Hollywood King

Warning: Mature Content - When an actor transmigrates into a world where any of the entertainment masterpieces of his previous world hasn’t been revealed, how will he change Hollywood? Ian Renner who always dreamed of being on the top of Hollywood finally had a chance to make his dream come true with his cheat, Memory Library. On the other hand, the love life that he could only dream about started to show signs of fruition. From starting from home alone to making batman begins shortly after that, from Lucifer to Games of Thrones, Ian will make everything. Find out by joining him in his life filled with adventures, drama, and romance. - Hollywood King is inspired by the fanfiction, My Hollywood System which is on webnovel and is written by DreamThree. This ff is being published on Webnovel, Scri*bleH*b, and R*yalR*ad by me. - Former Editors: April, Leo, Cyeven, and Extra26 Editor: OrangePanther (A Huge thanks to these people!) - Daily Updates - Discord server: https://discord.gg/DGPX5QzRqv - Read chapters ahead: www.Patreon.com/TC_L

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Chapter 355 | The Elections

After the shooting had ended, everyone in the office was busy editing Star Wars: A New Hope.

On the other hand, Ian's attention was taken by Christopher's campaign. Between work and his side plan, he was torn out but he was able to get rest compared to his packed schedule.

And this was weeks later since he met Christopher.

"What are the chances, Murphy?" Ian asked Murphy as he continued to look at the statistics from his tablet.

The election was ongoing and there was only one thing left, the voting and the counting.

"Well, based on the marketing campaign, I'd say 50-50. Richard is strong this time as he failed his attempt in the last presidential election."

Ian nodded as he understood.

"Last week he said the chances were 75%, based on the numbers and statistics."

"Yes, that was the case before. But his interview with the channel AAA changed things quickly, that's why Christopher's social media campaign had to up the game."

"Just know what's needed at the last moment. Make a turn to the office, I need to check on editing," Ian said and sat in silence.


[Renner Studio]

Ian opened the door where the editing team was busy with their work. According to Ian's instructions, he needed the project to be edited as soon as possible.

And that was for all the good reasons because the Academy Awards were just around the corner.

Releasing a movie when the hype for movies was just beginning was the best choice that they could go for, but at the same time, Ian didn't want to hurry things up because editing is a crucial part.

With Niko, the CGI and the VFX team worked together.

"How is it going?" he asked Niko while the latter looked around. "Hopefully things are alright?"

Niko looked up from his work. "Great, Ian! The editing is going easier than I had expected, not gonna lie. I've got to say, the footage is looking fantastic. The performances from the cast are exceptional, and the visual effects are starting to take shape. So…." he shrugged letting Ian know how well things have been going.

By the sounds of it, Ian was pleased.

"That's what I wanted to hear. Well Niko, I can't stress enough how important the editing process is for this film. It will be the heart and soul that brings everything together."

Niko nodded, understanding what Ian was talking about.

"Ian. I understand the responsibility, and I assure you that we're giving it our all. We're focused on maintaining the flow and rhythm of the story, keeping the pacing tight, and ensuring that every scene serves a purpose."

"I do not doubt your capabilities, Niko. You're the best in the business. But let's talk about some specific scenes. The opening crawl is crucial; it sets the tone for the entire saga. How are we doing with that?" he questioned, taking a seat next to Niko.

Niko took a deep breath in and started talking in a serious tone. The usual tone of Niko was much different than what it was now, "The opening crawl is shaping up well. We've experimented with a few different text animations, and I think we've found one that feels both iconic and immersive. It draws the audience into the story right from the start."

"Perfect. And what about the Death Star attack? It's a pivotal moment in the film, and I want it to be an edge-of-your-seat experience."

"The Death Star attack is one of our top priorities. We've been working on enhancing the special effects to heighten the tension and excitement. With the right sound design and music, it's going to be a pulse-pounding sequence, don't worry."

Ian's excitement with Niko's words was clear.

"Oh, and let's not forget the iconic lightsaber duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Like, I did tell you about how important it is, right?"

"Ah, that duel is your favorite for a reason. We're focusing on the choreography and pacing to make it truly memorable. Adding some subtle VFX touches will also make the lightsabers feel more realistic."

"Good enough. To be honest, and I'm telling this again if the editing goes well as we planned, this movie could be a hit. If it doesn't… You know where it ends," Ian whispered the latter slowly.

"Well, honestly, I'm not worried-"

"You should be," Ian cut off Niko immediately. He knew that Niko wasn't taking the depth of the importance of the editing phase as he should. "I can't afford Star Wars to become a flop, especially now that the marketing team is putting in effort. So, put your everything in. The chances for getting nominations are high."


The shock on Niko's face was visible. Ian stayed silent, which was why Niko finally connected the dots.

"Was that why you didn't submit the names for last year?"

"Now you're getting it. Anyway, keep me updated. I will be in my room," Ian said and stood up, walking out of the room.

With that, Niko got into his work. Soon, the process of editing began.


Three weeks later.

In Ian's living room.

The living room is transformed into an election-night headquarters.


The news anchors are on the edge of their seats, their voices trembling with excitement and tension.

"This is it, folks! The moment we've all been waiting for. The final state is about to be called, and it could be the deciding factor in this nail-biting presidential race!"

"Yes, the whole nation is holding its breath. Will it be Christopher or Richard? The fate of the country hangs in the balance!"

Ian's heart pounded in his chest, and he grips the armrests so tightly that his knuckles turn white. Everyone in the room is silent, their eyes fixed on the TV, as they wait for the crucial announcement.

In the room, Niko, Raelynn and John sat.


The map lights up with different colors representing the states. Red for Christopher's party, blue for his opponent. The tension builds as the numbers continue to change.

"We have some new results coming in, and it's looking close!" the first anchor said.

"Wait! We're getting reports of a last-minute surge in voter turnout from key urban areas. Could this be the boost Christopher needs?"

The room erupts in a mix of hopeful murmurs and gasps. Ian's eyes are glued to the TV, praying for the numbers to swing in Christopher's favor.


The electoral map updates once again, and cheers erupt from the newsroom.

"It's happening! We can now project that Christopher has secured enough electoral votes to become the 46th President of the United States!"

The living room explodes with jubilation. Ian jumps to his feet, throwing his arms up in the air, and the room fills with cheers, claps, and hugs as they celebrate the historic moment.

"He did it! Christopher did it!" Niko yelled while popping the bottle of champagne.


Christopher appears on stage, his face beaming with pride and humility. He acknowledges the overwhelming support of the crowd and the weight of the responsibility ahead.

"Thank you! Thank you all! This victory belongs to every single one of you who believed in a better future for our nation. Together, we will make positive change happen!"

The way he said word by word slowly, made it obvious how certain and dedicated he sounded to his words. It was simply a given that he deserved it.


The celebration continued late into the night. Ian and the others revel in the historic moment. They raised their glasses, toasting the new president and the bright future that lies ahead.

As Christopher's victory speech concluded, the camera panned over the cheering crowd, and the national anthem started playing softly in the background. Ian felt a profound sense of pride and optimism for the country as he gazed at the American flag waving proudly on the screen.

"This is it, he did it," Ian thought to himself as he knew what was about to come for him.


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