Hitman with a Badass System

"In a world of shadows, I am the darkness they fear." In the shadowy realm of international espionage and contract killing, Michael was a legend. His deadly precision and a flawless track record had made him the stuff of nightmares in the underworld. However, his life underwent a complete transformation during his latest assignment. As Michael pulled the trigger, a mysterious, otherworldly light enveloped him, and he suddenly found himself in a different realm, inhabiting a foreign body equipped with a system. To survive in this treacherous new land, Michael had to embrace his inner alpha predator, for the system embedded within him was none other than the aptly named "Badass System." This system rewarded him with "badass points" whenever he displayed acts of sheer badassery. Yet, Michael soon realized that every twist and turn in his path was no accident; a grand design was at play, woven by higher beings with ulterior motives. In any compelling story, the quality of its villains is crucial. Thus, the question arises: who are the antagonists that will challenge our deadliest assassin? Will Michael overcome these intricate schemes to emerge victorious? Can he unravel the secrets concealed within the Badass System? Jump right into the book and you will not be disappointed...It's a guarantee... Anti Hero with a Symbiote System: https://www.webnovel.com/book/anti-hero-with-a-symbiote-system_23401860706535005 Dictator with a Badass System: https://www.webnovel.com/book/dictator-with-a-badass-system_24476949205615505 discord link: https://discord.gg/xWacJDwazf Join my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!! Schedule : Everyday 2 Chapters on Mon, Tue, Friday, Sunday 1 Chapter on Wed, Thu, Sat

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The sky was darkening, and the bright stars twinkled as a gentle evening breeze whispered through the air.

"Look over there, the young master is coming."

"Who are those children with him?"

Daniel and Ricky spotted Michael, a woman, and a group of children of varying ages approaching them.

"They must be the survivors of Rosewood village," Daniel remarked.

As a commoner who had grown up in a village similar to Rosewood, Daniel felt a deep sympathy for these people. Many rulers and kings would turn a blind eye if a sect like Blood and Bone massacred commoners, fearing it might harm their relationship with the sect.

This was the first time someone had taken action against a sect like Blood and Bone. Daniel and Ricky still couldn't believe that the bones of the sect leader were hanging from a pole outside the city gates like a macabre decoration. Rivertown was in an uproar upon hearing the news of the sect's extermination. By tomorrow evening, the entire kingdom would know what had transpired, and the person responsible, Ghost, would become as famous as many renowned adventurers and disciples.

Among those who benefited most from this situation were the two guards, Daniel and Ricky. Before Michael's arrival in Rivertown, they were considered mere low-ranking soldiers in the king's army, sent to oversee this distant land on behalf of the King of Bredia.

They had garnered little respect from the adventurers or the disciples of various sects who frequented Rivertown. In other towns and cities, guards enjoyed more prestige and could expect discounts on ale and food at local establishments. However, in Rivertown, even the tavern owners were unwilling to offer them a modest discount.

Now, their reputation and respect had soared as everyone in town showed them overwhelming deference because of Michael. Daniel and Ricky were no longer just guards; they were the trusted associates of Ghost, the person who had single-handedly decimated the infamous Blood and Bone sect and subjected its leader to a gruesome fate.

As they scoured the city for a spacious rental property for Ghost, curious onlookers approached them, inquiring about Ghost and their association with him. While Daniel tried to maintain discretion, Ricky couldn't resist bragging about their connection to Ghost.

He even exaggerated, claiming that he and Ghost had shared drinks, a somewhat true but minor detail.

Approaching the city gates, Raylene's gaze fixated on a white skeleton hanging from a pole. A sudden wave of dread and terror washed over her as she stared at the macabre sight.

"Do you see that skeleton? It's the sect leader of Blood and Bone."

Raylene was instantly captivated, each word resonating clearly in her ears.

"Young Master, you... You killed him..."


Raylene's eyes remained wide with shock as Daniel and Ricky rushed over.

"Young Master Ghost, the landlord initially quoted an exorbitant price, but we haggled and settled on a deal for three hundred silver coins," Ricky proudly announced, handing the coin pouch to Michael.

"Good job. Here, keep this."

Michael retrieved twenty silver coins, ignoring Gaya's protest, before passing them to Ricky.

"Share it later. Now, help them settle into the place. I need to check in with the tavern."

"Brother, aren't you coming to stay with us?" Cindy tugged at his sleeve and asked, her innocent eyes pleading, as he playfully ruffled her hair.

"No, but I'll be very close by, Cindy."

"But young master..."

Raylene was already in shock after hearing that he had spent three hundred silver coins on them. Why would he choose to stay at the inn while they occupied the house he had rented with his own coins?

"No, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to spend the night there."

Michael understood that people tend to spread malicious rumors when a single mother stays the night alone with a young man. Such rumors could potentially harm both Raylene and Cindy in the future. Therefore, he decided to stay in the tavern instead. If anyone dared to speak ill of them, he was fully prepared to confront them and silence them permanently.

"Young Master Ghost is absolutely right, my lady. These people have foul tongues," Daniel chimed in.

It took a moment for Raylene to weigh the consequences and agree with their decision.

"But what if those bad men come back?" Cindy trembled, gripping his hand tightly as she recalled the horrors they had endured earlier.

"They won't, Cindy. Those bad men are gone from this world and will never return."

"Yes." He lifted her gently and planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Now, go with these kind gentlemen and get some rest. Don't cause any trouble for your mother."

"I won't." Surprisingly, the young girl wrapped her little arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His heart warmed in a way he hadn't experienced before, and he realized that his newfound compassion was perhaps influenced by Abras's soul fragments within his own soul.

He kissed her forehead and offered a warm smile, which surprised the guards witnessing this abrupt shift in his demeanor. In this moment, he appeared as an extremely gentle and approachable youth. Yet, just a few hours ago, he had seemed like the devil incarnate, exuding overwhelming killing intent.

Was he evil or good?

The same question raced through Gaya's mind as well. She had been unable to decipher his true nature thus far.

"Take them to their new place."

He handed the little girl to Daniel, who accepted her with a welcoming smile on his face.

He walked alongside them until they reached the tavern, and then he entrusted them to Daniel and Ricky.

"You're an orphan, aren't you, human?"

As the children and guards disappeared from his view, Gaya posed this question, causing him to pause.

"Don't bother denying it, human. I can see the way you look at them – the gaze of someone who grew up without parents."

"Well, well, it seems you do have some brains, princess. I'm pleasantly surprised," Michael responded with a smile.

"Thank you! Wait, what? How dare you!"

She erupted in anger, but Michael found her reaction rather amusing.

While she shouted at him, he entered the tavern. The moment the people inside saw him, the place fell silent, so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

Given that the tavern was located near the city gates, every person present had witnessed what he had done to Ralphy, and they were terrified of him.

"Young Master Ghost," the waitress, who had worn a broad smile just the other day, trembled as she tried to force a fake smile.

"Relax, everyone. I only deal with those who get on my nerves. You guys trying to annoy me with your silence? This is a tavern, for God's sake," he remarked.

"No, no, Young Master," the waitress quickly responded, shaking her head. Gradually, the patrons in the tavern began to return to their normal conversations. While the atmosphere was not as lively as before, it was certainly an improvement from the earlier dead silence.

A group of three adventurers had occupied the table where he had sat previously, but upon seeing him approaching, they hastily vacated the table.

"That's right, run, you bitches," Gaya chuckled.