Hollywood King

Warning: Mature Content - When an actor transmigrates into a world where any of the entertainment masterpieces of his previous world hasn’t been revealed, how will he change Hollywood? Ian Renner who always dreamed of being on the top of Hollywood finally had a chance to make his dream come true with his cheat, Memory Library. On the other hand, the love life that he could only dream about started to show signs of fruition. From starting from home alone to making batman begins shortly after that, from Lucifer to Games of Thrones, Ian will make everything. Find out by joining him in his life filled with adventures, drama, and romance. - Hollywood King is inspired by the fanfiction, My Hollywood System which is on webnovel and is written by DreamThree. This ff is being published on Webnovel, Scri*bleH*b, and R*yalR*ad by me. - Former Editors: April, Leo, Cyeven, and Extra26 Editor: OrangePanther (A Huge thanks to these people!) - Daily Updates - Discord server: https://discord.gg/DGPX5QzRqv - Read chapters ahead: www.Patreon.com/TC_L

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Chapter 367 | The Oscars: Second Attempt

The closer the hours got, the crazier people went over the upcoming Academy Awards. The Awards were extremely important to every movie fan who stood by directors and certain celebrities.

But also for some, it was purely business.

However, the popularity of the awards and the hype for the Oscars continuously kept increasing every year, and so did this year–until the very final hour.

It was not just because of how Ian would participate in the awards this year or how he would attend the ceremony, it was also due to how the ceremony was marketed all over the world. It was one hell of an event, naming geniuses in the industry and giving them awards as tokens of appreciation for their hard work.

On the contrary, the director panel behind the awards have been proven to have biased opinions, but every year, the fans and the committee around the entire function continued to hope that things would get better and things would get fair.

It was similar this year.

With new directors making their way in, and directors who've directed masterpieces which made Hollywood appear much better globally, the competition just got more intense, and the deeper the roots of injustice around the Awards went.

Thus, not just in Ian's new world, but even in his previous world, such a power of talking about the ongoing injustice was discussed only in one place—truly and honestly, and that was online.

| In an online forum |

User1: Hey there, movie buffs! Have ya'll peeped this year's Oscar nods? It's like a total cinematic bonanza, I swear!

User2: No doubt, my dudes! Mark Hamill as a Jedi in "Star Wars" goin' up against Jeff Sanson's "The Costly Frizzle"? It's a freakin' popcorn showdown!

User3: Hold onto your hats, ya crazy cats! "The Enigmatic Quokka" snagged a Best Picture nom! Quokkas, man! It's like, whaaat?!

User4: And check this out, peeps! "Whispers in the Time Capsule" scored Best Original Screenplay. Time-travelin' love vibes, or a dusty old note in a box – which tickles your fancy?

User5: Whoa, Nelly! "The Daring Spoon" is up for Best Visual Effects. An animated spoon throwing down in a wacky kitchen? It's off the charts!

User1: And brace yourselves, party animals! "The Midnight Moon Parade" in the ring for Best Costume Design. Lulu Stardust brought the moonlit magic to life!

User2: Meowzers! 🐾 "Whiskers of Destiny" in the Best Animated Feature ring. Cats on a zen journey? Pass the catnip, dude!

User3: Get ready to party, amigos! Who's gonna score those epic Oscars? Flip a coin, 'cause it's a movie mania, and I'm all in!

User4: Seriously, it's a toss-up between Jedi mind tricks and total goofball brilliance. Let's see who snags those bling-bling Oscars, wild peeps!

User5: Keep the crazy train rollin', my movie maniacs! This year's Oscars are like a mind-blowing cinematic fiesta, and I'm here to ride that wave! 🍿🎬🤪🤟

User1: But hey, have any of you heard about the shady stuff going on behind the scenes at the Oscars?

User2: Yeah, I've read some rumors about it. What's the scoop, User1?

User3: spill the tea, User1! spill it!

User1: Well, it's not all glitter and gold, folks. Word on the street is that the board of directors has been playing puppet master with the nominations.

User4: Seriously? That's messed up. What's their angle?

User1: They're allegedly pushing certain films and artists while sidelining others. It's like they have their favorites, and it's not always based on merit.

User2: That's some seriously underhanded stuff. It's supposed to be about celebrating the best in the biz, not playing politics.

