Hitman with a Badass System

"In a world of shadows, I am the darkness they fear." In the shadowy realm of international espionage and contract killing, Michael was a legend. His deadly precision and a flawless track record had made him the stuff of nightmares in the underworld. However, his life underwent a complete transformation during his latest assignment. As Michael pulled the trigger, a mysterious, otherworldly light enveloped him, and he suddenly found himself in a different realm, inhabiting a foreign body equipped with a system. To survive in this treacherous new land, Michael had to embrace his inner alpha predator, for the system embedded within him was none other than the aptly named "Badass System." This system rewarded him with "badass points" whenever he displayed acts of sheer badassery. Yet, Michael soon realized that every twist and turn in his path was no accident; a grand design was at play, woven by higher beings with ulterior motives. In any compelling story, the quality of its villains is crucial. Thus, the question arises: who are the antagonists that will challenge our deadliest assassin? Will Michael overcome these intricate schemes to emerge victorious? Can he unravel the secrets concealed within the Badass System? Jump right into the book and you will not be disappointed...It's a guarantee... Anti Hero with a Symbiote System: https://www.webnovel.com/book/anti-hero-with-a-symbiote-system_23401860706535005 Dictator with a Badass System: https://www.webnovel.com/book/dictator-with-a-badass-system_24476949205615505 discord link: https://discord.gg/xWacJDwazf Join my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!! Schedule : Everyday 2 Chapters on Mon, Tue, Friday, Sunday 1 Chapter on Wed, Thu, Sat

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Time for New Clothes

"Sect Leader Claire, Brother Ghost is back" Jack, who saw Michael at his home from a distance, quickly ran to Claire's mansion and informed her.

Elder Reiner and Elder Mark were busy teaching the students as only Claire and Elder Miles left the building to go meet Ghost. Claire was in a good and lightened mood today as Elder Sandra got better after taking the pill concocted by Michael but she didn't know her mood was going to hit rock bottom soon.

While she and Elder Miles were following Jack to Michael's home, Michael was busy scrolling through the cloth section of the System. He loved black outfits and even though he filtered the section to show only black ones, he was still left with a huge number of choices.

"Tuxedo?! I'll look like a freakin clown in this world if I wore a tuxedo"

If he wore a tuxedo in this world, it would be like a teenage girl among a group of old women; he would be in the spotlight. He already had enough of attracting bad people like Jane.

"System, do you have Black Panther outfit?" He excitedly asked the system after recalling the black outfit King T'challa wore in the Black Panther movie.

However, his smile froze on his face when the system showed him the Black panther's vibranium armor that cost 500,000 badass points. Fortunately, he didn't want the Vibranium outfit but the King T'challa robes that he wore when T'challa welcomed Bruce Banner to Wakanda.

"Not this armor system, the black robes he wore in the movie" Then in a few seconds, the outfit finally appeared in front of him with its stats.

Item Name: T'Challa King Robes

Durability: 1 year

Special Traits: None

Price: 500 Badass points

"Awesome, for WAKANDA!!" he laughed happily and equipped the outfit. The main reason for his purchase was the neo costume had started to reek blood and he wore it ever since he came to this world, so it's time for him to makeover. He then wore the Mark 3 grappling hook under his sleeve and left the system.

"Young Master Ghost is taking quite a long time to change dress," Ricky, who was in an elevated mood thinking about his monthly wage, said.

"Obviously Young Master Ghost is rummaging through his clothes to choose one" Daniel replied as Gaya couldn't wait outside anymore and rushed into the house to drag him out.

"Why is he taking this long? Is he wearing makeup or something like girls?" Gaya complained. She was not the kind of girl who would get ready for a few hours wearing all the makeup from top to bottom. When she was a princess, she rarely wore fancy cloth or makeup, and instead, she used the money allocated for her personal expense to bribe officials and ministers in Nagaland.

Only because of these bribes, she was able to escape the prison before her stepmother, the current Queen of Nagaland orders her henchmen to kill her.

She was already frustrated by waiting for him and when she saw him standing before a mirror and checking his hair, she became furious.

The way he looked at his reflection was like a husband enjoying his wife's beauty for the first time.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" She shouted. Although he could see himself in the system's status window, looking through the mirror had a unique feel, and he loved what's in the mirror.

"Jeez, quit shouting and let me correct my hair" On earth, he had short length hair but now, he had shoulder-length hair that required some time to tie back.

