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Chapter 1: Prologue

Authors Note: Hello. For those of you who read the original of my previous fanfiction then you probably already know that this is a rewrite. Even though this is a rewrite, a few stuff has been changed. So don't expect the exact same thing, that's all I have to say, enjoy the prologue.

Disclaimer: I do not own Highschool DxD or any references or elements I may put in the story. They all belong to their respective owners, I only own my OC.


A young man with around the age of sixteen, with short black hair, wearing a pair a black t-shirt and white shorts, walked down a street, holding a small bag of groceries. (I already got the gallon of milk and the food needed for tonight.)

The young man was about to continue to walk but was stopped by a guy holding a gun. The young man sighed, but spoke. "Robbing a kid? Seriously?"

The guy scowled and pointed a gun at the young man. " Just shut up and give me your money and maybe I won't shoot your brains out."

The young man sighed and took out a cellphone, after putting down the small grocery bag. "Yes, 911. I have an emergency here, I need a stretcher because there is one male adult severly injured... Okay, thanks."

"Cocky brat!" The guy shot a bullet at the young man's face. The young man quickly responded by tilting his head to the side and ran towards the guy. The young man channeled lightning into his hand and punched the guy in the stomach.

"Aaaarrrrghhh!" The guy was sent into a brick wall, where upon contact, a painful snap echoed across the street.

The young man snorted and launched two small balls of water and lightning from his index and middle finger at the downed guy, which caused him to violently shake a bit before he stopped moving, with a small amount of smoke coming from his body. (That guy won't be able to move for a while because his motor functions are temporarily disabled. But I think I over did it.)

The young man picked up the small bag and walked away, not really caring about what just happened. "I wonder what mom is cooking for dinner. Better grab the mail first though."


A petite blond haired woman smiled as she saw the young man handed her the letter. "Thanks for the mail, Vince. But how come it took so long to grab a gallon of milk?"

"A guy attempted to mug me, but I easily took care of him. After punching him and disabling his motor functions, for a short time." He said with a shrug.

The woman sighed and shook her head. "I know it's hard for you to hold back your powers Vince, but did you at least call 911?"

"Yeah, I did."

"Good enough. By the way, you should read this letter. I think it's important that you do." The woman said, handing Vince a letter.

(Dear Elena Reinhart, we of Kuoh Academy have reviewed your son. Vince Reinhart's resume and we would be delighted to have him attend our school. We hope to see him soon.) Vince thought reading the letter to himself.

"What do you think, Vince?" She asked curiously.

"Why exactly did you do this mom? I'm pretty sure it must have been an important reason for you to do this." He said seriously.

Elena sighed in response, "Vince. You know that things are getting heated between you and my family. Besides, this has been affecting your grades you need to cool off before you do something you'll regret later on."

"I'm not going to regret sending them into a hospital." He replied in a nonchalant tone.

"That doesn't matter. I don't want you to mess up your record over something stupid they said." Elena answered seriously.

"Is it really that bad, that I would do something like that?" Vince asked folding his arms.

"Last week when we were over at your grandparents, you flooded their house with water before short circuiting your grandfather's favorite flat screen T.V. with your powers." She replied frowning.

"They had it coming for comparing me to my father. You know that I hate being compared to that bastard." He said stubbornly.

"I know, but if you were caught you would have been in big trouble." Elena replied sighing.

"There's no talking out of this, is there?" Vince asked raising an eyebrow.

"No. I already have everything set up for you to leave soon. Besides, this is your chance to search for Kasumi. I know you haven't seen her in over ten years and the last time you saw her was on the Dead or Alive tournament. Don't you want to see her again?" She asked, trying to convince him.

Vince thought it over for a few moments before nodding. "You do have a point, I do want to see her along with Hayate. Besides, I can't be bothered by those other idiots."

"My point exactly."

"I'll go pack, when to I leave?" He asked curiously.

