Hollywood Fame and Fortune

Martin Davis, a gifted yet uncelebrated actor trapped in the mediocrity of his circumstances. However, fate takes an astonishing twist when he miraculously finds himself in the body of an impoverished youth in the year 2003. Determined to escape the clutches of poverty and relish in wealth and stardom, Martin sets his sights on Hollywood, a city that beckons with its extravagance and promises. With his cunning intellect and a disregard for traditional morality, he embarks on a relentless quest, willing to go to any lengths to achieve his goal. As Martin navigates the glitzy yet treacherous world of showbiz, he leaves a trail of fallen adversaries in his ascent to becoming a global sensation. His journey is marked by unexpected alliances, moral dilemmas, and sacrifices that challenge the very core of his being. The story of his transformation, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, even if it means rewriting the stars. The unapologetic drive of the Martin has, and the timeless quest for fame and fortune. #Hollywood #Showbiz #America #Celebrity #Star #Reallife #Antihero

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Chapter 368: Maintaining Balance

Sibling bonds fray, and romantic love turns into a lethal conflict, satisfying the psychological cravings of many. In Hollywood, genuine friendships are scarce; most relationships are artificial, akin to plastic siblings or sisters.

Reports surfaced, disclosing a long-standing conflict between Martin and Nicholson. The latter had even resorted to homemade fireworks to bombard Martin's house, leading to LAPD involvement.

The latest "Vanity Fair" issue featured the Joker from DC Comics on its cover, accompanied by an in-depth article dissecting the rivalry between Martin and Nicholson.

"The Joker, as portrayed by Jack Nicholson, is an iconic figure in film history, forever lauded. Jack isn't one to give praise easily. His critique of Martin's Joker likely stems from this thought: what if Martin's Joker eclipses his own?" the article opined.

Reporters and paparazzi swarmed Warner Studios, probing the thoughts of the Dark Knight crew on the Martin-Nicholson feud. The film hadn't even started production, yet Martin and the Joker dominated entertainment headlines.

Nicholson was having such a ball that he dressed up as the 1989 version of the Joker while attending the Lakers' first playoff game of the season. According to the media, he was sending a clear message to Martin: there's room for only one clown in this movie. "Let's see if we're lacking attention."

Standing by the floor-to-ceiling window in the Warner Building office, Charles Rowan pointed to the throngs of reporters outside and remarked to Orlin, "The crew hardly needs to do anything; the actor himself has created a buzz dominating entertainment headlines."

Orlin, reveling in the recent buzz, quipped, "Martin is a remarkable actor. How would they put it in Silicon Valley terms? Yes, he brings his own traffic!"

Charles Rowan noted, "Warner Bros. has a fruitful partnership with Martin. He has brought significant profits in recent years, and judging by the current situation, he can deliver more in the years to come."

Orlin cautioned, "No matter how popular, it all comes down to the work. Without high-quality content, it's all an illusion."

Charles responded, "You saw Martin's audition; his acting skills are impeccable. My concern lies more with Nolan's end, whether the audience can embrace such a dark, heavy, and realistic narrative in which the Joker's role rivals or surpasses Batman's."

Orlin added, "The script is based on 'The Dark Knight Returns,' a highly acclaimed comic."

At that moment, Nolan entered the office.

Charles inquired with a smile, "Did the crew encounter any disruptions?"

"Most of the crew is already in Atlanta for preliminary preparations, leaving only a few here," Nolan replied. He had a suggestion, "The Martin-Nicholson issue is red-hot now, and it's likely to continue..."

Orlin questioned, "What's your take on it?"

Nolan, known for more than just directing, proposed, "When the film reaches a certain stage, Warner and DC can invite Nicholson to visit the set and observe Martin's portrayal of the Joker."

Charles agreed, "Sounds good."

Before Nolan could finish, he added, "At that point, we can keep fueling the conflict between Martin and Jack Nicholson."

Orlin smiled, "Great idea."

With a production budget soaring to $180 million, Nolan carried the weight of a billion-dollar endeavor on his shoulders. Publicity and marketing were increasingly crucial. Nolan remarked, "I believe Martin's topicality and knack for generating headlines outshine Bale's. Martin should be the centerpiece of both the film and its publicity."

Nolan continued, "Not just the Martin-Nicholson relationship; we can also stir up tensions between Martin and Bale. They've established a harmonious image publicly. Once filming commences, we'll publicize their rift as if they became deeply engrossed in their roles."

Charles Rowan admired Nolan's vision, remarking to Orlin, "See, I told you; Martin is the best at marketing among actors, and Chris is the best at marketing among directors."

Nolan modestly responded, "You're too kind."

Orlin noted, "A colossal investment is no small matter."

Nolan further shared, "Another plan of mine involves a member of Jonathan's writing team shadowing Martin throughout filming to record his actions and words. I've discussed it with Martin, and he's onboard, but any published reports must receive his approval."

Charles grasped Nolan's intention, "Martin is never short of news that captures the public's attention." He nodded in agreement, "Yes, I'll send someone to discuss the details with Martin's agent."

Orlin quipped, "With a director and actors this skillful at creating trouble, the film won't struggle to attract bystanders."


