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The Fourth Shinobi World War is over. All enemies are defeated. Finally, a long peace reigned in all countries. The Seventh Hokage laid down his arms and lost all his Youth Power. One dream, the goal for which he spent his whole life, has been achieved. His path is over. Is this really the end? Could it end so easily? What if the Savior of this World turns into an arrogant and cunning ruler? Perhaps no one would ever have been able to predict such a result. On that day, everything changed ... Countries, riches and power, the most beautiful women and their young daughters - he will subdue them all! The Seventh Hokage with the strength capable of conquering the heavens chose a different path, now he will take everything for himself and pave the way to absolute world domination! Anyone who wants to support and find more chapters: https://www.patreon.com/AuthorRAIZ CAN BE PUBLISHED ANYWHERE, JUST INDICATE THE AUTHOR THE MAIN THING IS TO LEAVE LINKS DISCORD AND PATREON AS IN THE DESCRIPTION ON THE WEBNOVEL __________________ The author has a discord, but this is so, if anyone is interested ... discord.gg/renessans

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Chapter 94: Week (18+)

This night was expected to be gorgeous again, filled with debauchery and tremendous pleasure. As expected, Himawari fulfilled her merciless revenge by slapping her mother on the bottom and leaving visible marks of her small palms there. While Naruto was working on Hinata's mouth, Himawari was pinching her breasts all over, spanking and biting, she spilled out all her resentment to the fullest! It was not even worth specifying what obscene faces Hinata showed from active throat suction, while her own daughter used her body as a toy ... She could no longer fight this feeling of depraved pleasure. She loved Himawari's taunts, her husband's rudeness, and such intense sex.

True, in the morning, one active girl was waiting for a very serious scolding from her mother. Hinata still showed her authority and was adept at restraining her daughter's sadistic tendencies. Although, perhaps, she secretly wanted her revenge? Who knows. Naruto was very amused by this couple ... One tried to accumulate a lust for evening debauchery, and during the day behaved like an exemplary housewife. While at night, in the bedroom with her husband and young daughter, she showed a whore hungry for perversions. Hinata skillfully divided her life, while Himawari was always playful and was not at all shy about opening up to her daddy. So the relationship of these three only strengthened.

Day after day everything changed ...

One day the time will come to diversify everything with sex toys and lecherous underwear. Naruto was already waiting for these moments. Still, he was too greedy, having received such obscene scenes with his wife and daughter, he wanted to corrupt them even more, and also get himself an even more amazing pervert. That is why he waited so much for Tenten and continued to coach Temari ...

In the end, a week passed: a week full of debauchery with Hinata, Himawari, Shizune and Temari. The latter continued to go through his training for another whole seven days. For her, they became a real test ...

In addition, Naruto did not chill all week, he continued to spend time with his wife and daughter, and also did very little of the duties of Hokage in order to get into the picture and plan a new government structure to rid himself of a useless routine. There was very little time left before the graduation of students from the Academy. During these three months, Naruto wanted to have absolutely Everything in Konoha.

In addition, he studied other hidden villages and countries, intelligence information, and assigned several experienced shinobi to undertake the exploration of such villages as: Hidden Waterfall, Hidden Hot Spring, Hidden Snow, Hidden Frost, Hidden Under the Moon, Hidden Star and Hidden Valley. He chose them as the weakest and most vulnerable to capture. Of course, there were more, but these were enough for him. From the country, he has so far emphasized only: the Land of Frost, the Land of the Moon and the Land of Rivers. They will be no less easy to capture, if not simpler than the Shinobi countries. In addition, on the case, the capture of the Village of Hidden Under the Moon, in fact, will allow you to quickly conquer the Land of the Moon. As a result, this is a double win.

Of course, Naruto was also thinking about the capture strategy. As before, he considered it foolish to unleash a full-scale battle during the Alliance era. At least without bringing Kurotsuchi and Mei to their side. In fact, such a move will ruin a lot, and a reasonable person will not go for anything like that. Naruto still wanted to maintain his current stability and not attract attention once again. He did not doubt his abilities, but why glow if everything can be done in the shade?

At least getting to Kurotsuchi and Mei is too difficult and not necessary for now. First you need to solve problems in your home, before climbing into other people's areas of influence.

Shadow takeover of the village is an old method already used by the Bloodmist Yagur. Obito used the Sharingan's abilities and, in fact, was able to make a Puppet out of the Mizukage. The method is excellent and Naruto wanted to borrow something similar, but more reliable. Shadow capture must be silent submission to the target, through either Genjutsu or Fuinjutsu. Since the Hokage did not know exactly how the principle of capturing and accumulating submission points in this way, he simply planned to make the heads of the villages his puppets, and only then think about how to increase the submission points already in the captured village. Of course, the capture should not be considered a success if the strongest shinobi in the village was under control. The clan leaders still represented a rebellious part, which, perhaps, should also have been made puppets. Naruto thought about this too, but, the main link in this regard is precisely the Jutsu of submission, management and control. Simply put, without an excellent slave creation jutsu, it is simply pointless to act. It is highly doubtful that the shinobi of the captured village will obediently follow orders and will not turn to the Allied Forces for help unless they are fully controlled. This is what Jutsu is for. One wrong word and it will either kill the puppet, or she will not even think of betraying the owner. Kotoamatsukami is the ideal, but getting something like that is like finding a Rinnegan from scratch. That is why you need to think ...

A very serious problem arose out of all this. In fact, Naruto did not have such a versatile or even similar jutsu. That is why, the other day, he went to a kind of repository of scrolls and all secret documents in his residence ...

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