His Love Therapist: Closing the Boundaries Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

His Love Therapist: Closing the Boundaries


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COMPLETED Lucy Kim was a renowned psychologist, born from a family that owned Prime Hospital, the best private hospital in the country. She was a smart woman from a wealthy family of doctors. She had nothing to lose in this life when all was well and her career was smooth sailing. On the other side, lived a man who was living life in hell. His innocence was ripped off when he was eight. He saw murder, blood and pressure as a boy. He was trapped in a cage like a bird without its wings, for seventeen years. The way he was treated took a heavy toll on his mental health. The tortures he was forced to face made him become a lifeless doll. The two then met with the work of fate. Lucy saved the man unknowingly, and with her keen eyes as a doctor, she deemed him her patient the moment she laid her eyes on him. Will she be able to restore the man's life and bring him back to the track? Will he be able to live his life normally when he was diagnosed with severe PTSD and many more disorder? This is a story about the two of them, living life full of deceit and betrayal. And how they complete each other. R-18+ smut warning in some of the chapters *The picture is not mine, all rights go to the rightful owner.*


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