His Naughty Lessons

[ Warning: Mature Content ] “Harper, stop undressing me with your eyes. The plot isn’t going that way… YET.” Harper McKenzie, a newbie web novel author, has a problem — she struggles with romance scenes. As someone with almost nonexistent real-life experience in the matter, she can’t get the intimate chemistry right, and those chapters always come out dry and cringy. Fortunately for her, Harper finds a freelance editor willing to workshop her writing. But the surprise? That editor turns out to be her childhood friend and the very first crush of her life. What happens now when he offers her personal lessons on how to write the hottest romance … and love scenes? -------------- Note: this is a fun, cozy, sweet story with a low-drama plot. No love triangles, no misunderstandings, no memory loss / car accidents / terminal illnesses / etc.. Mature content abounds, starting out soft but heats up quickly. You’ve been warned! -------------- Sneak Peek: He slid her bra over her shoulders and, with impossibly quick and skilled work, tied the lacy garment around her wrists. “Spread your legs wider,” he ordered. Harper’s already faltering heartbeat faltered some more. The command in his tone was foreign, but it crashed over her like a heat wave, and even though she could barely begin to picture how salacious she must look, with her hands bound and thighs spread wide like an offering to be ravished, she could feel the scorching need coiling hotter and hotter in her core. Her body obeyed eagerly on its own accord, bringing herself fully open just like she was told. Eli grinned. Moving between her legs, he trailed hot kisses along her inner thigh, leaving sizzling little fires crackling in its wake. “Good girl. Now, what should your character say next?” A finger glided over her wet and wanting flesh in a slippery stroke, making her heart slam to a hard stop as a moan tore free. “Write the next line for me, what should I say before I unravel you with my tongue and make you scream my name?”

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Changing Perspective

** Eli **

As Harper's shuddering breaths filled the air around them, Eli came to an unfortunate realization — he was rock hard.

Which shouldn't really be surprising. He had just gotten a girl off on a kitchen counter. The girl was still coming down from her climax with her face buried in his shoulder, and his finger was still inside her, feeling all her residual tremors as they rippled through. He was a healthy, straight guy after all, so it should be quite understandable that all his instincts were screaming and burning with need.

But still, it was somehow affecting him more than it should. The feel of her soft skin and sensitive body, the sound of those whimpers and moans that echoed with so much natural seductiveness … It was somehow doing things to him that no one else had managed before.

Eli smothered a groan of his own. Maybe he just got too caught off guard. Having known Harper for half of his life, he'd never really thought of her as someone sexy — not that she wasn't, obviously, but his mind had simply never decided to go that way — and now that their "arrangement" had forced him to look at her in a new light … Well, he'd be a fool to not expect surprises.

He swirled his finger gently a few more times, letting her ride out the last splashes of pleasure. When he finally pulled out of her, she whimpered again and nuzzled breathily against the crook of his neck. He almost hissed as the sound and the touch sent another bolt of heat shooting down his groin.

"Um … Goodness, I didn't expect it to be … so intense," Harper finally managed to say. Her voice was still airy, and her arms slipped languidly down his shoulders as she slowly recollected herself.

Eli kind of wished that she would just lean in his arms for a bit longer — it was miserable enough that he couldn't relieve the pressure between his legs anytime soon, so it shouldn't be too much to ask to seek some solace and bury himself in her heat and scent, right? But then he immediately thought better of it. This was a lesson … She was supposed to be learning. This was not supposed to be a passionate love-making session that ended with smitten cuddling.

So he smiled and pressed one last kiss to her forehead. "I'll assume that's the way you like it, which means I've done a good job." He helped her rebutton her shorts, then propped himself up on the counter next to her. 

Harper let out a shaky chuckle. "Oh, yeah, definitely. I … Well, I guess it really is true that there are things that I … need to learn more about …"

She turned her face slightly away, probably to blush. A brief silence fell over them.

Eli wondered what would be the appropriate thing for him to say at this moment. Normally, if this was a girl he was seeing, he'd be holding her tight and keep kissing her, maybe whisper a few dirty words into her ears and make that luring blush turn even brighter. But he wasn't sure if Harper would want that … What would a girl want after getting off as a means of learning about sex anyway?

The silence suddenly felt a bit awkward.

Harper was the one to break it first. She cleared her throat. "Speaking of which … I've also never sat on a kitchen counter before. It feels … kind of exotic. Though I did read a few scenes like this in books …"

"Ah, it's a common scene indeed," Eli agreed. "There is a reason why kitchen counters are designed to be this height."

Her head whipped around. "R-Really?"

"… No. It's just easier for … um, grinding various things?"

They stared at each other for a few seconds. Then they both burst into laughter.

Oh well, he wasn't generally good at telling jokes. But if a bad one helped relieve the silent awkwardness, then all was well.

"Now I'm afraid my perspective of this kitchen is going to change forever," Harper said. She did a figurative scan around the space. "Though honestly, it's not like I actually use it much. I'm too lazy to cook anyway."

The opportunity to change the topic was welcome, and Eli snatched it. "You don't cook?" he asked. That was a much easier thing to talk about.

"Not from scratch. It's too messy … and I'm pretty bad at getting the flavors right. I only do simple things like boil pasta or pop a premixed cake batter into the oven." Harper let out an exaggerated sigh. "I know that's unbelievable. My mom makes better food than a restaurant, and all I can do is heat up frozen meals."

Eli couldn't help but find her dejected look adorable. "Why don't you come to my place next weekend then?" he smiled. "I'll make us dinner."

Her eyes widened. "You … what?" She studied him dubiously. "I'm not sure if I can even imagine you in an apron."

"Hey, don't be in such a haste putting labels on me. I'm not the type of rich asshole that just sits back and waits for a wife or mistress or housemaid to feed me." Eli rolled his eyes. "Besides, culinary art is an 'art'. I like it when I have the time."

Harper cocked her head to the side, still looking suspicious. "Ok, I'd love to see it. I can help you boil pasta." She gave him a grin. "Should I bring anything?"

"Just yourself. My kitchen is well stocked." He flashed a lopsided smile. "And it comes with lots of space … including a much larger counter that you can make good use of."

The flush of rosy glow crept back over her cheeks, and he laughed as her eyes shied away.