I stayed in my room all day, not cause I was trying to become an obedient wife. Well maybe in a way I was, but also because I get the feeling that Ivan's been avoiding me. He hasn't spoken to me in a week right now. The only time I see him are when I'm supposed to make appearances in the throne room and even then, it was strictly professional. Things had changed between us since then. He sees me differently now, no matter what I do to convince him to tell him I'm still me, it doesn't matter. He will see me as Tag'arkh.

I was in my room reading a book by the window sill when I heard a knock on the door. Kiran's head popped in and I saw that he was holding a tray which contained food that smells amazing from where I was sitting.

"Hello Arianne, I brought treats." Kiran says with a smile on his face.

I snapped the book I was reading shut. "Hello Kiran." I gave him a wry smile.


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