3 Chapter 3- My Calm School Days (Part 2)

Chapter 3- My Calm School Days (Part 2)

"Ah, a transfer student?" Immediately, murmurs erupted in the class. The students felt curious as to who this person could be. Since their high school wasn't that popular, transfer students are very rare here.

"Oh, I hope she's a beautiful rich girl!!"

"Wouldn't that be too much like anime? I mean, a beautiful milady from a rich family transferring to our class. Damn, that's too exciting!" One of them said as he adjusted his glasses with a weird grin.

"Don't get your hopes up, dude."

"Guys are disgusting. Why shouldn't it be a handsome celebrity? Like an actor or an idol?"

"Yeah~ everyone here is ugly. We want eye candies." Girls interjected with their opinions.

The only one that didn't bother with all of this was Kai who only gave the teacher a side glance before he turned to look outside again.

"Calm down, everyone. Our transfer student is a girl and she's new in town. Uh…" Then, the teacher halted for a second as if he was troubled by something before he shook his head and continued. "Please, treat her well."

After that, he turned toward the door and called for her. "Please come in, Miss Eva." He said.

'Eva?' Kai's attention was perked as he gave a side glance to the door. He didn't really know why, but he felt that if he didn't look now, he would miss out on something.

Then, the door to the classroom was slid open and a girl walked inside. Immediately, the noise of the room died down as everyone stared at the girl with eyes so wide they looked like a funny caricature.

No one was able to utter a single word. The girl was simply that beautiful. Even those who were expecting beauty to walk inside never expected to see such a gorgeous woman at all. She had long black hair as dark as the night sky. Her eyes were a mysterious red color and her oval-shaped face was so perfect that not even a fault could be seen in it.

"Hello, my name is Eva Lavine. Nice to meet all of you." The girl said with a professional smile that made her aura even more mesmerizing akin to that of an angel.

She was rather tall with long, milky legs and a figure that would make the most popular supermodels eat their nails in jealousy.

"Woahhhh!!!" Suddenly, loud cheers errupted in the classroom.

"She's so beautiful!!"

"Is she perhaps a goddess that descended on us?! Are we going to heaven now?"

No matter who it was, girl or boy, they all could only admire Eva's beauty. Well, everyone except a particular boy sitting at the back of the class. He squinted his eyes slightly at the girl before he shook his head and looked away as if the matter was none of his concern.

Eva, who still had the same smile till this point, gave that particular boy a glance as a flash of emotions appeared across her eyes for a split second before it vanished completely.

"Uh, Miss Eva. Where do you like to sit down? We have a few empty chairs there and the-" Before the teacher could even finish his words, Eva had already walked down the third row and only stopped in front of a timid young man.

"Can you give me your seat? I prefer the backseats, you see." She asked as she smiled elegantly at him.

The boy was dazed completely for a few seconds before he blushed violently and stood up.


Then, Eva elegantly sat down on the chair under the glances of every single person in the classroom.

"Damn it, that weirdo got the lucky seat next to Miss Eva."

"Shhh, she can hear you. We don't want to creep her out because of him."

Some disgusted comments could be heard here and there as scornful glances were directed at Kai. The latter didn't even bother to give them a glance let alone get annoyed.

However, another person didn't have the same idea. Eva's fists clenched secretly under the table.

"Teacher, could you please start the lesson?" She said in a noticeably colder tone than before.

"Ah, yes. Let's start."


After a few hours, lunchtime came and the bell rang loudly. Immediately, everyone stood up and quickly walked toward Eva as they surrounded her from all angles. Then, a hail of questions fell on the black-haired girl.

"Where are you from, Miss Eva?"

"What kind of shampoo do you use for your hair? It looks so smooth~"

"Can I have a handshake, Miss Eva!"

'Noisy.' Kai, who was close to the chaos, thought as he stood up and carried his bag with him.

Since he rarely eats lunch in class, he decided to go to his usual spot so he could have a meal in peace.

When he exited the classroom, Eva gave him a glance secretly before she smiled at the students.

"My apologies. But, I need to go to the restroom."

"Of course!"

After everyone dispersed, Eva stood up and left the classroom.


"It's windy," Kai murmured as he looked at the area around him. He was now on the roof of the school's main building. Since the place was inaccessible to students, Kai had to pick the lock to enter and leave when he needed to. The lock was very simple so it barely took him a few seconds to do so.

After that, he put down a small blanket on the ground and then sat down. Then, from his bag, he pulled out a small box that had his lunch and also a thick book.

Opening the bento box, it contained a very organized and nutritional meal that would make any student's jaw drop.

The boy then calmly started eating while admiring the clear sky of the day. It was a great day to have lunch in peace or so Kai would usually think. However, today, he had an unwanted guest with him.

'Is she going to keep spying on me?' He thought to himself.

Ever since he left the classroom, he sensed Eva's presence following him secretly. Her stealth skills were quite impeccable. In fact, if it was anyone else than Kai, then they would've never sensed her presence at all.

'Should I just ignore her? Hmm, I doubt that will make her go away.'

"Sigh, what do you need?" He asked as he put down the bento box.


However, no one responded.

"I know that you're there. Just reveal yourself and spare us the pointless waste of time… Agent 74."

When Kai finished his words, Eva finally walked out of her hiding spot and looked at him. Her face had a small smile albeit a sad one.

"Since when did you call me that, Kai?" She asked.


Shaking her head, Eva walked toward him before she immediately jumped on him engulfing Kai in a bear hug. Her eyes welled up with tears as she cried silently in his embrace.

"Kai… Kai… Kai… I missed you so much…" She said as she buried her face in his chest.

'Kai's smell, his warm body. I missed them, I missed them so much. Kai… Kai…' Her mind was only filled with the thought of the young man she was hugging tightly. She had instinctively used all of her power to hug him in fear of him disappearing again.

However, Kai didn't bother to hug her back and instead pushed her away.

"Don't hug me. Someone could see us." He said coldly as he stood up and dusted his clothes off.

"*Sniff* Please, let me hug you for one more second. Just one more second." Eva begged with a tearful gaze.

If anyone saw her current state, they wouldn't believe that she was the same person they met that morning. Her demeanor was completely different.

"Why did you come here, Eva? No, more than that, how did you find me? I'm sure I got rid of all my traces."

Kai's cold gaze didn't seem to bother Eva as she said meekly.

"After you left, I kept searching for you everywhere. I used all my connections but I still couldn't find a single clue as to where you went. But, I didn't give up. I searched in every country in the world for any person that could resemble your traits. But, it still took me 5 years." Then, she quickly stood up and looked at Kai with a worried gaze.

"Now, answer my question, Kai. Why did you leave without telling me? Why did you leave me?"

Just a mere glance at her sad, puppy-like expression, even the coldest of hearts would melt completely.

However, Kai wasn't affected at all by her heartful words.

"If you get your answer, would you leave?"

"No! I will never repeat the mistake of letting you go!"

"Sigh, did you even think it through before doing this?"


"Since you forgot, I will refresh your memory. I have a bounty on my head since I left the guild without telling them."

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