"Tommorow. It would be good if you rested on the plane to get adjusted to the different timezone, since Kuoh is in Japan." Elena answered.

"Alright." Vince walked into his room and began packing, after finishing he lied down on his bed and sighed. He then looked at the back of his hand, looking at a small blood red circle, with the symbol of water and lightning on it. (It's been nine years, since I've unlocked those powers...)

(Flashback: Nine Years ago)

A seven year old Vince looked at a lake with an angry look as he held back tears coming from his eyes. (Why does my dad doesn't like me? What did I ever do to him?!)

Vince continued to glare at the lake until a small body of water slowly formed and created a ball of water in his palm. The ball bursted in his hand, splashing and surprising him. (W-Was that me?) He concentrated again, and this time a small ball of lightning appeared in his hand.

(Whoa! It's lightning now!) Vince thought as he looked at the small sphere. He then tossed the lightning sphere at the lake and his eyes widened as he saw a large spark in the lake of water.

Several fish came up from the lake, all toasted as a small amount of smoke came out from them.

Vince looked at the lake and blinked twice. (Umm, whoops? Oh well, anyway I wanna tell mom about this!) He quickly ran with a smile, putting aside why he was upset in the first place.

"Hey mom!"

Elena turned around to see Vince with a smile, she smiled and hugged him. "Hey Vince. Did something good happen?"

"Yeah, look at what I can do now!" He said, creating a small ball of water and lightning in his palms.

(Flashback End)

Vince then sighed at the memory, (Mom was so shocked at seeing me do that. It was pretty funny seeing her reaction. After all of these years, I still haven't figured out how or why I have these powers. But I don't want to accidently cause damage using it, so I had to learn how to control them.)

(And then after that, she called in her friend for advice. Afterwards, I met Kasumi, Hayate, and Ayame-san. If I recall correctly it was an indirect excuse for them to come here for a small vacation, under the excuse of wanting to help me control my powers.) He thought looking at the ceiling.

Vince then turned to the side of his bed and looked at a two photos. One older boy next to a young boy and a young girl, all three smiling. And another photo of the young girl giving the young boy a kiss on the cheek. (Mom and Ayame-san wouldn't stop teasing me for a week after taking that photo and Hayate strangely chuckled.)

"Vince! You should rest up now for tommorow!" Elena called out through the hallway.

"Okay, thanks mom!" He replied.


Vince groaned a little before getting up and looked around to see a dark starry sky, with a full moon shining down on an ocean. His eyes widened when he saw a gray colored cellphone, that stood on top of a small pedestal that was next to the ocean. (What the hell is this place?)

[So, you're finally up. It's nice to meet you in person Vince.] A feminine voice spoke.

Vince quickly turned around to see a young woman with brown eyes in her mid-twenties, with her long brown hair tied in a long ponytail with two small bangs that were framing each side of her face. She wore a black top, a black mini-skirt and stockings that showed off her well developed curves. (Damn, and here I thought Kasumi was developed.)

"Right. So, where am I and what's a cellphone doing on a pedestal in the middle of a beach?" He asked shaking his head.

The woman smiled a little, [To answer your first question. We're in a dream and the cellphone is something you will awaken, real soon. Just like the power you awokened seven years ago.]

Vince's eyes widened in response, "Then... Do you know why I have that power?"

"Of course. That power is something you were born with, along with that cellphone over there." She answered pointing to the gray cellphone.

(I was born with that power? I understand the lightning and the water manipulation. But I was born with a cellphone?) He thought slightly confused.

The woman noticed the confusion and spoke up. [Their called Sacred Gears, they are items created by the God from the bible, bestowed upon humans by him. You're very lucky to be born with two, Vince.]

"You mind explaining? Because this is starting to get a little unbelievable." He replied with a deadpan expression.

[I wish I could Vince-kun, but I can't you're about to wake up in a few minutes. I only brought you here to tell you that you're going to awaken this Sacred Gear soon. But be warned, there will be certain individuals that will come to you, because of your Sacred Gears.] The woman stated seriously.

