175 Doesn't Want To Take Any Chance

In the dark night, the Imperial Palace was dimly lit with red lamps.

The large hall surrounded by guest rooms, where the guests were provided rooms according to their ranks, was very silent.

The door of one of the rooms opened without making any sound.

From the slight gap, Xi Ying looked outside and then moved his eyes back to the bed inside the room. On the bed, Li Rui was sleeping peacefully lying on her side.

After being assured that everything was fine, Xi Ying finally opened the door wide and stepped out of the room.

He closed the door again and whispered while looking around.

"An Zhi, stay here only while I am absent. If anyone with bad intentions tries to enter the room forcefully, just kill him."

He knew that An Shing, hiding in the shadows must have heard him so he turned around and walked away from there.


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