A van pulled into Warner Studios, circled around, and parked next to the Dark Knight Studio warehouse.

Lily followed suit in her new red Cadillac, parked, and swiftly made her way to the warehouse.

Linda, responsible for coordinating the crew, had already opened the warehouse door.

Lily reported, "Director, all the props are in the van. I've relocated them."

The crew offered excellent terms, and she swiftly unloaded the intricately carved clown figures.

These would fetch her a considerable share when they sold, a financial foundation she considered essential to assert herself in the face of Martin and her sister Elena, avoiding the onslaught of love's iron fist.

She was determined to earn her own living.

Linda instructed the team to unload the goods and remove them from the car. Upon inspection, she discovered that the items were neatly packed in several large boxes. She decided to open one of the boxes for closer examination, revealing that every clown figurine carving was exceptionally detailed, truly a masterpiece.

As she glanced at Lily, Linda couldn't help but admire her skill. She realized that in Lily's hands, the sharp carving knife became as flexible as a finger, allowing her to create intricate designs effortlessly.

A colleague approached and politely asked, "Supervisor?"

Linda promptly responded, "Please count and proceed to store all the items."

The workers immediately got to work, moving the goods into storage.

Linda recalled that Lily Carter was related to Martin Davis, a famously challenging figure in Hollywood. With a friendly smile, she said, "Lily, you've carved so many of these?"

Lily's memories of her previous ordeal involving Australian wildlife made her shudder. She shared, "In the past six months since I started school, I've dedicated all my free time to practicing. Even the birthday gifts I received were raw materials for carving. It's been quite a journey... I could almost cry."

Linda sympathized, thinking, "The way this poor girl has been treated is simply cruel."

Taking a closer look at the materials carved in her hand, Linda asked, "Where are these raw materials produced? They seem to be of excellent quality."

Lily, always aware of the financial aspect, responded, "It appears to be Australian horn."

Linda inquired further, "Where did you source these goods from?"

Cautious about involving Martin directly and fearing his iron-fisted approach, Lily hesitated and replied, "Should I inquire with someone?"

Linda nodded, saying, "Certainly."

Lily promptly reached out to Bruce, and a few minutes later, Bruce arrived.

After a brief explanation from Lily, Linda proactively asked Bruce, "Do you have a reliable source for these materials?"

Bruce confirmed, "Yes, I do."

Considering that the crew might require a significant quantity of these materials in the future, Linda suggested, "Please provide your contact information."

Bruce handed his business card to Linda. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. Realizing that Martin couldn't possibly acquire all the Australian bison by himself, he pondered the idea of involving the entire crew.

While Linda went to assist with the goods' inspection, Lily discreetly approached Bruce and inquired, "Are there many bison in Australia?"

Bruce, not having extensive knowledge of the matter, responded, "Well, I suppose... they shouldn't be on the brink of extinction, right?"

Lily, not particularly focused on environmental issues and animal conservation, simply stated, "As long as they're not extinct."

Bruce subsequently called Martin to discuss the situation.

After some contemplation, Martin came up with a solution, suggesting, "In that case, Bruce, why don't you team up with Elena and her brother to establish an import and export trading company? Harris should be well-versed in these matters; have him handle it. If the crew needs it, he can supply the Australian specialties."

It was known that Australian bison and crocodiles were overpopulated, helping to maintain ecological balance.

After concluding the call, Martin turned his attention to Kelly and Louise in his office and delivered some news. "I just received a call from Wu Maoting in Asia tonight. He's decided not to continue investing in our project."

Louise, recalling recent events, questioned, "Did Warner Pictures reach out to him?"

Martin confirmed, "Yes, Warner Pictures invited him to invest in the fourth installment of Terminator and made promises that we simply couldn't match."

Kelly chimed in, "Promises? Didn't you tell him that Hollywood's promises are usually empty?"

Martin shrugged, replying, "I did, but other party won't listen. Hollywood has quite a reputable allure. Wu Maoting believes that by working directly with major companies, he can secure larger profits, even if we, as intermediaries, only earn a smaller cut."

Louise pondered, "Perhaps everyone has their ambitions, and we can't compel them."

Martin nodded, "I'll be heading to Atlanta soon, and Lily is already on the set. Louise, please take care of things for me."

Louise assured him, "Don't worry; you can count on me." With a sly smile, she added, "And if you happen to use anything made by Lily, compensation is in order."

She playfully nudged Kelly and teased, "Isn't that right, you sly one?"

Kelly chuckled while resting on Louise's shoulder.

May arrived, and the Dark Knight crew chartered a flight to Atlanta.

Even though a significant portion of the personnel had already departed for Atlanta in advance, the passenger plane was still filled with crew members.

The film's director was a devoted advocate of practical filming, and two cargo planes were fully loaded with various equipment. Priority was given to transporting one of the IMAX cameras.

Although some 3D films were already present in Hollywood, Nolan had declined to embrace the technology for "The Dark Knight."

Upon their arrival in Atlanta, Martin secluded himself in a hotel, fully dedicating his energy to prepare for his role, leaving no time for socializing, not even with Elena.

It wasn't until two days before the crew commenced filming that Martin emerged from his hotel room to reunite with old friends in Atlanta.