"If that's the case, then why didn't you tell me when I was younger?" Vince asked raising an eyebrow.

[I needed you to be older so you would be able to understand better and I needed you to learn how to control your other Sacred Gear better.] The woman answered with a sigh.

"Alright, that makes sense in a way. Then before I go, what's your name?" He asked curiously.

The woman smiled as she spoke. [My name is Yume. If you want to come back and talk to me, just close your eyes and relax.]

A bright light enveloped the beach as Vince closed his eyes from the brightness.

(Dream End)

Vince woke up gasping for air as he quickly looked at his tattoo. (Sacred Gears, huh? I think that was more than just a dream. At least now, I know how I got this power. I'll have to ask Yume later if I get a chance to fall asleep. I can't right now because I have to get ready to leave for the airport.)

A knock was heard on the door as Elena spoke up. "Vince, get up and get ready. We have to be at the airport, by 6:30 in the morning."

"I got it!" Vince checked a clock in his room and his eyes widened. (5:40, in the morning? Crap, I better hurry up. The drive to the airport is a long way.)

Ten minutes later Vince quickly got of the room and grabbed his luggages. "I'm ready to go mom."

"Good, let's get going."


Vince sighed as he saw his mother quickly checking over everything. (Sheesh, I know she wants me to be prepared, but damn.)

"Do you have everything you need?" Elena asked looking at him.


"Okay, just be sure to be careful in Kuoh and don't cause any trouble, Vince." She stated in a lecturing tone.

"I know."

Elena nodded and pulled Vince into a hug, "Stay safe Vince. You never know what you'll find over there."

"Don't worry about it, I'll be careful." He said hugging her back.

"And that's when I worry the most, Vince." She replied patting him on the back, before pulling away.


"Goodbye Vince."

"Bye mom, I'll give you call when I have everything set up in Kuoh." Vince stated as he walked away, with his luggage.


Vince sighed in relief as he sat down on a seat inside of the airplane. (That was pretty much hell. I better rest now so I can get accustomed to the different timezones.)

(If I recall correctly from that dream, then Yume will tell me more information about the Sacred Gear later.) He thought closing his eyes.


Vince opened his eyes to see himself on the beach with the full moon on the dark starry sky. (I really do like this place. It's very dark and peaceful.)

[Welcome back, Vince.] A familiar voice spoke.

Vince turned around to see Yume, standing right next to the small pedestal that holded the gray cellphone. "Well, I do have around eight hours to kill before I have to wake up and I think now is a good to time to go into a complete explanation."

"True, so where do you want to start, Vince?" The figure asked sitting down on the shore of the beach.

"I want to start at the beginning. Since you told me I have to be more careful from now on." He answered sitting down next to the figure.

Yume nodded in response, [It'll all began thousands of years ago. There were Three Factions that were more or less independent...]

After explaining about the Three Factions and the Great War, along with the Sacred Gears. Vince blinked twice before he spoke up. "So the war ended after the Three Factions retreated because they all suffered heavy loses to their respective sides? And the Sacred Gears are powerful items that God created to make miracles and that only humans or half-humans can be born with them?"

[Yes. The first to retreat was the leader of the Fallen-Angels. Azazel, because he suffered to many losses on his side. Right after came the Devils side after losing all four of their Maous, the Angels side also retreated after God died.] She explained with a sigh.

Vince's eyes widened greatly, "So God is dead... That basically means that all religion on that area is pointless."

Yume immediately shook her head, [No. No it doesn't. God's son Micheal, took over his position and is now the leader. Do not tell anyone that God is dead, it is a well kept secret. If anybody else found out...]

"It was a complete mess and there's a chance that faction will be looking for me, because I know such a big secret." He said finishing for the figure.


"Okay." Vince folded his arms as he looked at the gray cellphone. "What exactly can my Sacred Gears, do?"

