His Mistress is His Ex-Wife

[Warning: R18+] "Her Greatest Revenge--Seduce him, Break his marriage, Steal his fortune, and lastly... DUMP him." ***** Sabrina Williams' life crumbles after discovering her husband's deceit and the underhanded acquisition of her family's fortune. Presumed dead after a tragic incident, Sabrina reemerges five years later with a new identity and a burning hunger for revenge. Her return sparks romantic chaos amongst the CEO's inner circle, a dazzling array of handsome bachelors vying for her attention. Sabrina Williams finds herself at the center of a romantic whirlwind with unexpected contenders– her protective best friend, a powerful Mafia Boss, and her possessive ex-husband. The stage is set for a pulsating tug-of-war—a clash of love and revenge with emotions running high. The players are all in, and the game is just getting started! ***** When her scandal with her Ex-husband spreads on the internet, bashers curse her tagging her as Shameless Mistress, Worthless Homewrecker, and Evil Slut... however several mighty bachelors unite to defend her. CEO of Top Fashion Company: "Haters go to hell! PS: to those models who antagonized my Goddess, I hereby take our brand sponsorship from them." President of the Largest Entertainment Company: "Fake news! We will take legal action for slandering my Goddess! Artists who cursed her will be banned from my company." Vice Chairman of Biggest Hotel and Resort Company: "Shut up, Bashers! Don't ever step in one of our hotels and resorts!" Domineering Mafia Boss: "Back off! Erase those malicious comments, or else my gang will hunt you down. I'll kill everyone who dares ridicule my Queen! Everyone: "..." Then a confession comment suddenly pops up amidst the chaos. FL's Best friend: "Everyone can hate you but I'll always be there for you. Sabby... I love you... I've been loving you since our childhood years... My first love... and my last." Her ex-husband can no longer stay quiet and declares to the public. Possessive Ex-husband: "She's not my mistress. She's my legal wife." FL Friend Lanny: "Legal Wife your Ass! Crazy Jerk just die!"

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[ Music Recommendation: Taylor Swift - Say Don't Go (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault): Sabrina's choice of Song ]


Sabrina, disguised as Athena "the Global Ye-tube Sensation", stepped into the center stage, a vision of elegance and grace in her stunning red dress. The dress hugged her figure perfectly, accentuating her curves. The bodice, adorned with silver lace details, framed her shoulders delicately, while a tasteful sweetheart neckline added a touch of allure, emphasizing her beautiful round cleavage.

The crimson hue complemented her fair complexion, giving her a radiant glow. The dress boasted a mermaid silhouette, emphasizing Sabrina's hourglass shape before flaring out into a voluminous skirt.

Completing the ensemble, Sabrina's hair was styled in an elegant updo, allowing the delicate lines of her neck and shoulders to take center stage. A pair of dangling earrings sparkled with each movement, framing her face and accentuating her radiant smile. Her black lace mask added a mysterious vibe.

As she sang, she exuded confidence and undeniable charm, embodying a timeless elegance that captivated the attention of everyone in the banquet hall, most especially Dominique Smith who has been rooted in his spot.

"Sabrina," he mumbled her name. He couldn't be wrong. Her voice held an uncanny resemblance to the woman he betrayed– his ex-wife Sabrina.

For a fleeting moment, time seemed to stand still as he gazed at her, struck by the resemblance that stirred memories buried deep within his heart. Conflicted expression crossed his face, a blend of hesitation and an inexplicable yearning.

"I told you! Her voice is enough to mesmerize everyone!" Ashton tapped Dominique's shoulder as he caught sight of his strange reaction.

Ashton's voice and the simple tap on his shoulder snapped Dominique out of his deep stupor.

Sabrina was almost done with her performance when she locked eyes with Dominique. With a captivating aura enveloping her, she gracefully strolled toward Dominique, her every step synchronized with the melodic rhythm of her own singing.

"Oh goodness!" Ashton exclaimed exasperatedly as he gripped Dominique's shoulder tightly. "I think my goddess has taken notice of us and she is making her way over here!" Ashton couldn't control his excitement and anticipation.

On the other hand, Dominique's penetrating gaze still lingered on her, not breaking their eye-contact as if he was creating an intimate connection that transcended their physical distance. 

Badum! Badum!

