His Possession (JJK) Book

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His Possession (JJK)


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You woke up with a jerk. You sat up on the bed, breathing like crazy, sweat breads were falling down from your head. You were totally petrified. Immediately all the events that happened yesterday night came into your head flashing. So, it wasn't a nightmare?? You stood up from the bed and ran towards the door. You started banging on it. "Open the door. Fucking open it bastard. I'll kill you. H-How dare you hurt my J-Jimin." You were banging on the door like a madwoman, whereas tears kept streaming down your eyes. You were desperate to know whether Jimin, Namjoon and Taehyung are okay or not. You were praying internally that they all were fine, safe and sound. "Fucking open the door." Now you were being too impatient. You fell on the ground crying. You ruffled your hairs being frustrated. On the other hand Jungkook stood out of the door, keeping his hands inside his pocket.


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