your body.

Charisma is the special skill provided by the system. Many people are born with charisma due to their personality or beauty. This skill will be developed by the system and will influence people according to your charisma level.]


This special skill is subdivided into three items, which are now manifested in specific drawing-focused activities:


Drawing skills are incomplete; they don't allow a story to be narrated. However, quality speaks for itself. The copying skill allows you to improve your drawing style and enhance the copied drawing. The animation skill brings your drawings to life, whether in digital or traditional platforms, in color, charcoal, or watercolors. These animation skills contribute to the identity of the drawing shown in the story's development.

The special skill of realism is how a story can convey the characters' emotions to each reader.]


Literary skills help you tell stories that are born from your heart. They are subdivided into four:


The coherence skill, along with argumentation, will help you understand different arguments and story structures for the consequent creation and improvement of plots that will be at your disposal, whether in development, creation, or enhancement.

The narrative skill is a text-perfection skill. It polishes the level of coherence and argumentation to professional states, along with the realism skill, to convey emotions to your readers.]



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