506 Ivan: Nobody Knows The Dark Lord Better Than Me!

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Sirius did not want to trouble Dumbledore with his personal affairs, but he was unable to refute Ivan's claims, and hesitated.

"Ivan's right. This is dangerous, and we might not be able to solve it. Besides, we have to inform Lord Voldemort that one of his Horcruxes has been destroyed!" said Lupin.

"Okay, I'll go to Hogwarts now!" Sirius said, exhaling.

Having made up his mind, Sirius did not hesitate and used his Disapparation to disappear.

About half an hour later, Sirius reappeared in the library with a scowl on his face.

"Well? Did Professor Dumbledore agree?" Harry asked quickly.

"I can't find Headmaster Dumbledore, he doesn't seem to be in school, and no professor knows where he is!" Sirius replied helplessly.

What a coincidence. Yvonne was surprised, but she soon figured it out.

It was not as if Headmaster Dumbledore had nothing better to do all day and night. He could not possibly spend the entire summer at Hogwarts fishing. Furthermore, he did not have much time left.

It could be at Moody's house, persuading him to take up the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, or discussing the upcoming Triwizard Tournament at the Ministry of Magic…

"So what do we do now? Wait here for Professor Dumbledore to return?" Harry was at a loss.

Sirius, however, did not want to wait a moment longer. Endless remorse was like a brush scratching at his heart. He looked at the house-elf and spoke bluntly.

"No! I don't have the patience to wait. What if Dumbledore is out of Hogwarts for the summer? So I'm going to go there with Kreacher and see what's what…"

"You're planning on going alone? Are you kidding me?" Lupin interrupted Sirius excitedly.

"Listen to me…Rimes! I don't want you to risk your lives over my personal affairs!" Sirius said solemnly, then pretended to relax and continued.

"Have you forgotten? Kreacher made it clear that house-elves can perform Apparition in that place without restriction, and I don't have to drink that potion, so I can come back whenever I want without danger!"

"And then what? How are you going to get Regulus's body out of the cold bottom of the lake? By using the Bubble-Head Charm to dive into the lake?" Lupin asked sarcastically.

Sirius choked, and he was right.

Instead of jumping in recklessly, he used a potion to render himself half-dead so that he could fool the Inferius into retrieving Regulus's body.

However, it was a little too risky. If the Inferi found them in the lake, the consequences would be disastrous!

So Sirius didn't want Lupin to risk his life with him…

'You need my help, Sirius! We're best friends, aren't we?' Lupin looked at him with determination.

Sirius and Lupin were locked in a stalemate for a long time before Sirius finally gave in, saying with a wry smile, "Well, my friend, if you insist!"

Seeing that Sirius and Lupin seemed to have reached an agreement, Ivan was at a loss for words.

How dare they! The Dark Lord himself set the trap, and Dumbledore and Harry almost couldn't make it back, let alone them.

Even if one could avoid the most dangerous traps without taking the potion, a large number of Inferi would be a huge problem.

Ivan doubted that they would be able to lift the ship in the lake through the safeguards that Voldemort had set up.

The chances of Sirius and Lupin being able to retrieve Regulus's body were slim, and there was a good chance they would never return…

With that in mind, Yvonne said to them, "If you must go there, how about taking me with you?"

"Never!" Sirius shook his head without hesitation, then tried to comfort her. "You're not like us. You're too young to take risks!"

"Sirius is right! Although you are far stronger than your peers and may even be better at magic than I am, you are still inexperienced in dealing with enemies and Inferi…" Lupin tried to persuade him.

They were prepared to die there, and Ivan was only thirteen or fourteen years old, so there was no need to accompany them to such a dangerous place.

Yvonne started to speak, then stopped. The truth was, however many Inferi there were, they posed no danger to her.

This was because he had recently fused with Boggart's blood, so he could transform into an Inferius and sneak in. Even if he was seen through, he could just transform into a Basilisk and kill his way out!

He had tested it himself. The Basilisk's thick hide was very hard, and only a powerful charm like the Obscurus could break through it.

At the very least, he could transform into an owl and fly in the air. After all, the Inferi did not have any anti-air skills.

However, bloodline magic was a trump card that could not be easily revealed, so Ivan could not use it as an explanation. After thinking about it, he could only speak very forcefully.

"Professor Lupin, you underestimate me! You know, I've defeated the Dark Lord twice and destroyed three dangerous Horcruxes in a row. In terms of means of countering the Dark Lord, I'm afraid the two of you combined are inferior to me!"

Harry nodded and, as a witness for Ivan, revealed that Lord Voldemort had possessed Chino in his first year and tried to steal the stone, only to be defeated by Ivan.

"As for Professor Lockhart, who was bewitched by a Horcrux in his second year, I was also the one who detected his abnormality and caught him out. I also fought the Dark Lord in my fifth year and destroyed the Horcrux that was about to be revived!" Ivan also mentioned his achievements.

Although Ivan felt that all of this was in the past, and none of it was a glorious win, Lupin and Sirius, who did not know any better, were completely stunned.

They had, of course, heard of Ivan's removal from the two previous Defence Against the Dark Arts professors, but this was the first time they had heard of it.

'You actually beat Voldemort? Twice?' Sirius asked, recovering from the shock of the news.

As members of the Order of the Phoenix who fought in the last Wizarding War, Sirius and Lupin were well aware of the Dark Lord's terror.

They even had the honor of facing Lord Voldemort head-on a few times, where he was able to overwhelm them with his overwhelming magic!

Despite Lord Voldemort's "death" so many years ago, most wizards and witches still dared not call him by his name.

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