"You're weird as hell, now come out! everyone is waiting for you" He sighed and followed her back outside where he saw the girls narrating the events to Sect Leader Claire. Daniel and Ricky trembled as Claire looked pale.

"Ghost is it true? Did you attack Jane's guards?" Elder Miles asked as his voice broke in fear.

Michael however seemed calm and smiled at Claire and Miles

"I didn't attack them, they attacked me first, I just defended myself," He said with a straight face but it didn't reduce their fear

"Sect Leader Claire, I want some herbs and items from the sect, can I take them?" While Claire was still in shock and Miles was searching for words, he calmly asked her.

"Yes" her mind was not properly processing what she had just heard and said instinctively.

"Daniel, Ricky, go to River town and hire me two pegasi" he ordered his newly recruited henchmen as they quickly nodded despite their shock. He then tossed a pouch of coins and gestured at Jack to lead the way to the herbal garden.

Gaya also ignored Elder Miles and the female disciples as she followed him behind.

What's the point of worrying now?

Besides Michael hated to console Claire and Miles and as far as he was concerned, these people needed to grow a spine. If one wanted to destroy this sect, they would have already done it.

"Brother Ghost..." On their way to the herbal Garden, Jack opened his mouth to ask something but Michael stopped him midway.

"Jack, no one is going to attack the sect, just let me deal with Jane"

After following Jack for a few minutes, they reached the herbal garden. There were not many herbs and even calling it a garden was a little too much. He could only see a bunch of pots with herbs and most of the land was occupied by nothing but grass.

Luckily his expectation was low and therefore, he didn't expect much from the garden. He went straight into the garden and picked all twenty herbs in the garden as Jack's mouth opened wide because it was all they had left.

"Why are you acting so shocked? These are just common herbs"


Gaya slapped the back of Jack's head and said while Michael finished picking all the herbs he needed to concoct some pills. Of course, it was not the pills he initially planned but this would kick start his master plan.

Among the pills, he could concoct and potions he could brew, he still needed some advice from Gaya.

"Aelia, follow me, I need to talk to you"


"Ah!" Jack cried because she slapped Jack again for no reason before following Michael into the nearby building.

"Human, what's the plan?"

"I can do many things with these pills, but I think Healing potions and Revitalizing pills would bring more crowd and money."

Revitalizing pills were pills that could cleanse the body to remove the impurities of the body which would increase cultivation speed. By taking many less pure pills and potions, cultivators' bodies would have impurities in the bloodstream, and Revitalizing pills were a way to remove the impurities.

"Good choices, what else can you make with them?"

"Arch Energy boosters, strength enhancements, and breast enlargement pills which you desperately need"

"Ok, wait WHAT?!" she clenched her fist as a flash of anger and shock swept across her face. He loved making her angry by teasing her, maybe he loved this a little too much.

"You perverted asshole!" she picked up the vase and threw it at him aiming for his face but he easily caught the vase. He then placed the vase near him.

"I don't need those pills, you blind bastard!" Despite being angry, she didn't miss the opportunity to proudly show off her ample bosom.

"Back to the topic at hand, which pills do you think would attract more crowds?" It took several seconds to calm her down and when she calmed down, she gave her opinion.

"Whatever a 5-star Alchemist makes, people would buy them, but considering we don't have many ingredients to work with, I'd recommend we sell Healing potions, Revitalizing pills, and Arch Energy Boosters"

"Do you have a price point for all these pills?" she thought about the question regarding the prices for a few more seconds before answering it.

"Healing potions, 13,000 gold coins, Revitalizing pills can be sold for 11,000 and Arch Energy boosters, I'd say 10,000" For Gaya, these amounts were simple but for Michael who barely had any gold coins left became extremely happy. Besides, these were all just low-level pills and potions he had to make due to the lack of ingredients but with enough Badass points, he could buy rare herb seeds from the store and grow it in the sect rather than buying them from the stores.

After seeing the outrageous price for the herbs in the system store, he decided that it would be cost-effective to buy the seeds that were way cheaper than the grown herbs and grow them in the sect's garden.

The seed pack cost 6000 badass points and an extra 1000 for a compost that would make the herbs grow in two days. The seed pack sold by the system had various rare herbs and items to concoct and brew special pills and potions.

"Alright, Gaya, time to earn some sweet gold!"