[The first Sacred Gear you unlocked nine years ago. The Element Brand, it's allows you to use the elements you have a potential affinity to. You have an affinity to water and lightning and because of that, you can use it. Because you have been using the powers for years, it should be easy for you to wield. But with the other Sacred Gear, you'll notice some noticable changes.] Yume explained to him.

"What are the changes Yume?" He asked curiously.

[Before I go into that, I'll have to explain the second Sacred Gear to you. It is called Angel/Devil. That Sacred Gear allows you to change your entire body structure into a pure angel or a pure devil. Once you do, you will have all of the benefits of the angel or the devil if choose one respectively. All though, there is a time limit on this. Once the time limit ends, you will turn back into a human again.] She answered to him.

Vince's eyes widened in response, "I can transform into an angel or a devil? Damn, that really is something."

Yume cleared her throat gaining his attention. [Moving on, let's say you transform into a devil right now. If you use the Element Brand right now, you'll be able to use Black Lightning and Dark Water manipulation. Or if you turn into an angel, you'll be able to use White Lightning and White Water. The reason for this is because, Element Brand is apart of you and adapts along with you.]

"And if I remain a human, it's my regular normal lightning and water, right?" He asked folding his arms.

[Yes, that is correct.] She confirmed.

"Okay. So, why do you seem to know a lot about me?" Vince asked her.

[I have been watching you ever since you've awakened to the Element Brand, nine years ago.] Yume answered sadly.

"...Then that means you've already seen what I've been putting up with." He stated with a frown.

[Don't worry Vince, I will help you to the best of my abilities.] She said with a cheerful smile.

"Thanks Yume."

[Your welcome Vince. Now I believe it's time you awaken Angel/Devil.] Yume stated as she walked to the small pedistal and grabbed the gray cellphone.

"Wait, you think that I'm ready to use Angel/Devil?" Vince asked raising an eyebrow.

Yume nodded in response, [Yes and if my assumption is correct. I believe you'll need it very soon. But please be very careful with it.]

"Alright then, thanks." He said grabbing the cellphone.

[Now then. I believe it's time you wake up Vince, goodbye.] Yume replied as a blinding light engulfed the area.

(Dream End)

Vince woke up as he looked around the airplane. His eyes widened when he saw a gray cellphone on his lap. (Well, I guess now this means I can use both Sacred Gears.)

(The flight seems to have ended, I guess I should go now.) He thought as he noticed everyone getting their luggages and leaving the airplane.


Authors Note: That's the end of the prologue, now then. This prologue was mainly to show a small peek on Vince's life and what he has to put up with. I wanted to include a flashback of Vince meeting Kasumi, but I decided against it because I didn't want the prologue to be filled with more than one flashback.

Vince unlocked his Sacred Gear at a young age just like Asia did, but I do want to point out. He is by no means overpowered. Vince is strong and can hold his own, but in no way is he overpowered.

I would also like to mention that I've changed the Vince's Sacred Gears quite a bit. It makes it easier for me to keep track, since the last ones were a bit of a headache. But moving on, I also decided to change Vince's Sacred Gear spirit. The reason for this is because I felt that it would be lazy to reuse the same character I did in the original fanfiction and it would make the interactions a bit bland from my point of view.

Also, I want to say that for Vince's harem will be almost the same from the original. But I will be taking suggestions into which girls should be added into his harem.

Finally, here are Vince's Sacred Gears and before anyone asks, they are not Longinus. One last thing incase anyone is wondering, the appearance of Element Brand is the tattoo on the back of Vince's hand. It looks like an alchemy circle from Full Metal Alchemist, but has the symbol of water and lightning on it.

Angel/Devil: Allows the user to change their entire body structure into a pure angel or a pure devil for a limited amount of time and gains their abilities.

Element Brand: Allows the user to create and manipulate an element, or elements they are alligned to and changes accordingly. If the user uses this in conjunction with Angel/Devil the elements will change from demonic or holy, depending on the current state.

That is all I have to say, enjoy the prologue.