Hollywood Fame and Fortune

Martin Davis, a gifted yet uncelebrated actor trapped in the mediocrity of his circumstances. However, fate takes an astonishing twist when he miraculously finds himself in the body of an impoverished youth in the year 2003. Determined to escape the clutches of poverty and relish in wealth and stardom, Martin sets his sights on Hollywood, a city that beckons with its extravagance and promises. With his cunning intellect and a disregard for traditional morality, he embarks on a relentless quest, willing to go to any lengths to achieve his goal. As Martin navigates the glitzy yet treacherous world of showbiz, he leaves a trail of fallen adversaries in his ascent to becoming a global sensation. His journey is marked by unexpected alliances, moral dilemmas, and sacrifices that challenge the very core of his being. The story of his transformation, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, even if it means rewriting the stars. The unapologetic drive of the Martin has, and the timeless quest for fame and fortune. #Hollywood #Showbiz #America #Celebrity #Star #Reallife #Antihero

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Chapter 371: A Push

After the Peachtree Street scene wrapped up, the crew headed back to the Gray Film and Television Center for more filming. They were joined by the talented actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

As they prepared for the next scene, something unusual happened. Behind the director's monitor, Nolan observed the set, designed like a cocktail party, and noticed Maggie Gyllenhaal's reaction to Martin's performance. She emerged from the scene clutching her chest, clearly startled.

Nolan, not just an exceptional director but a master strategist, wasted no time. He promptly contacted the screenwriter, informing them, "Maggie Gyllenhaal was so unnerved by Martin's acting that she became quite anxious and even had to take breaks. She was too afraid to interact with Martin." The screenwriter swiftly noted this down.

Nolan knew how to craft captivating behind-the-scenes stories for the crew, setting the stage for some thrilling promotion. He instructed, "Get Michael here." Soon, the seasoned actor Michael Caine arrived, inquiring, "Chris, what's going on? Is there an issue with me?"

Nolan continued his strategic planning. He had previously arranged with Orlin and Charles Rowan in Los Angeles to make Martin the central figure for promotion due to his knack for stirring things up and strong commercial appeal. Nolan explained, "In an upcoming scene, Michael, you'll be so awestruck by Martin's performance that you'll lose your lines."

Michael Caine, familiar with Nolan's intentions, replied, "No problem, I'll go along with it."

A few minutes later, filming resumed, this time featuring Martin and Michael Caine. When Martin portrayed his character with a menacing smile, Michael Caine was genuinely startled, momentarily forgetting his lines.

"Cut!" Nolan called for a break, and Caine retreated, waiting for water. After a sip, he admitted, "My apologies, that was my mistake. Martin, you're truly terrifying. I felt like I was face to face with a real-life clown."

The screenwriter, stationed at the edge of the set, recorded this too: "Michael Caine was genuinely frightened by Martin's performance, causing him to forget his lines." Martin approached Caine, asking, "Are you okay?"

Caine managed a forced smile, "Much better now."

Martin was taken aback. His acting skills had clearly made an impact. Bruce had been closely observing the crew's dynamics and hinted to Martin, "Nolan had asked Caine to have a chat with him." Martin glanced at the director's monitor and realized that it was indeed Nolan, expertly creating publicity.

Morgan Freeman, an old friend, came over and remarked, "This crew is quite interesting."

Martin pretended ignorance and casually asked, "Am I too intimidating?"

Freeman grinned, "No, on and off the set, it's all part of the show, and it's quite exhilarating."

Martin mused, "Isn't it intriguing? It adds excitement to the otherwise monotonous shoot."

Freeman added, "I'm getting older and prefer a quieter set."

But before Freeman could finish, his step-granddaughter approached. Freeman excused himself, saying, "I'm heading back to the hotel; we'll chat later."

Martin asked, "Bruce, will I still have this charm when I'm old?"

Bruce quipped, "As long as you have enough money, you'll always be charming, regardless of your age. Don't forget, Jack Nicholson can still attract 17-year-old Jennifer Lawrence."

As Martin nodded, he noticed Sophia's presence and inquired, "Does she have something to do with Bale?"

Bruce revealed softly, "I asked Scott; Sophia is also trying to make a move. It's an interesting twist, but you'll see him suffer a loss at her hand soon."

Martin sighed, "Seems like Scott is the real winner in life."

It was a clear victory.

During lunch at the restaurant, Martin had a brief chat with Sophia. He asked, "Did you make progress?"

Sophia shook her head, "It's tricky. While discussing fitness, I asked about his family, and he seems to adore his wife."

Martin dropped a hint, "That shouldn't be the main obstacle. From what I know, he's had some problems with his wife."

Sophia considered a different approach, "Maybe I need to be more assertive."

She had an idea, "Balel's wife is visiting soon; let's wait a few days before making a move."

Martin asked, "She's coming to visit?"

Sophia confirmed, "Yes, that's the plan." She rested her hand firmly on Martin's shoulder, "Can you do me a favor? You're good at causing trouble for couples or boyfriends, right?"

Martin, as the sponsor, couldn't turn down the request.

