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His darkest secret


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Jié Yûxuān is a twelfth grade student who comes from a wealthy family. He is the hottest boy in school and has so many crushes from many girls but has something weird about him. A new student, Chán Juān, attends the same school as Jié Yûxuān. She unfolds the mystery behind her new classmate and seat mate who has a dark secret that no one is aware of. He is rude but quiet, to her especially. Not bearing to see her bullied, he begins to stand up for her especially from the boys who lustfully bullied her. "Look at that new girl, such sexy legs under that short skirt makes me horny." Jié Yûxuān walks up to Chán Juān, takes off his jacket and wraps it around her waist. Chán Juān begins to get close to Jié Yûxuān but soon gets to perceive something off about him which no one knows about. She finally finds out his secret. Now the question is, will Jié Yûxuān let her live or will he kill her?


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