His Little Precious Princess

Penelope Dresvil is an innocent and pampered little girl who is an irreplaceable treasure in her daddy's palms. But because of the vicious plans of her stepmother, Penelope experienced a lot of hardship in life. She tried to go back but discovered that her father died in an accident. Because of a traumatizing event at the age of twelve, Penelope's life ended in vain. When she opened her eyes again, Penelope discovered that she returned to the past at the age of six. She vowed to take revenge on those people who made her suffer and prevent any accident that can kill her father again. Those vicious women? Her scheming uncle? Double-faced rivals? Penelope will end their evilness and put them back in their right places.

PickledPlums · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
314 Chs


"Mom, but...how?"

Melissa did not say anything. She just stands there and smiles at her. After Penelope recovers from her shock, she slowly collected herself and let out a soft sigh.

"This is just a dream." Penelope said. "Am I right, mom?"

And again, Melissa did not say anything. Instead, she gently holds Penelope's hands and gives them a soft squeeze. And with a smile plastered on her face, Melissa tugs Penelope with her.

"Where are we going, mom?" Penelope asked.

"Just follow me, Loupie." Melissa replied.

Melissa brings her in front of a huge tree where a pristine white blanket was spread under it. Melissa pulls Penelope with her and they both sit on the blanket. When Penelope looks at her mother, Melissa gently cups her face and stares at her with a loving gaze.

"You are already an adult, my lovely daughter." Melissa said.

"Are... Are you really my mom?" Penelope can't help but ask.