It got lonely. Lonely and cold. My relationship with Ivan was on the brisk of an end. We became detached, I could even feel the bond between us getting weaker. He barely speaks to me anymore ever since I chased him out of the room. He is always out going to meetings or finding answers to get rid Tag'arkh. It's not just him though, same with my friends. Aurora and Yasmin barely speak to me anymore. I see Aurora briefly at meetings and Yasmin, well she comes to my room but it's just because she was my handmaiden. The only one who doesn't treat me differently is Kiran, but even he gets busy sometimes.

I miss Ivan though. He may have acted like a total ass when he was with me but I can't deny the fact that I miss him, although that may just be the baby. I looked down at my stomach where my baby bump was showing.

"I know I'm not supposed to swear and it's not you can hear me or whatever but your father is an arse." I say as I patted my stomach affectionately.


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