Hitman with a Badass System

"In a world of shadows, I am the darkness they fear." In the shadowy realm of international espionage and contract killing, Michael was a legend. His deadly precision and a flawless track record had made him the stuff of nightmares in the underworld. However, his life underwent a complete transformation during his latest assignment. As Michael pulled the trigger, a mysterious, otherworldly light enveloped him, and he suddenly found himself in a different realm, inhabiting a foreign body equipped with a system. To survive in this treacherous new land, Michael had to embrace his inner alpha predator, for the system embedded within him was none other than the aptly named "Badass System." This system rewarded him with "badass points" whenever he displayed acts of sheer badassery. Yet, Michael soon realized that every twist and turn in his path was no accident; a grand design was at play, woven by higher beings with ulterior motives. In any compelling story, the quality of its villains is crucial. Thus, the question arises: who are the antagonists that will challenge our deadliest assassin? Will Michael overcome these intricate schemes to emerge victorious? Can he unravel the secrets concealed within the Badass System? Jump right into the book and you will not be disappointed...It's a guarantee... Anti Hero with a Symbiote System: https://www.webnovel.com/book/anti-hero-with-a-symbiote-system_23401860706535005 Dictator with a Badass System: https://www.webnovel.com/book/dictator-with-a-badass-system_24476949205615505 discord link: https://discord.gg/xWacJDwazf Join my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!! Schedule : Everyday 2 Chapters on Mon, Tue, Friday, Sunday 1 Chapter on Wed, Thu, Sat

don_offl · Action
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1350 Chs

Noah and Michael meets

As Michael soared beyond the void line, he activated the runic teleportation, transporting himself and Eve to the outskirts of the River town. The town lay under the vast expanse of the night sky, illuminated by the gentle glow of the moon and the stars that adorned the sky.

The enchanting river flowed alongside the town, its crystal-clear waters reflecting the shimmering moonlight as it traced a winding path through the heart of the landscape. The tranquil murmur of the river echoed softly, adding a serene melody to the ambiance.

In the near distance, majestic mountain chains rose proudly, their lush peaks reaching toward the heavens. Among these natural wonders, the remnants of the Sun Rise sect's abandoned buildings stood as silent witnesses to what Skyhall did to all the sects.