His Devious Rule

Have you ever wondered about unpredictable life? One minute everything is so good and then suddenly the next minute everything just turns around… Anya Owen faced such times thrice in her life due to one person. Twice she survived and started leading a happy life with her darling son. But could she survive the jeopardy he was going to cause again in her life? Alvin Matthews, the most mysterious man in the city. Nobody knows where he is, what is up to, or what he does. Some even doubt if he is alive or dead. Could he stop himself from falling for the little feisty woman? Well, he never stops himself. But he doubted if he would get killed by the stone-hearted woman before he could soften her heart. ~~~ Excerpt: Alvin watched Anya politely speaking with the butler. He leaned back on the armchair and crossed his legs, intently watching the soft smiles appearing on the delicate face. “Hey, Little Chipmunk, why is your mother good to all but me?” He asked shifting his eyes on the little man who was crossing his little legs playing a video game on his mobile. A sly smirk appeared on Zane’s face. He carelessly threw his words, “That’s what you deserve, Chipmunk Monster.” Alvin: “...” Alvin has to rack his brain to appease Little Monster... Correction, Little Master and his Devil… The second Correction, his Queen. ~~~ This is an original story. Thank you ^_^ for giving it a try. DISCORD: Munchkin_2#7368 Story DISCORD: https://discord.gg/QhhXXWq Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/munchkin_2 Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: https://linktr.ee/munchkin

Munchkin_2 · Urban
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Linus behaved as dumb and deaf the whole time. He wasn't becoming a CEO for any power or position. He wasn't doing it for the company or to take revenge on Casper for threatening Elder Collins. 

He considered the position for Alvin who believes in him. He changed his mind about Krystle who encouraged him and proposed that she will take care of his startup. He accepted Alvin's plan because his father was willing to fulfill his dreams. 

Apart from that, Ean's words stuck in his mind. If he smoothly manages the Matthews Industries and becomes successful, high-profile people would try to impress him and donate to the NGO. Or else, he will be in a position to influence people and bring light to social issues.

He wasn't sure if he was overestimating himself and everything. Despite knowing Ean tried to trick him, Linus chose to step forward. Not by killing his dream, but hoping to use the opportunity from a different perspective.