User3: Yeah, I've noticed some strange choices in the nominations lately. It's like they're trying to control the narrative.

User4: And what about the whole diversity issue? It's 2023, and we're still seeing a lack of representation in many categories.

User1: Absolutely, User4. It's frustrating to see talented artists and films getting snubbed because they don't fit the board's vision.

User2: So, what can we do about it? Can we even make a difference?

User3: Well, we can start by talking about it, raising awareness, and pushing for more transparency in the nomination process.

User4: Maybe it's time for a shake-up in the board of directors. New blood, fresh perspectives.

User1: Agreed, User4. Change starts with us, the audience. Let's keep the pressure on and hope for a more fair and inclusive Oscars in the future.

User2: Hear, hear! It's time to shine a light on the dark corners of the Oscars and demand better. 🎥✊💡

User1: But I doubt anyone would hear our opinions… Really 😥


[Renner's Mansion]

Ian looked at himself in the mirror.

He was wearing the classic black tuxedo that he thought would fit the function perfectly, and surprisingly it did.

He looked his best with how enhanced the eccentric features of his face were. He truly looked like a model for some big fashion magazine such as Vogue, but he couldn't help the smile that crept onto his face.

"Hey, Mr. Renner, looking so handsome and all, where are you headed to?" Raelynn appeared from the back and teased Ian.

Ian quickly turned around. His mouth almost gaped wide open as he looked at the woman who matched his tuxedo but in a black short dress that hung to her perfectly.

"You're not gonna just stare at me, are you?" she asked with a smirk on her face. She knew how exactly Ian felt about her.

"You look gorgeous," Ian smiled and walked closer to her so he could kiss her slightly.

"We should get going then."

Rae simply nodded.

The couple walked out of the mansion with smiles on their faces and walked towards their drivers.


[Dolby Theatre - CA]

As twilight descended over Hollywood, a hushed anticipation filled the air.

The legendary Dolby Theatre stood as a sentinel, its doors flung wide, welcoming the luminaries of the film industry to the grandest spectacle of them all—the Oscars.

Inside the theater, a transformation was underway. The stage, normally an unassuming platform for various performances, was undergoing a magical metamorphosis. A team of skilled artisans and designers worked tirelessly to bring a vision to life.

The backdrop, a colossal canvas, was an opulent masterpiece.

It depicted scenes from the nominated films, their characters frozen in captivating moments. It was as though the essence of each movie had been captured in brushstrokes, waiting to be unveiled to the world.

The seating arrangement was a symphony of opulence.

Rows upon rows of plush crimson seats beckoned to the attendees, their softness a testament to the comfort that royalty deserved. Each seat bore a gleaming plaque, engraved with the name of a luminary—stars and directors, writers and producers—each one marking their place in the grand tapestry of cinema.

The center of attention was the stage, bathed in an ethereal glow. The lighting was an art form in itself. It was as if the very stars from the night sky had descended to illuminate the proceedings. The golden hue caressed the audience's faces, casting a celestial aura upon them.

Alongside the stage, a resplendent red carpet stretched like a river of dreams, guiding the nominees and presenters towards their destiny. Velvet ropes created a pathway, beyond which throngs of adoring fans and zealous photographers clamored for a glimpse of their cinematic idols.

And then, of course, there were the awards themselves. The Oscars.

A sculptor's masterpiece, they were statuesque, representing the pinnacle of achievement in the world of film. Each one was a symbol of dedication, artistry, and passion—a beacon that guided the industry forward.

"This looks amazing," Ian mumbled under his breath as he still could see the cameras that were roaming around capturing every essence of his expressions.

Raelynn was stunned too, and it took her a few seconds to take it all in as she just walked past the heavy paparazzi.

"Let's grab our seats," Rae whispered, noticing Ian was giving a good show for all the cameramen who already were focusing on him.

"Yeah, let's go."

As soon as they walked in, they knew where they were supposed to be seated. The rehearsal was no joke and everyone participated.

"They really took the decorations up a notch this time, although it would be a shame if I didn't go with one of those beauties tonight," the director who held Raelynn's arm whispered under his breath.

Raelynn could only smile knowing that what he just said was true. It would be a shame if he didn't take anything home tonight because he already was expecting that he would, and it was not only him but also more than half of the Hollywood population.