1 Chapter 1: Not even God

'What is evil?'

While walking up a flight of stairs, I started contemplating on one of the most subjectively answered question of the century. Since the dawn of human, evil had been viewed as the most human act. Some believe that it is the work of an omnipotent entity, some says its a necessity, while others utilize it to overshadow the truth.

'I don't know what the outcome of our discussion would be, but I sure as hell am sure that, that man is pure evil no matter the context'

After a few more steps I finally arrived in front of a large double door. Contrary to its size, it didn't make any noise the moment I pushed it open. Inside is a small room where a middle-aged, tall, and lanky man sits on a large chair, his eyes staring directly at mine with indifference. In front of him is an office table filled with stacks of files and modules.

"You wish to speak with me?...Father"

"Take a seat first"

This man's name is Dominador Eusebio M. Antilon. My father as well as the chairman of the world's largest hitman organization, known as "NOVUS". Ironically enough, he's own son places him on the top most priority hitlist.

Moments have passed but I still did not take a seat, not out of spite, but to remind him that I do not want to stay for long so make it quick. And fortunately the message was received as my father continued to speak.

"Rebellious phase eh? I won't mind. I've called you here to remind you to abstain from doing whatever it is that you plan to do. What you're feeling is understandable. But I will not let you jeopardize the future prospects of our organization."

'Understand my ass you hypocrite. But I do commend him for thinking so far ahead that he already understands my plan, I wouldn't even be surprised if he already has a complete blueprint of it.'

I replied to him

"Do you remember my cat, father? It just so happened that maya, my cat, was one of the collateral damages of that attack, which i'm pretty sure is because of your neglect on our defences"

"I see no neglect on my actions that are backed by hundreds of contingency plans..... And you said it yourself, we lost nothing but collaterals. If our agents could be replaced, then why cant your cat?

As soon as I heard his words my body moved on its own, proof that i still lack psychological training.

I slammed both my palms in the table, cracks could be visibly seen from the upper part of the birch wood table.


I screamed at him. Because If I am to put salt in his wounds then I'll make sure that i rub it just to get even an ounce of reaction.

But as expected, my father simply stared at me empathetically like I'm the weird one between us. I took this silence as a chance to compose myself and waited for my father's reply.

"Believe me or not, I value family more than my own life. But I want you to remember that countless lives are in my hands, and I will not let a single hot headed child, cripple my hand. And also, what I told was neither a reminder nor is it a suggestion, but an order. This discussion is over, report back to your committee head."

What was I expecting. In the end it went exactly as I predicted.

'No more'

As I turned my back and headed to the door, i halted my steps and uttered my parting gift.

"I quit."


*On the same room*

A woman entered the room a few minutes after the discussion between the father and son.

She was really tall and fairly muscular if you look at her closely, but it did not hide her feminine side as her waist was curved perfectly, with an above average cup size, and her face was that of a doll. But what is most noticeable about her, was her long and smooth white hair.

She approached the man sitting on the chair.

"With your abilities, I believe you've heard our conversation earlier."

The girl nodded and answered

"With all due respect sir, if young master does plan to leave the organization. He will have no resources as well as countless agents aiming for his head. I don't see the necessity of my mission."

"I implore you not to underestimate your target. My order still stands. Keep an eye on that agent after you successfully tracked him. I will supply you, and only you, sufficient intel on the possible courses of actions of your target. Keep it discreet. Is that clear agent VII?"

"Sir, yes, sir"

After the girl left the room, the chairman thought to himself.

'That child is about to target 8 of the most powerful humans of this era. And now, not even God can stop him.'

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