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After transmigration or perhaps reincarnation, Mahiro Toma decided to pursue a career as a light novelist. However, everything changed when he read the name of his new school on the notice board. "Wait, Kouh Academy?!" "Isn't this the school from Highschool DxD?" This is the story of a man who finds himself in the fantasy world of Highschool DxD with the unique ability to travel to various anime worlds to grow stronger. Worlds: 1. Highschool DxD 2. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Danmachi) 3. Sword Art Online (SAO) 4. ... --- For advance chapter or support me: https://patreon.com/heavenlydawn Please Note: I do not own any of the content in this fanfiction. The copyrights belong to their respective creators.

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So Scared, Asia?

Chapter 55 - So Scared, Asia?

When Asia walked down the path through the forest and headed to the abandoned Church, Mahiro swaggered and followed.

If it were anyone else, they would have found Mahiro behind them long ago.

But Asia was so naive that she didn't even notice that someone was following her.

She sped up a lot along the way and ignored the situation behind her.

When they came to the door of the abandoned Church.

Asia stood outside hesitantly, considering whether to go in or not.

As the former holy maiden of the Church, she doesn't have much power other than having the Sacred Gear 'Twilight Healing'.

Even so, she felt an overwhelming urge to turn back and leave this place behind.

The Church looked very run-down, and it seemed like no one was taking care of it at all.

It could be speculated that the place had been abandoned for a long time, and the management personnel had no faith at all.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for the Church to look like this.

"Father Freed, are you inside?"

Asia called out cautiously, standing at the entrance of the Church.

After about ten seconds, the church door creaked, and a person emerged.

It was Freed Sellzen, the stray exorcist.

"Oh, oh, isn't this Asia-tan? I've been waiting for you all day, and you're finally here! Welcome...welcome"

After Fred emerged, he greeted her with an exaggerated, almost manic enthusiasm.

After seeing Freed, Asia involuntarily took two steps back, obviously a little afraid of this stray exorcist.

"Um... Father Freed, I'm here to tell you something."

Asia hesitated for a while, then raised her eyes, looked at Freed firmly, and said.

"Actually, I have found someone willing to take me in. "

"As for what I promised you before, I'm afraid I can't fulfill it."

"I'm really sorry."

Asia bowed sincerely.

"Congratulations, congratulations, Asia-tan, who the Church excommunicated, besides me, was able to find someone else willing to take you in."

Freed's grin took on a sinister edge.

"It's really nice of you to understand."

Asia was uncomfortable with Freed's words.

"But Asia-tan, I disagree! How can I agree!!!"

Freed exploded, his face contorting with rage.

Asia was so scared that she stepped back and almost fell.

"Asia-tan, it's not good to go back on your word."

"You promised to come to me, but now you tell me you won't come."

"You deceived me! This is the act of a sinner."

Freed's malicious smile sent shivers down her spine, "And The sinner needs to be punished."

"I'm really sorry, but... I still want to leave this place."

Asia showed fear but did not change her decision.

"Leave here!?"

Behind Freed, another voice sounded.

"Asia, do you want to leave here?"

A tall woman with black wings emerged, her revealing leather outfit barely covering her figure.

Fallen Angel.

Seeing this person, Asia's eyes shrank, her heart beating rapidly.

She resisted the urge to turn around and run away and raised her eyes to look directly at the Fallen Angel.

"You, who have been judged as a witch by the Church, besides my embrace, who else would dare to take you in?"

Raynare said coldly.

"I don't like your eyes very much. If you don't want me to dig them out, just put your gaze away."

Raynare glanced at Asia with a look of disgust.

"Nonetheless, since you are here, don't leave."

"And the person who dares to take you in, if he dares to come here to find you, let him come."

Raynare spoke with a sadistic smile on her face.

"I would like to see the guy who dares to steal someone from me."

Hearing this, Asia showed a look of despair.

How could she not understand what Raynare meant?

It was obvious that she had happiness within her grasp, but now she was plunged into the abyss by Raynare's words.

She knew the power of the Fallen Angel, and she had no strength to resist.

However, as she thought of Mahiro still at the foot of the mountain, Asia prayed in her heart that he wouldn't suffer because of her.

"It's such a wonderful expression, and it's so addicting. I really want to break Asia-tan like this."

With a sadistic grin, Freed exclaimed.

Asia was in despair, standing there like a puppet; even the light in her eyes dimmed.

"So boring!"

Raynare gazed at Asia with disdain as if she were looking at a mere puppet.

Then she instructed Freed boredly, "Freed, keep a good eye on her, and don't let her run. I don't want to have to look for her later."

"Let's go, let's go, Asia-tan. It's Father Freed's playtime!"

Freed grind like a maniac, but Asia was unmoved.

"So scared, Asia?"

A familiar voice echoed in the Church.

Hearing this voice, Asia's body shuddered, and she turned to look at the owner of the voice in disbelief.


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