1 How did I get here?

I woke up feeling drowsy and I felt my head spinning. And when I became aware of my surroundings I immediately noticed a pointy object in my pocket. And when I started to read, it read as follows "Hello Aleena, I found out about your crush on Howl Jenkins so I decided to send you to his world"- ps I gave you the ability to freely manipulate your age and I *cough* removed Sophie from the equation- S and N. When I was just starting to get what was happening to me I felt another pointy thing in my pocket and this time I did not hesitate to read it and it said something that shocked me "Oh by the way I also sent a girl named Shea to that too." I was shocked for multiple reasons but the biggest would be that there may be another girl who knows the plot of Howls Moving Castle. Before I could start developing a plan a torrent of memories came rushing at me and by the end I was crying from emotional pain on the floor having experienced something that I had though I had locked away.