432 Ivan: Malfoy, How Many People Did You Call?

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Instead, it would be easier to disarm the other party in a four-on-one situation where they had the absolute advantage, and then let Harry explain.

Based on this belief, in just ten minutes, the professors who rushed over were caught.

Hooch and Trelawney came as a team, but were unable to escape, as Sirius used the Cloak of Invisibility that Harry had brought with him to make the battle go smoothly.

The professors who were caught ended up in a semicircle listening to Harry's story…

"So who's going to tell me what's really going on?" Mrs Hodge, a new arrival, is baffled.

She learned of this from Malfoy and followed the trail of clues she had left behind, only to be subdued by Ivan, Lupin, Black, and Dobby.

When Hodge saw Snape, Flitwick, and the others, he was so shocked that he thought Hogwarts would be finished tomorrow…

However, the strange thing was that no one seemed to be nervous.

"Well, Madam Hooch, Sirius, who is wanted by the Ministry of Magic, is actually innocent, starting thirteen years ago…"

Harry had forgotten how many times he had told Sirius this, but he managed to suppress his annoyance in order to clear Sirius's name.

"Potter! I suggest you skip the first part and start at the point! I've heard it a few times, and you can't just start at the beginning every time someone comes!" Flitwick interrupted unhappily.

Flitwick was sick of hearing the beginning of this story, but even now he still has no idea what really happened back then…

Because Harry often barely gets a few words out before someone else breaks in, only to be caught a few seconds later and Harry has to start all over again…

Harry had no objections, although the other professors obviously did not agree.

"Filius… you can't just look after yourself! I've only just arrived… I have to find out what's going on!" Madam Hooch rebuked Flitwick, then asked curiously.

"By the way, who told Malfoy to call us?"

"I told Malfoy to inform you, but I didn't tell you to come in batches!" Snape could not contain his rising anger. This was not what he had expected!

Trelawney, who had not been part of the discussion, suddenly spoke mysteriously.

"Shhh, stop arguing. Why don't we guess who's coming in next? I saw a sign through a crack in the wall that our saviour will be the fourth to cross the threshold…"

"So how come you didn't see this coming?" Snape mocked.

Choking, Trelawney stared at him for a long moment, then muttered, "How do you know I didn't predict this? My capture could be a sign of fate…"

Ivan looked at the assembled professors and sighed, wondering if Malfoy had invited every professor he could find.

Most of the professors at the school are here…

With this in mind, Ivan wondered if Malfoy was the legendary Guide, and if he and Sirius were up to no good, would they not be able to wipe out Hogwarts?

However, it made sense. With two elite members of the Order of the Phoenix, a house-elf who was different from other wizards, a Deathly Hallows, and himself, no one in the wizarding world would be able to escape…

Harry, on the other hand, was going on and on about Sirius's sudden inspiration to replace Lord Voldemort as Keeper of Secrets…

As Hooch and Trelawney listened, someone else broke into the Shrieking Shack. Flitwick was speechless. He knew he would have to listen to it again!

They all turned to look, and saw Pomona Sprout, the Head of Hufflepuff, entering the room. Before she could do anything, Sirius, who was hiding in the shadows wearing the Cloak of Invisibility, pointed his wand at her neck…

"Relax. Don't even think about resisting. I'm not going to do anything to you."

Sirius deftly confiscated Sprout's wand, but did not bind her, instead gesturing for her to join Snape and the others, now that she had lost her weapon.

Flitwick sighed helplessly and moved to the side, making room…

Sprout was momentarily confused, but when he saw that Snape and the others had been disarmed, he was terrified.

Crack …

The skilled Sirius put on his Invisibility Cloak and was about to wait for the next visitor when there was a noise outside.

"Anyone else?" Sirius asked Sprout, turning sharply to him.

Sprout pursed her lips and tried to shake her head, but Malfoy's panicked voice rang out from outside the door.

Sprout suddenly turned and shouted.

"Malfoy! Run… get Professor Dumbledore!"

She had realised that there might be others lying in wait in the Shrieking Shack, and that Malfoy, who had come with her, must have been spotted.

Malfoy, however, was unable to escape and was soon caught by Dobby.

"How dare you lay a hand on me, Dobby? I should have had my father kill you!" Malfoy cursed as he crossed the threshold and was shoved into the room.

Malfoy, however, was stunned when he saw the circle of professors.

Snape, Flitwick, and Hooch all stared at Malfoy, as they would not have been there if he had not passed on the information.

"All the people you've called are here, aren't they? Malfoy! How many people did you call?" Ivan asked when he finally caught the culprit.

"I… I also informed the Ministry of Magic that a large number of Aurors will be arriving soon… You'd better release us at once!" Malfoy snapped, his eyes rolling.

"Tell me the truth! Or are you tired of living?" Ivan asked, drawing his wand and deliberately scaring off a dark glow.

Malfoy, mistaking Ivan's intention to cast a jinx on him, was so frightened that he shook his head and said, "No one else… no one else, it's all here!"

After forcing him to answer several times, Ivan confirmed that Malfoy was most likely telling the truth, so he put away his wand and waved him away.

"Looks like it's finally over!" Lupin said, relieved to hear Ivan and Malfoy talking.

Lupin was under a lot of pressure to attack his fellow Hogwarts students, and more importantly, he was worried that Malfoy would spread the word about him being a werewolf.

Fortunately, things were not so bad, and the only people who knew about it were the professors and Malfoy.

"Well, all that's left is for Harry to explain things to the professors, and it should be fine!"

Ivan nodded, finally able to relax after all the fuss.

"You might want to explain something to me, Hales!"

The voice behind him startled Ivan, and he instinctively cast a Stunning Spell.

The newcomer extended his wand and tapped it lightly, causing the scarlet beam of light to vanish.

"Professor Dumbledore?" Ivan asked excitedly, seeing who it was, and worried that his subconscious attack might have caused a misunderstanding.

It had been a long time since they last met, but this 100-year-old man still looked the same. He was casually wearing a purple-red robe, and his white beard was unkempt…

He strode across the threshold, and even when he saw the disarmed professors and Sirius escaping, he did nothing, as if none of this was worth his attention…

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