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Her pale legs walked in elegant graceful steps as she pulled her luggage behind her and walked out of the airport. She took off her sunshade as her beautiful cold eyes scanned the city she grew up in without any warmth.

She gently stroked the fur of the cat in her handbag before reaching out for her luggage. Dragging it behind her, she said to the cat, "We're here, Blu."

The cat meowed softly in response, almost as if it understood her.

She walked to the front of the airport door and as she had expected, her previous driver was already standing there waiting for her.

She walked to him and after exchanging a small bow with him, he took her luggage from her and placed it gently in the expensive car trunk.

"I would not use the car," Arissa informed him when he opened the door for her to walk in as usual.

She took off her blazer and put it into the car back seat instead of herself leaving her body with a fitting t-shirt showing her endowment that is behind the t-shirt and tucked into a short leather skirt. Her Chauffeur crocked his brow when he heard her.

She was troublesome but he does not want to get in trouble with her because her parents specially ordered him to return with her, "I can't do that, Ms. Marie," He apologized still holding the car door open and waiting for her to walk in.

Arissa looked at him with a displeased expression, "That name died the moment I left this city, Mr. Adams," she said firmly warning him to switch the names back.

"Taken Ms. Arissa. Your parents are waiting," He said still standing tall, "You can't take an Uber to the family mansion," he said reminding her of her status as a Lincoln.

"I never said I was taking an Uber," Arissa said when she spotted her black motorcycle waiting at a spot for her. She checked on her phone, to make sure that this is the actual motorcycle Richard got for her, She smiled as she walked over to it before she sniffed it.

She brought Blu. out of her handbag and placed her safely in front of herself, "Go home alone. I would come myself," she said to him wearing her helmet.

"You don't know the places an-," He wasn't able to finish his statement because Arissa drove away and left the rest of Mr. Adams's words hanging.

Mr. Adams gritted his teeth with fear due to the consequences of losing his wild Miss again on the first day of her return after three years abroad.

He hastily got into the car he brought to pick her up and followed her at high speed.


Her motorcycle made a screeching sound on the floor as she came to a halt in front of the mansion before her. Big thanks to Richard who brought this for her to the airport.

She smiled looking around the mansion and waiting for Mr. Adams to come in since she knows he had been following behind her, she came down from the motorcycle and took off her helmet, letting her long black hair flow she was aiming to wait longer for Mr. Adams to come in since he missed her during the race drives back home.

But her smile dropped in seconds when she remembered her mother's tune when she called her earlier today, for the first time in three years.

She took fast walks away from her motorcycle and to the door but before she can open it, it was pulled open from the inside.

"Marie!" Her mother exclaimed as she threw her hands around Arissa, "I missed you," she said rubbing Arissa's back.

Arissa smiled coldly before pulling away from her mother. How dare she say she misses her? That's a lie. And her face is so smooth?

"Marie isn't my name again a long time ago," she said without warmth to her mother.

Her mother said nothing but just scanned her outfit, "Where is Mr. Adams?" she asked sharply dropping her previous tune.

Arissa raised her brow with satisfaction hearing her real mother right now, "I used a motorcycle down here," Arissa answered twirling the motorcycle keys between the tip of her fingers.

"And why are you dressed up like a hooker?" Mrs. Lincoln asked as she flammed up looking at her daughter's appearance (picture in the comment section).

Staring intensely at her mother, Arissa pushed down the urge to continue the baseless chat with this woman. She just made it out of an eleven hours flight and bickering upon her arrival isn't something she has on the top of her list so, their discussions can wait for some other time - maybe, till God knows when.

She haven't even walked into the house yet, and the person who called her with worries in her voice is now this hard for her again. "Hahaha," Arissa laughed dryly when she spanked herself for how stupid she was thinking her mother is now somewhat different. But that isn't the case because she is still abusive.

"I'm sorry Arissa," her mother suddenly apologized.

She had just remembered the main reason why she called her back.


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