Hollywood King

Warning: Mature Content - When an actor transmigrates into a world where any of the entertainment masterpieces of his previous world hasn’t been revealed, how will he change Hollywood? Ian Renner who always dreamed of being on the top of Hollywood finally had a chance to make his dream come true with his cheat, Memory Library. On the other hand, the love life that he could only dream about started to show signs of fruition. From starting from home alone to making batman begins shortly after that, from Lucifer to Games of Thrones, Ian will make everything. Find out by joining him in his life filled with adventures, drama, and romance. - Hollywood King is inspired by the fanfiction, My Hollywood System which is on webnovel and is written by DreamThree. This ff is being published on Webnovel, Scri*bleH*b, and R*yalR*ad by me. - Former Editors: April, Leo, Cyeven, and Extra26 Editor: OrangePanther (A Huge thanks to these people!) - Daily Updates - Discord server: https://discord.gg/DGPX5QzRqv - Read chapters ahead: www.Patreon.com/TC_L

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Chapter 346 | The End & The Empty Feeling

When the fire died at last and the ground became cool enough to walk upon, Ser Jorah Mormont found her amidst the ashes, surrounded by blackened logs and bits of glowing ember and the burnt bones of man and woman and stallion. She was naked, covered with soot, her clothes turned to ash, her beautiful hair all crisped away . . . yet she was unhurt.

The cream-and-gold dragon was suckling at her left breast, the green-and-bronze at the right. Her arms cradled them close. The black-and-scarlet beast was draped across her shoulders, its long sinuous neck coiled under her chin. When it saw Jorah, it raised its head and looked at him with eyes as red as coals.

Wordless, the knight fell to his knees. The men of her khas came up behind him. Jhogo was the first to lay his arakh at her feet. "Blood of my blood," he murmured, pushing his face to the smoking earth. "Blood of my blood," she heard Aggo echo.

"Blood of my blood," Rakharo shouted.

And after them came her handmaids, and then the others, all the Dothraki, men and women and children, and Dany had only to look at their eyes to know that they were hers now, today and tomorrow and forever, hers as they had never been Drogo's.

As Daenerys Targaryen rose to her feet, her black hissed, pale smoke venting from its mouth and nostrils. The other two pulled away from her breasts and added their voices to the call, translucent wings unfolding and stirring the air, and for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons.


"What… Is this the end?" the man who was reading the book looked into the final chapters—and it was truly the end?

"Oh my! Did I just finish reading this book?" he said, shocked at his own progress.

"I, Maxwell, literally finished reading A Game of Thrones in four days?! What just happened…?" He started talking to himself as he realised the book in his hand was officially over.

"This is how it feels then…" he whispered and looked at his bookshelf.

On his bookshelf, there were so many books that he hadn't read. All the books were either left, or he got tired of them.

"This is just… Amazing," he said aloud and skimmed through the pages once again.

As his eyes wander around the pages, he could remember each and every word he read.

"This is actually the first time."

He said again and kept the book in his bed—right where he was reading. He then took his phone and started looking into the book reviews.


The reviews took him by shock.

A novice writer had swept all the readers and charmed them with his great writing—and that was something Maxwell could agree with. He found Ian's writing fresh and something that blew his mind.

"Time to write a review…" he opened the 'write a review' tab and started typing almost everything that he could think of regarding the book.

He mentioned how hard it had been for him to find a good book that could keep him entertained for days or a good book that left him empty when he was done reading—and finally, that was it.

| Probably the best part of the book is how it tells you one thing and then twists the entire story around good guys and heroes who die during the bad life, but there's not a defined bad or good guy, you may hate Tyrion but he is a good guy in some ways. This book is a masterpiece and will always hold a special place in my heart. And after I finished the book, I felt empty! So, I highly recommend this! -Maxwell, HappyReads |

Maxwell sighed and put the phone down and picked up the book again.

"Ian Renner, challenging every other fantasy author there. Good job, well done!"

He stood up and kept the book on the top of the shelf. He wanted to remember this day as it was one of the few books he had ever enjoyed and one of the very few books that kept him on his toes.


A coffee shop. Two friends, Jasmine and Harry, are meeting to catch up and discuss their recent reading experiences. Sarah has just finished reading "A Game of Thrones" and Harry is curious to hear her thoughts.

"Hey Harry, it's good to see you! Guess what? I finally finished reading "A Game of Thrones."

"No way! How was it? I've been hearing so much about that book. I went to buy it, but the stock was already gone in my bookshop, you remember, the local one down the street?"

"Ah yes yes. You can borrow mine."

A genuine smile covered Harry's face–he looked just like a kid who got his favourite candy and was happy that he did.

"So, Jas. How was the book?"

"Oh, it was just… incredible! I couldn't put it down. The world that Renner created is so vast and immersive."

"Wow, are you being serious?"

"Duh," Jasmine rolled her eyes as if to ask if he was joking.

"I've heard it has a lot of complex characters. Who was your favourite?"

"It's hard to pick just one, but I really connected with Arya Stark. She's such a strong and determined character, defying the traditional gender roles and fighting for what she believes in," Jasmine said and looked at her friend.

"I've heard about the plot twists too, did they live up to the hype? Like, were they just as good as they say?"

"Yes, bruh! The story is full of unexpected turns and shocking moments. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Ian throws a curveball that leaves you speechless."

"That sounds intense. Did you find it difficult to keep track of all the different storylines?

"At times, it was a challenge, especially with the vast number of characters and their intricate relationships. But that's what made it so engrossing. Each character's journey felt significant and intertwined with the larger narrative.

"I'm really intrigued now. How would you describe the overall tone of the book?

"It's a dark and gritty tale, filled with political intrigue, power struggles, and epic battles. But amidst all the darkness, there are moments of hope, bravery, and unexpected alliances that keep you invested.

"I can see why it has become such a phenomenon. It sounds like a book that leaves a lasting impact."

"You sound like you already know a lot about the book, how?" Jasmine asked, curious about how Harry asked all the right questions.

"You should check the reviews. They are just simply mind blowing. Even very famous authors had reviews in HappyReads. Some even revealed how much they enjoyed it in interviews… Social media! Duh! Take your head out of your books and see how many people love it!"

Jasmine rolled her eyes again.

"Why do you sound like my mother?"

Harry smirked. "Maybe I'm."

"Shut up. Take this, read and tell me how it was for you. And answer all your questions yourself—just, tell me everything you feel when you read the book, okay? It's already my favourite book, you don't need to tell me twice."

Harry laughed. This is going to be an interesting read.




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