"she was chosen because she was his right from the very beginning..." Once on a rare occasion, the night of a blue full moon, a girl is being taken from a household to serve the beasts who call themselves werewolves. The werwolves were the one who ruled the town and controlled everything. They looked human but buried under their human facade was a ruthless monster who seeks to destroy. Everyone tried to protect themselves but deep down they knew they were no match for the werewolves. Arianne was a little girl who was born different from other people in the town. She had long red hair and she was born with different coloured eyes. One green and one brown. No one knew exactly why she was born that way and it wasn't hereditary. Her mother also died during her child birth and because of that her father, Massimo distanced himself from her and chose to remarry instead. He married a woman called Christine who already had a child out of wedlock, Rissa. Together Rissa and Christine decided to make Arianne's life hell to which her father turned a blind eye to and because of that, it affected Arianne and she decided to withdraw herself from her family and the society. The day of the selection came and Rissa was selected to go and serve the werewolves. Scared for her life, Rissa decided to persuade her mother to convince Massimo to offer Arianne up for the selection. Ignoring her screaming pleas and tears, Massimo offered up Arianne to go and serve the werewolves. No one really knows what happens to the girls that are being selected and no one bothered to ask. Not knowing the fate that awaits her, Arianne decided to go and serve the werewolf who they call Ivan Giovanni, a alpha who is known for his ruthlessness. Can Arianne survive living among werewolves? What happens when she finds out more about her identity and the only person who could help her was Ivan? What do you think will happen if she finds out that Ivan was the boy she had saved all those years ago from dying? NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THE COVER IMAGE OF THIS BOOK. IMAGE WAS FOUND ON PINTEREST.

DA_Aloera · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
517 Chs


I stepped out of the warm bath, feeling refreshed and relaxed. The steam from the water still lingered in the air as I wrapped myself in a fluffy towel. I dried off quickly and slipped into the white cotton shirt that Ivan had gotten for me. It was a soft material that smelled really nice and it stopped just right above my thighs, making me feel both comfortable and alluring.

I walked out of the bathroom, using a towel to dry my hair. I met Ivan standing by the dresser but the moment I entered he turned to look at me. I couldn't help but notice the way Ivan's eyes widened as he drew in a sharp breath. He stared at me, his gaze raking up and down my body and I also noticed the way he gripped the dresser a little too tightly, almost as if to restrain himself. I could also see the desire in his gaze which made me feel a rush of excitement and confidence knowing that I still had that effect on him after all these years.

"Hey," I breathed out.