547 Old Rosier: You Think I'm Undercover? Ridiculous!

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A few seconds after the explosion, the door of the conference room burst open. A spellcaster in a black robe hurriedly looked at them and spoke as he panted.

"Sir Nott! There are werewolves and hordes of wizards breaking in!"

"I know! Gather some men. We're going out through the secret passage!" Nott's voice was thick with anger, but his good sense told him that this was not the time to find out if there was a traitor in the ranks. The most important thing was to get out of there.

However, the black-robed law-enforcement officer did not move. He stammered and told them that the entrance and secret passage had been attacked at the same time.

"What?! Are you sure?!" Nott demanded, rushing forward and grabbing the enforcer by the collar.

"Yes, Sir Nott…" said the enforcer, swallowing nervously.

After making sure, Knott swayed and almost fainted.

If all the exits were sealed off, they would all die here.

"Who betrayed us!" Nott demanded, turning to glare at old Rosier and the others with bloodshot eyes.

The pure-bloods in the room took a few steps back and eyed their fellow wizards cautiously.

If they were only guessing earlier, then everyone was certain that there was a traitor among them!

After all, only a few of them knew when the secret meeting was held, and not many knew the exact location of the secret passage. Without an undercover informant to report it, Alicia would never have chosen this moment to attack.

Rosier didn't flinch, but he was panicking. He knew he was in grave danger, and if he was identified, he would die before Ivan and the others could get inside.

The only way was to stall for time and stir up trouble!

"It's got to be you, hasn't it?! Foley! I knew there was something wrong with you! Everyone knows you've got a beef with old Nott. Maybe you're the one trying to get us killed!" Rossier pointed his wand at one of the middle-aged wizards.

Nott and the others looked at Foley with suspicion in their eyes.

"That's bullshit! What's in it for me to surrender?!" Foley slammed his hands on the table and glared at the old Rozier. Then, as if he had just thought of something, he questioned him darkly, "You, on the other hand, Rozier… we didn't even talk. Why did you jump out so quickly? I heard that you've been out a lot these past two days and I can't see you…"

Rossier Senior's pupils dilated as he heard this. He couldn't quite figure out how Foley knew about this.

Lars, the house-elf, would never or would never betray him, and if it were, there wouldn't be this meeting. The only possibility is that one of the two servants in the house had a problem and was bribed by Forlì, or that the elf had secretly sent someone to spy on him.

The only good thing was that they didn't know much, or they would have attacked.

"You're calling me an undercover? What a joke!" Despite his anger, Rossier Senior sneered.

"Then how do you explain going out, Rosier? Don't blame me if you don't make it clear! I don't want to have to deal with traitors while fighting them!" Foley demanded relentlessly, his wand already pointed at Rosier Senior.

None of the other wizards present said anything, their eyes darting between the two, and eventually most of them pointed their wands at Rosier Senior.

They had known each other for decades and knew each other well. They knew old Rosier well. If there had to be a traitor here, he was the most likely one!

Cold sweat broke out on old Rosier's forehead as he wondered why Ivan and the others weren't here. Finally, he made up his mind and unbuttoned his robes.

Foley and the others were shocked, and the wands in their hands lit up with various lights. They were worried that old Rosier would pull a powerful magical tool out of his shirt and kill them all.

However, they did not, and Rosier simply showed them the bandage around his waist.

"This is supposed to be a private matter, and there's no need for me to tell you about it, but if you want to know, that's fine!" The old Rozier looked around at the group, then removed the bandage to reveal the bleeding wound.

"Did you see? The last time Alicia attacked the manor with those werewolves, I was hit by a very special spell.

I've tried many things over the past few days, and I've tried to find some friends, but none of them have ever healed!"

"A wound like this is like a curse. I could bleed to death in a day or two, and you think I'm an undercover agent? Ridiculous!" Rosier muttered to himself, shaking his head sadly.

Nott and the others, who were pointing their wands at old Rosier, were immediately embarrassed. From the old Rosier's pale face and the bleeding wound on his waist, they could tell that he was not lying.

Foley, on the other hand, frowned. He suspected that Rosier Senior had betrayed them to heal this bleeding wound.

However, upon further consideration, Foley felt that the likelihood of this being the case was very low. If that were the case, the other party would have healed his wounds long ago in order to reassure old Rosier.

After all, no one else knew about this injury. Even if it was healed, there was no possibility of being exposed. There was no need to suffer for no reason.

As for the credibility of the two parties, a magical contract was enough. Keeping the wound alive would instead cause dissatisfaction.

"I'm sorry, Rosier, it seems we misunderstood you…" Nott apologized, waving his hand for everyone to lower their wands.

"Hmph, if it weren't for the fact that the situation is critical, I wouldn't let this go!" The old Rozier angrily straightened his clothes, his expression indignant, as if he had suffered a great injustice.

Nott and the others saw Rossier Senior's reaction and relaxed a little more, removing him from the list of suspects and then turning on each other.

Rosier Senior breathed a sigh of relief. His robes were soaked with sweat, and he was glad that his mortal wound was still there, or he would not have been able to fool Nott so easily.

Had he thought of this day then?

Suddenly, a thought occurred to old Rosier.

He strongly suspected that Ivan Hals had used magic to wound him yesterday, not only to punish him for his previous transgressions, but also to allow him to perform a ruse of self-harm to get away with it!

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