The next morning, Martin met Bale's wife, Sibi Blažić, on set. She was a tall, brown-haired woman in her early thirties.

During a break, Martin noticed Maggie Gyllenhaal and approached her. He suggested to Bruce, "Let's go have a chat with our good friend Bell and get to know his wife while we're at it." Bruce retrieved a long box from his bag and accompanied Martin, asking, "What's your plan?"

Martin, sporting his clown makeup, turned with an eerie smile, saying, "Just introducing myself to my friend's wife."

Bruce had a bad feeling about this.

Before they reached the couple, Martin extended his arms and in a booming voice, greeted, "Chris, is this your wife? Why haven't you introduced me?" Sibi Blažić turned to see a white-faced, bizarre figure with a tilted head and a sinister grin approaching, her heart racing as she instinctively held onto Christain Bale's arm.

Bell wouldn't easily abandon his British gentlemanly manners. Despite his aversion to Martin, he introduced, "Sibi Blažić, this is Martin Davis. Martin, meet my wife, Sibi Blažić."

Martin's greeting was far from polite, "Hello, Sibi Blažić, welcome to Atlanta. I'm an Atlanta native and a good friend of Chris. If you need anything here, don't hesitate to reach out."

Sibi Blažić replied with a smile, "I appreciate that, thank you."

Unexpectedly, Martin's previously idle hand suddenly reappeared, holding a business card. He offered it to Sibi Blažić, saying, "Here's my business card."

Sibi Blažić accepted it and handed over her own business card out of politeness. Bale's discontent was evident, but with many onlookers around and his concern for his wife, he kept silent.

Martin collected Sibi Blažić's business card and extended an invitation, "Chris, when are you free? I'd like to treat you and Sibi Blažić to some Atlanta delicacies."

Bale stared straight at Martin, whose clownish face seemed even more sinister than the character in the script.

Noticing her husband's discomfort, Sibi Blažić interjected, "We can discuss that later when we have more time. I just arrived in Atlanta from Los Angeles, and I'm quite exhausted, so I need a few days to rest."

Martin then turned to accept a gift box from Bruce, which he presented to Sibi Blažić, saying, "Please accept this gift."

Shibby expressed her gratitude, "Thank you."

"I won't keep you any longer." Martin gave a slight nod to Mr. and Mrs. Bale and departed.

Bale accompanied Sibi Blažić to a lounge and cautioned her while walking, "Please be wary of Martin Davis on set. He has some issues in his head, and he's quite eccentric." Sibi Blažić overheard it and picked up the gift box, questioning, "Is it okay to accept this?"

Bale took the box and opened it, saying, "Let's see what's inside."

Sibi Blažić examined the contents, taking out a clown sculpture that bore a striking resemblance to Martin. She held it in her hand, puzzled, "Why does this feel strange?"

Bale was taken aback, "What seems strange?"

Sibi Blažić suddenly recalled a certain type of object, "Oh, it's nothing."

Bale suggested, "If you don't like it, we can get rid of it."

Sibi Blažić decided, "I'll keep the crew's memorabilia. Besides, ever since your injury due to a torn sponge, my interest in that area has waned. This statue might still have its uses."

Christain Bale disregarded the statue and reiterated, "Just be cautious around Martin Davis."

Back in the rest area, Martin took a seat and briefly dismissed the ever-present screenwriter.

Bruce, attentive as ever, inquired, "What's on your mind?"

Martin inquired, "I recall that time at Pinewood Studios when Bale had an injury from a torn sponge. How's his relationship with his wife now?"

Bruce avoided the question and teased, "Is it true what Leonardo said, that you're only interested in attractive women over thirty with regular partners? Has Jolie influenced you that much?" Martin responded with a smirk, "How could someone as noble as me engage in such lowly matters? It's against my character! Don't forget, I'm a truly noble person now." His words came across as rather clownish.

Bruce asked, "What's your plan?"

"People make their own choices," Martin reflected. "Madness is as common as gravity. Our role is to give them a gentle nudge in the right direction. With a little push, they'll make their own choices."

Bruce observed a moment of silence for Bale and then aligned himself fully with Martin's intentions.

Looking around to ensure no one was eavesdropping, Martin whispered, "Talk to Robert and ask him to find some reliable extras from Atlanta. I recall that many of the crew's extras are from the Marietta Company."

Bruce nodded, "I'll set up a meeting with Robert."

The two continued to strategize in hushed tones, with Bruce fully comprehending Martin's plan. They were ready to resume shooting once the crew's break ended.

Bruce exited the studio, sought out a secluded spot, and phoned Robert.

At noon, the two rendezvoused on the street outside the Gray Film and Television Center. Robert was dressed in a suit with slicked-back hair, exuding the aura of a high priest of the Coca-Cola Cult.

After hearing Bruce's request, Robert chuckled, "This is a piece of cake. Many of the crew's extras were trained by me personally, and they are staunch devotees of the Coca-Cola Cult. They're willing to go to great lengths for their faith."

Bruce reminded, "This must be their own initiative."

Robert nodded, "Of course!"