Hollywood King

Warning: Mature Content - When an actor transmigrates into a world where any of the entertainment masterpieces of his previous world hasn’t been revealed, how will he change Hollywood? Ian Renner who always dreamed of being on the top of Hollywood finally had a chance to make his dream come true with his cheat, Memory Library. On the other hand, the love life that he could only dream about started to show signs of fruition. From starting from home alone to making batman begins shortly after that, from Lucifer to Games of Thrones, Ian will make everything. Find out by joining him in his life filled with adventures, drama, and romance. - Hollywood King is inspired by the fanfiction, My Hollywood System which is on webnovel and is written by DreamThree. This ff is being published on Webnovel, Scri*bleH*b, and R*yalR*ad by me. - Former Editors: April, Leo, Cyeven, and Extra26 Editor: OrangePanther (A Huge thanks to these people!) - Daily Updates - Discord server: https://discord.gg/DGPX5QzRqv - Read chapters ahead: www.Patreon.com/TC_L

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Chapter 328 | Party!

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Raelynn had her arms wrapped around Ian as they both walked inside the party.

The decorations and the theme was solely based on The Godfather. So, the unique theme was vintage.

People were even asked to wear old suits and dresses of their choice.

"Ian is here, everyone!" Angelina Jolie yelled with excitement, making the entire audience present cheer.

Some raised glasses and some cheered for Ian's presence.

"The famous couple made an appearance! Ian Renner! Come let's have a drink!" Michael invited Ian over to the bar.

Michael was dressed in one of the suits that Michael in The Godfather wore. The fitting was perfect and Michael's make-up did more of the job.

Ian kissed Raelynn's forehead and walked over to where Michael was.

With Michael, there were other actors present.

"How many people should we expect tonight?" Tony questioned. He was the one who gave Bonesera life.

"Does it matter?" Michael questioned back.

"It kind of does. If we're to expect other actors who've worked with Ian Renner, I'd love to get to know Ryan Gosling," he said and looked at Ian, awaiting an answer.

"You bet, Tony. I extended invites to as many as people we could to fit here. If he's going to be here tonight, consider you got lucky," Ian said with a sarcastic smile.

"Why did you say it like that?" Michael questioned, noticing Ian's tone.

"Ah, it is nothing much," Ian said and took a sip from the drink the bartender attended. "This is strong."

Tony chuckled. "A strong one for a strong night, heh?"

"You were saying?" Michael interrupted.

"Ah yes. Well, all the actors, even the ones who came in a small time to make it big, got their big break with a single movie. Ryan had so much potential when we first met. And now, he's doing good. I won't blame him if he couldn't make it tonight due to his load of work," Ian said and gulped down the entire drink.

Both the actors in front of Ian had understanding expressions.

"Oh, Mr Crutchfield is here, I will be back. Please, enjoy your night."

"Sure, I will see you in a few."

Ian stood and adjusted his blazer. He walked towards the crowd and saw Brad Crutchfield in conversations with Joseph.

"Ian Renner! Please, join," Joseph said and smiled at Ian broadly.

"How have you been? Thank you for inviting me," Brad said politely as he saw Ian already had a drink in his hand. "Your night surely started, didn't it."

"Haha… Tony offered. Mr. Crutchfield. I was thinking of a proposition," Ian said as he looked at Joseph as well.

"This is getting better," Joseph replied with a warm smile.

Crutchfield laughed it off. "Please, Ian. Go ahead."

"We enjoyed creating Kiara together. How about we collaborate on my next project?"

Brad looked at Ian and Joseph.

"Well, that is a good proposal. I will consider it and get back to you. Although I'd be glad to see your pitch," he said and shook hands with Ian.

"We'll talk about it, for sure. How about enjoying the evening for the day? I'm sure all my cast and crew must have many things to tell. They've been working day and night for the past few weeks."

"Haha… I'm sure," Joseph's laugh brought Brad a smile.


The party began and guests started to flow in one after another.

Ian started making contact with almost everyone present for the night.

With every moment passed, the crowd started getting more and more relaxed.

"Ryan won't be coming," Michael said to Tony.

Tony sighed dramatically. "I believe I could meet him shortly. It's just a friend request away."

Michael looked at Tony. "Social media does wonders, indeed. My friend, I can't wait for you to meet Ryan. I'll keep intact with your account to see when that will happen."

Tony took a big sip from his drink and looked around.

"Sure will. Uhmm…" Tony paused before his eyes stopped at a woman who was talking with Raelynn. "Who is she?" he asked.

"Oh, that's Winnie. She acted in Avatar, I remember."

"Avatar? Was she a side character?"

"Yeah, she was. And the party extended to almost every person who the studio worked with. Ugh, how do you think The Godfather will turn out?" Michael questioned, distracting Tony from his focus on the woman.

"I trust Niko to do the rest. We all gave our best. And…" He took a sip from his drink. "While you're contemplating the movie, let me introduce myself to the beautiful woman who stole my eyes of the night."

Tony got off of the chair and started making his way towards Winnie.

Michael laughed it off knowing if Tony wanted a woman, he wouldn't let her go regardless. And those were the exact words of Tony.

At the other end of the party, Raelynn stood with Niko.

"...Where is Ian?" she asked Niko as she realised she hadn't seen him for the most part of the night.

"Isn't that him in the brown suit? I loved his shoes, by the way. Care to put a word in?" Niko asked.

"You're going to tell him either way. I know it," Raelynn said and rolled her eyes.

"Well, you've made your point, Rae. What else do you need? Go talk to him," Niko said as he made his way towards Keith.

Raelynn chuckled and walked off of where she was.

As she got closer, she saw who Ian was talking to. It was Angelina Jolie, along with two other actresses.

She couldn't help but even realise what sort of sexual attraction they had during the shooting.

"Well, this is going to be interesting," she said and walked closer.

She placed a hand on Ian's back. Ian quickly turned to see who it was. His face visibly relaxed and a quick smile appeared.

He kissed her forehead, and introduced, "Everyone, my girlfriend. Raelynn Sawyer."

They already knew who it was. Because even on set, Ian and Raelynn tried their best to keep work ethics around, but sometimes, they failed—which obviously didn't go unnoticed by other people.

"Rae, thanks for joining us."

"Ahah… I'm sorry for intruding. How is everyone enjoying the night?" she asked and stood next to Ian.

"Lovely. I love your dress," one of the women complimented.

From there on, the conversation escalated pretty quickly.


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