His childhood sweetheart Book

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His childhood sweetheart


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Nina has grown fond of Alex;Luna Ayla and Damien's elder son since childhood. Being the beta's daughter was making everything worse. She knew Alex only saw her as a childhood friend nothing more nothing less; that's what she thought. Little did she know that Alex had a die hard crush on her and hoping she will be his mate chosen by the moon goddess. But with moving away from her, he focused on his Alpha training and succumb to his sexual desires banging any beautiful girl he finds. Although his wolf Kiaro disliked all those girls and always nagging for them to wait for their fated mate. As an asshole as he is, he wasn't going to stop. He was going to have fun till he saw his mate. The girls he slept with knew it was just a quick fuck and he just needed a release. There was no need to be attached to him. But what happens when fate has something else in stall for him when he finds out his childhood crush is his mate but she wants nothing to do with him due to his scandals.Will they overcome everything and be together?


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