His Curse Her Redeemer Book

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His Curse Her Redeemer


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[Trigger warnings!: This is dark Romance, Gory themes and bloodshed, curse words and mature content] ** "No, please!" I cried out, as I sat up immediately, cradling my hurt shoulder. He just stood there staring in a deadly calm way at me. "Don't hurt me, please." I sobbed hysterically. The more I dragged my butt along the floor to get away from him, the closer he got, with those torturously slow daunting steps of his. He soon closed the remaining distance between us and came to kneel on one knee beside me. I kept my gaze on my shaky hand which was on my lap while the other cradled my hurt arm carefully. "Hurt you?" He threw his head back and chuckled like it was the most funny thing he'd heard in ages. I couldn't help but stare at his attractive features as he chuckled. Although those chuckles were unsettling. "Hurt you? I'll do more than hurt you if I was given the chance." As at this time, there was no trace of laughter on his face, just pure animosity. I felt a shiver run down my spine at his words. "You don't deserve to live, curse." He drew closer to me so we were just a few inches apart, and whispered very slowly. ** She was his curse and he was her redeemer. How would you feel if one day you find out that you know nothing about yourself. Even your age had been a lie all along. Although Seraphina knew that she had lost her memory, seeing as she woke up one day by the side of a river bank knowing nothing about herself except her name and her fake age, she never seized to wonder what had happened to her. She had always wondered why she brought bad luck to people who really cared for her. She had always wondered what that missing part of her memory entailed. She had always wondered why he wouldn't leave her be. Him. The tall man with the blonde hair, black eyes, signature cloak and a heartless army. Why did he send her messages on the walls? Why could she feel his presence? Why was he after her, killing the families and villagers that always took her in, that cared for her? Why was he playing a game of hide and seek? He obviously could catch her if he wanted, but he seemed to enjoy the chase. Why? And then one day she realised why. It was no other reason than because she was a curse. His Curse. And he was her Redeemer. Find me on Instagram @officialeseagbontaen