446 Ivan: Severus, How Could You Come to Me and Tell On Me?

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Despite Fudge's exasperation, all Dumbledore needed was a nomination, and he had nothing to lose.

As such, the support he received was genuine and allowed him to be less passive in the face of censure, and Fudge agreed without hesitation.

After much discussion, the two agreed that Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew would be held in custody at the Hogwarts Observatory, guarded by Aurors from the Ministry of Magic.

Ivan was hoping to persuade Fudge to allow him to keep an eye on the Ministry, but Fudge adamantly disagreed, hating the idea of anyone telling the Ministry what to do.

In order not to antagonise Fudge's sensitive sensibilities, Ivan decided to let it go for the time being. After all, the detention location was at Hogwarts, and it was up to him to decide whether or not to supervise.

They soon arrived at an observatory at the top of the castle.

"You two stay and watch them. The rest of you, come back to the Ministry with me!"

After tying up Black and Peter and locking them up in the observatory, Fudge pointed out two Aurors to guard and then hurried back to the Ministry with the remaining Aurors.

Due to the Daily Prophet's news, Minister for Magic Fudge had a lot on his plate today, and the only reason he had rushed to Hogwarts in the first place was out of sheer frustration, coupled with the fact that he wanted to confirm the truth of the matter.

"By the way, where are the Dementors that surrounded Hogwarts?" Fudge asked one of the Aurors as he was about to step out of the gates.

"Minister, the Dementors have been sent back in violation of Ministry of Magic regulations to attempt to attack students, and Madam Umbridge handed you a report on them," she explained.

Fudge nodded, remembering that he had indeed signed the document, and said, "Black and Peter are not to be taken lightly until the hearing, and you will go to Azkaban later and get some Dementors to assist with the guarding…"

Fudge didn't want any more trouble at the Ministry of Magic, where he had enough on his plate, so fortification was of utmost importance.

In addition, his decision to have Dementors assist the guards was not without punishment.

Fudge was furious with Sirius and Peter Pettigrew for breaking out of prison.

Fudge had nowhere to vent his pent-up anger at Hogwarts in the morning. He could not deal with Dumbledore, but he could make two prisoners suffer!

"Send someone to get to the bottom of this tonight, and I want to see this report on my desk by tomorrow morning at the latest!" Fudge ordered before he left the grounds of Hogwarts Castle and used his Transfiguration to disappear.

"Finally done!"

When Ivan returned to the Headmaster's office, he was relieved to see Fudge and his students leaving Hogwarts.

Now that the worst is over, all that's left is to wait for the trial to begin…

But what about the Daily Prophet?

Ivan felt awkward at the thought. He seemed to have accidentally set them up…

Never mind, when the time comes, I'll just find a reason to brush it off… a promise made by a politician, how can that be considered a breach of contract?

How about we just let Dumbledore deal with it…

Ivan soon put this worry out of his mind, and sat down at his desk, where he took out Dumbledore's Magical Letters from his desk drawer, and prepared to write a nomination letter to the Order of Merlin, requesting a First-Class Order of Merlin for his services…

With Fudge's promise to nominate two of the wizarding bigwigs, Yvonne felt the matter was secure.

Besides, he had done so much in recent years, defeating Voldemort's remnant soul and destroying two Horcruxes…

Ivan believed that even Dumbledore would be grateful for his contribution, and decided to take matters into his own hands in order to share the professor's burden.

Fawkes, a phoenix perched on an olive branch, flew over and scanned the contents of the letter with a look of vague disdain…

"Help me deliver this to the Grand Captain of the Order of Merlin!" Ivan ordered as he shoved the envelope straight into Fox's mouth.

Fawkes's body burst into white-hot flames, which splashed onto his fingers, startling Ivan, who was relieved that the flames had not harmed him…

It was then that Ivan realised Fox was toying with him, and as he bared his teeth and prepared to retaliate, Fox disappeared from the Headmaster's office.

Yvonne wiped the expression off her face. After all the time they'd spent together, Fox didn't dislike her as much, which was why she made these little jokes.

There was still a long way to go to get a favourable blood draw, but Ivan was more concerned about the legend points.

One exchange for the system's protection mode required five Legendary Points, and he only had two.

In the future, if he could successfully obtain the First-level Order of Merlin, he should be able to add a little more. Even so, it would still be a lot worse.

But where could he get a legend?

Yvonne thought about what she had done in her previous attempts at getting Legendary Points. There were roughly two kinds of things she had done, one being the widespread spread of werewolf saviors and dragoons.

The other is a little-known but legendary experience such as the Slytherin descendant and the Ouroboros.

It is obviously easier to make a big splash.

Should I run around Hogwarts shirtless tomorrow as Dumbledore?

That would definitely make a splash in the wizarding world!

Ivan had all kinds of crooked ideas in his head, but he didn't have the guts to carry them out.

If he did, Dumbledore would be the first to come after him, no matter how urgent the matter…

Sigh… this is so hard on me!

Yvonne sighed to herself.


At that moment, there was a noise outside the door and Ivan's face lit up, realising that someone was preparing to enter the Headmaster's office.

As expected, a familiar figure soon appeared at the headmaster's office.

"Severus? Is there something important you need to report?" Ivan asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

"That's right, I think there's something you should know about our talented student, Ivan Hals…" Snape, dressed in black robes, entered the Headmaster's office, speaking words that were either praise or mockery.

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