His Beautiful Addiction

COMPLETED!!! Bronze winner Spirity Spring Awards 2020 "A dark soul, damaged by his past An angel forced to be his mistress. Can anything go right? Would they ever be able to fall in love? Will she be able to see past his darkness? Will he be able to protect her when danger comes knocking? Find out in this book... An Excerpt* ''You know what you are getting into, right?'' He asked, crossing his legs, he raised a brow; Tiana's lips slanted and her eyes narrowed at him; ''As long as you pay me, I'll do whatever you want. '' Nicklaus was amazed by her sudden audaciousness; but he was sure she was just trying to seem bold, He knew her, she was just a weak, trembling soul, and she was trying so hard to mask it; A smirk appeared on his lips as a thought came into his mind; ''Whatever I want? '' He asked again and Tiana replied immediately without a second thought; ''Yes, Mr. Nicklaus, whatever you want. '' ''Alright then, I want you to strip yourself and go lie down on the bed. '' He did not have any thought of touching her; he just wanted to see her reaction. But what Tiana did next shocked him.

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The phone rang a few more times and she angrily put it on do not disturb and continued sleeping.

After about an hour, she heard a knock on her door, but she didn't budge, the knock came a few more times before she stood up and walked to it.

Tiana stood on the other side, her eyes staring at her in shock.

"Why are you still in your party clothes, are you just coming back? "

She asked looking concerned, Gwen was in no mood to talk.

"No, I came back last night, but was too tired to get changed."

"Oh…okay, then go take a bath now and wash off the mascara hued over your face."

"Ah… okay,"

"I was calling earlier, you didn't pick so I came to check if you came back. Sorry for not asking yesterday, I strangely slept off and hubby even had to carry me."

Gwen's throat tightened.

Here she was a mess, while Tiana who she had planned everything for, just had the best time with her husband.