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The Fourth Shinobi World War is over. All enemies are defeated. Finally, a long peace reigned in all countries. The Seventh Hokage laid down his arms and lost all his Youth Power. One dream, the goal for which he spent his whole life, has been achieved. His path is over. Is this really the end? Could it end so easily? What if the Savior of this World turns into an arrogant and cunning ruler? Perhaps no one would ever have been able to predict such a result. On that day, everything changed ... Countries, riches and power, the most beautiful women and their young daughters - he will subdue them all! The Seventh Hokage with the strength capable of conquering the heavens chose a different path, now he will take everything for himself and pave the way to absolute world domination! Anyone who wants to support and find more chapters: https://www.patreon.com/AuthorRAIZ CAN BE PUBLISHED ANYWHERE, JUST INDICATE THE AUTHOR THE MAIN THING IS TO LEAVE LINKS DISCORD AND PATREON AS IN THE DESCRIPTION ON THE WEBNOVEL __________________ The author has a discord, but this is so, if anyone is interested ... discord.gg/renessans

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Chapter 77: Wife and Daughter (18+)

Naruto non-stop brought pleasure to his young loli, her legs arched non-stop, and then completely clasped her father's head, she acted too actively and playfully. These black stockings, pink panties slightly shifted to the side, and the pink skirt looked too adorable on her, Naruto just wanted to eat this beauty - even her juices were incredibly tasty! Last time she satisfied him, and now he decided to reward her, along the way teasing.

Quickly lifting her daughter's T-shirt, her father's strong hands began to play with her excited papillae. Like Hinata, they turned out to be surprisingly large, but not sucked in. Paired with small breasts, these delights seemed even sexier.

"How delicious," Naruto licked his lips and continued to play with this treasure, and she continued to moan and squelch her innocent pussy.

- Mmm ... Daddy ~ Nyaahhh ~ Himawari is so nice ...! ~ - biting her lips, the girl rolled her eyes and tightly squeezed the sheets, she had never experienced so many incredible sensations before! Her father's tongue brought her unforgettable bliss!

"N-Naruto ... ~" Hinata whispered languidly as she continued to admire this shameless incest. Naruto's strong arms and Himawari's fragile body were so perfect for some reason ...

- M-mom ~ - the girl suddenly purred, looking at the embarrassed face of her mother. Himawari's eyes sparkled with lust and this made Hinata even bigger aroused. She bit her lips and frowned, again not knowing what to do, but her hand did not stop ...

She wanted to stop so badly, but ...

- Ahhhii ~ - suddenly, the girl moaned harder, squeezed her legs and trembled sharply. Her little tongue immediately slipped out of her mouth, and she screamed:

- Nyaahhhah ~!

- M ?! - Naruto sped up sharply, and then easily escaped from the embrace of his girl and lifted his fingers up, right inside her wet hole! At the same moment, a strong stream of love nectar shot out of this innocent hole, splashing the entire torso of his father!

"Ha ... Not bad," Naruto chuckled, wiping his wet lips. Even though Himawari did not end as brightly as Hinata, but that was enough for her, for the first time she just continued to tremble incessantly and emit lingering moans.

- Hiii ~ Ahhh ~

"Looks like she's had enough for now." Naruto smiled contentedly and finally turned his hungry gaze to his sweet wife. Naturally, such a young and inexperienced body of his daughter would not have been enough for him, he was going to enjoy the one who was waiting for him so much ...

Incest turned him on, but he wanted more!

- Na-naruto, wait, I ... - Before she could finish, the man threw her on the bed and took possession of her body, quickly tore off her jacket and took possession of the retracted papillae! They, as always, beckoned him and hid, but he already knew how to make them obey! One rough movement of the teeth and a strong suction, as with a cute sloshing sound, the papilla slipped out of its house.

`` Ahhh ~ '' it was Hinata's turn to let out vulgar groans ...

Naruto stopped and looked towards the door.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot ..."

"Uh ..." Hinata, already beginning to receive such a desired pleasure, turned a puzzled look at her husband, as soon as he took possession of her and suddenly stopped. Why?

An unpleasant feeling had already begun to spread in her chest, when suddenly Naruto kissed her on the lips and whispered in his ear:

- Undress for now, I'll set up a barrier, Boruto better not see my women in such a depraved form ...

Hinata immediately realized everything and looked away in embarrassment.

"Ah ... He does it again ..." - paying attention to the lascivious smile of her daughter, who closed her eyes savoring her pleasure, the kunoichi sighed:

"What will happen ... Ahh ~"

All night ahead, she could not even imagine where it would lead. She and her daughter are in the power of Naruto, it has long been clear - in the morning their relationship will completely change, one thought about this excited and at the same time frightened ...

Hinata swallowed and reached for her skirt, she couldn't resist her man's words.

Naruto, meanwhile, was setting up a barrier ...

"Hmm, knowledge is power ... Fortunately, Naruto did not sit out his pants all his life and at least learned something" - he quickly began to install the Restrictive Barrier with soundproofing. Quietly inside, he could nourish it and not worry about problems.

- So ... - Turning around, the Hokage grinned greedily, glancing at the trembling daughter and her wet panties, and then at the excited little wife with her body hot and wet with sweat. Hinata beckoned him, she involuntarily tried to attract attention to herself with her playful embarrassment and tempting him with her sexual appearance. Slowly pulling off her panties, she suddenly stopped when she noticed the man's lustful gaze.

- N-Naruto ... - the girl shuddered at the very moment when he abruptly jumped off the spot and pounced on her!

- Haaa ~!

Hinata screamed, but he had already tore her panties in full, put her on his knees and unfolded her appetizing forms towards him, now he wanted to taste them, and only after that he would reward this exemplary wife for all her merits ...

This night has just begun, today he will make his girls moan like no one else!

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