With every step she took, her eyes sparkled with passion, mirroring the emotions embedded in her song. Inching closer and closer to them, Dominique's heartbeat started to run wild. The air seemed to crackle with an electrifying tension. He couldn't help but be both captivated and slightly anxious at the thought of her imminent arrival.

It did not take long before Sabrina finally reached Dominique's spot. All eyes were on them. Who wouldn't be amazed and puzzled by her action? Descending from the center stage, she strolled purposefully towards the entrance door, where Dominique and Ashton were standing.

A whirlwind of emotions swept through Dominique as he stood face to face with the mysterious masked lady. Meanwhile, Sabrina reached the final note of her song and in a captivating gesture, extended her right hand towards Dominique, seemingly inviting him to join her on stage.

Just as Dominique was about to make contact, Sabrina abruptly shifted her attention to Ashton, skillfully avoiding Dominique's hand. Ashton was quick enough to seize the opportunity and enthusiastically accepted her hand, sealing the gesture with a kiss on the back of her palm.

"My goddess," he murmured, smiling charmingly at her.

The onlookers, predominantly the bachelors in attendance, couldn't help but react to the unfolding scene. Whispers and murmurs circulated among them, casting envious glares toward Ashton as they cursed him with their eyes.

On the other hand, Dominique's hand remained suspended in the air, revealing a mixture of disbelief and embarrassment reflected in his eyes. No one paid attention on him since everyone was busy staring at Ashton 'the lucky guy' and Sabrina 'the singing goddess'.

Before he knew it, Sabrina already walked away, effortlessly leading his best friend towards the center stage, leaving him alone in his current spot. Dominique found himself glaring at the interlocked hands of his best friend and the masked lady, a hint of jealousy could be seen in his brown eyes.

'I can't be wrong. Her voice… those amber eyes… She's Sabrina. I have to remove her mask and see her face to confirm it!' Dominique thought to himself as he clenched his fists. 

He was also confused. Part of him wanted to believe that the masked lady was Sabrina. Or perhaps, this was just part of his wild imagination. He was not in his usual self because today marked Sabrina's fifth death anniversary.

'I can't leave. I just found a reason to stay. I must uncover her mask and see it for myself.' Dominique resolved, planning to join the bidding.

When Athena's initial performance ended, the banquet hall illuminated with lights. The host joined her and started to conduct an interview while Ashton remained on the stage, standing next to her. All eyes were fixated on the pair.

"Miss Athena, with all the handsome gentlemen surrounding you tonight, why did you choose him?" The host asked her curiously. She wondered if they knew each other.

Ashton could only smile proudly, scratching his blushing face. He also wanted to know the answer. He never expected that his goddess would suddenly invite him on the stage.

Sabrina emitted a soft giggle, her laughter having a mesmerizing effect on both men and women in the audience.

"Simply because I recognize Mr. Davis. He is one of my avid fans here." Sabrina responded wittily.

"Just like that?" the host pressed further, intrigued by the simplicity of her response.

Sabrina nodded with a playful glint in her eyes. "Well, how can I not recognize Mr. Ashton Davis? He always sends me lots of diamonds during my live performances in Ye-tube. His sweet gesture caught my attention."

"Oh. You bribed her," the host said jokingly, turning to Ashton. Ashton just let out a soft chuckle in response to her.

"Athena! I also sent you diamonds! Please choose me in your next performance!" A man shouted from the audience. This garnered another laughter from Sabrina and the host.

"No worries, gentlemen. Everyone has an equal opportunity tonight. Just win the bid and I'm all yours! I'll accompany you for the whole night and reveal the face behind this mask," Sabrina uttered seductively, winking and blowing a kiss in front of everyone.

The host joined in the laughter, adding, "Well, it seems like Miss Athena has set the stage on fire tonight, not just with her mesmerizing voice but also with a bit of mystery and charm! Let the bidding war begin!" The audience erupted in cheers and enthusiastic chatter.

"Oh my gosh, she's truly a goddess!"

"My heart sank!"

"I'm gonna win for her!"

"I wanna see her face!"

While the lively chatter about the bidding engulfed the banquet hall, Dominique stood in the midst of the crowd, his gaze fixated on Sabrina. His expression remained unfathomable as his thoughts raced. The temptation to see her face, to confirm his suspicions, pulled at him like an invisible force.

"Who are you, Athena? Is that you, Sabrina? You survived?"

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