His Mistress is His Ex-Wife

[Warning: R18+] "Her Greatest Revenge--Seduce him, Break his marriage, Steal his fortune, and lastly... DUMP him." ***** Sabrina Williams' life crumbles after discovering her husband's deceit and the underhanded acquisition of her family's fortune. Presumed dead after a tragic incident, Sabrina reemerges five years later with a new identity and a burning hunger for revenge. Her return sparks romantic chaos amongst the CEO's inner circle, a dazzling array of handsome bachelors vying for her attention. Sabrina Williams finds herself at the center of a romantic whirlwind with unexpected contenders– her protective best friend, a powerful Mafia Boss, and her possessive ex-husband. The stage is set for a pulsating tug-of-war—a clash of love and revenge with emotions running high. The players are all in, and the game is just getting started! ***** When her scandal with her Ex-husband spreads on the internet, bashers curse her tagging her as Shameless Mistress, Worthless Homewrecker, and Evil Slut... however several mighty bachelors unite to defend her. CEO of Top Fashion Company: "Haters go to hell! PS: to those models who antagonized my Goddess, I hereby take our brand sponsorship from them." President of the Largest Entertainment Company: "Fake news! We will take legal action for slandering my Goddess! Artists who cursed her will be banned from my company." Vice Chairman of Biggest Hotel and Resort Company: "Shut up, Bashers! Don't ever step in one of our hotels and resorts!" Domineering Mafia Boss: "Back off! Erase those malicious comments, or else my gang will hunt you down. I'll kill everyone who dares ridicule my Queen! Everyone: "..." Then a confession comment suddenly pops up amidst the chaos. FL's Best friend: "Everyone can hate you but I'll always be there for you. Sabby... I love you... I've been loving you since our childhood years... My first love... and my last." Her ex-husband can no longer stay quiet and declares to the public. Possessive Ex-husband: "She's not my mistress. She's my legal wife." FL Friend Lanny: "Legal Wife your Ass! Crazy Jerk just die!"

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202 Chs


[ At Starlight Group: CEO's Office…]

"You traitor! What happened to 'You can spend the night with her… just let me see her face?!" Ashton burst into Dominique's office, berating his once-trusted friend for betraying their agreement.

He thought Dominique would leave Hilton Bay Hotel as soon as he caught a glimpse of Athena's face. However, Ashton was disheartened when Dominique failed to call him the previous night. He felt cheated! He was supposed to be the one spending time with Athena.

"Spill it! What happened last night between the two of you? What does she look like? Did you even manage to capture a photo of her? Let me at least see my goddess' face!" Ashton slammed his palms on the surface of Dominique's desk.

Meanwhile, Dominique was unfazed by his best friend's ranting. He was leaning on his chair, his eyes covered by his elbow. It seemed that he was in a deep thought.