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Neche ibe

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Hired By Neche ibe Favour Prologue ______________________________________________________ Have you heart ever been played and you've never been love for who you are expect for the money you've got. Have you been treated like a piece of junk by men who be never loved you but are after something from you. This is the story of Emily James who has given her body, her heart to many men who ends up having her heart shatter into pieces by those men. She's the richest woman in american from a family of a millionaire who later began a billionaire on her own. With all her wealth she couldn't find true love that's the only thing she lacks. Her prince charming, her own true love. What's happened When she has a duaghter for the man she thought she loved, who happens to be her first love. What happened when the man broke her heart on the day which supposed to be the joyous day of her lit. What happens when her daughter needs a daddy? What's happened when her parents forces her to get married ? Will she get a daddy for her daughter? What happens when she hired a man to be free from her parents taunt's. Will she fall for this man or revise would be the case. Dive into this intriguing story and let's find out. Hit the like button Grab your popcorns and anticipate episode 1.