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After transmigration or perhaps reincarnation, Mahiro Toma decided to pursue a career as a light novelist. However, everything changed when he read the name of his new school on the notice board. "Wait, Kouh Academy?!" "Isn't this the school from Highschool DxD?" This is the story of a man who finds himself in the fantasy world of Highschool DxD with the unique ability to travel to various anime worlds to grow stronger. Worlds: 1. Highschool DxD 2. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Danmachi) 3. Sword Art Online (SAO) 4. ... --- For advance chapter or support me: https://patreon.com/heavenlydawn Please Note: I do not own any of the content in this fanfiction. The copyrights belong to their respective creators.

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Damn!? He's so domineering!

Chapter 56 - Damn!? He's so domineering!

"So scared, Asia?"

A familiar voice echoed in the church.

Hearing this, Asia's body shuddered.

She turned to look at the owner of the voice in disbelief.


Asia couldn't help but blurt out.

Although she had only known Mahiro for less than two hours, subconsciously, Asia regarded Mahiro as her backbone.

The moment she saw Mahiro, her heart involuntarily calmed down.

However, Asia's expression quickly changed to panic.

"Didn't I tell you to wait for me at the foot of the mountain?"

"Why did you get here?"

Asia asked anxiously.

"It's getting dark. How could I let you go up the mountain alone?"

Mahiro shrugged.

"But it looks like I was right. You seem to be in trouble."


Asia gazed at Mahiro, and tears welled up in her eyes without her even realizing it.

"As expected of a witch, to confuse a boy so quickly. It's really amazing."

Raynare said jokingly from the side.

"Is this the one who planned to take you in? Unfortunately, my eyesight isn't good enough to see him."

"No... No, he's just a kind passerby. I got lost on the way here, and he helped me find this place."

Asia trembled in panic.

Mahiro watched this scene speechlessly.

This girl is so naive.

Would anyone believe such an excuse?

Clearly, Raynare saw through Asia's words.

"Do you take me for a fool?"

Raynare snorted coldly, displeased with Asia's stupidity as if she were being treated as a fool.

"If I don't punish a witch like you, it'll make me feel sick."


Raynare turned her gaze to Mahiro and shouted behind her back.

"You three, weren't you supposed to monitor the church vicinity?"

"How did a human get here without you knowing?"


As Raynare's voice fell, a helpless sigh emanated from the woods.

Afterwards, three figures appeared.

"It's just a human. What does it matter, Raynare-sama?"

It was Mittelt who spoke.

She was sitting on a branch, her feet dangling and staring at Mahiro.

"And don't you think this human boy is quite handsome?"

"Since you can recognize me!"

"I'll let you go."

Mahiro glanced at Mittelt.

She thought he was handsome, which showed her mentality was different from the other Fallen Angels.

'It would be a pity to kill her!'

'Anyway, I could make her my maid.'

"Hahaha, boy, you're so interesting!"

Mittelt laughed heartily.

A human being wants to let her go, and it is like a fairy tale coming true.

She couldn't help contain her laugh.

"This... disgusting smell!!!"

Next to Raynare, Freed showed a sadistic smile when he saw Mahiro. His eyes lit up as if he saw a new toy.

"Even from such a distance, I can smell it..."

"Does it have something to do with the Devil's side?"

Seeing the maniac exorcist, Raynare showed a thoughtful look.

"Never mind, I'll leave him to you."

"You can kill him after having enough fun!"

"Yes, Raynare-sama."

Mittelt responded excitedly.

"Raynare-sama, please, let him go."

"Please, I beg you!!"

Seeing the Fallen Angels preparing to deal with Mahiro, Asia desperately begged Raynare.

"Are you qualified to beg to me?"

Raynare was unmoved, making Asia even more desperate.

"It seems I'm underestimated."

Mahiro chuckled,

"Asia, there is no need to beg such people.".

"You are mine, and you don't need to bow to anyone except me."

"Damn!? He's so domineering!"

Mittelt laughed though her tone was filled with contempt and ridicule.

"Still showing off?"

Dohnaseek leaned against the wall and spoke in a low voice.

"Asia, come to my side."

Mahiro said to Asia.

"But... Mahiro-kun..."

Asia looked at him worriedly, wanting to hope that Raynare and the others would show mercy.

"Come here!"

Hearing this, Asia gritted her teeth and finally trotted to Mahiro's side.

She decided that if the Fallen Angels did something to Mahiro later, she would protect him even if she had to sacrifice herself.

Raynare just looked at Asia casually, not stopping her.

In her opinion, both of them were as good as dead.

"Don't worry, these guys are not my opponents."

Mahiro stretched out his hand and rubbed Asia's head.

"Instead of worrying about me, think about what we should have for dinner ."

"That's what you should worry about."


Feeling Mahiro's confident demeanor, Asia unconsciously felt at ease.

"Do you know why I asked Asia to come to the church?"

Mahiro looked at Raynare with a cold expression.

"Oh, let's hear it."

Raynare seemed interested, like someone watching a movie.

"First of all, I wanted Asia to see your true face."

"After all, this naive girl was very grateful to you before she came here."

Mahiro said.

Before discovering Raynare's true nature, Asia did feel some gratitude towards her for accepting her when she was desperate.

"Sounds like you know me?"

Raynare frowned.

Mahiro didn't answer directly.

"By the way, why don't you tell me why you took in Asia before? I don't think you would be so kind."

"Hmph, it's nothing to say."

Raynare said with a sneer, "This naive girl thought I took her in because of her Sacred Gear."

Raynare laughed, her face contorted with jealousy.

"How could a Sacred Gear as useful as 'Twilight Healing' choose such a girl?"

"I must take it; only I can use the power of 'Twilight Healing.'"

"How could this be?"

Asia watched this scene in disbelief.

"Calm down!"

Mahiro patted Asia's shoulder lightly.

He then turned and closed his eyes in front of Raynare.

When he opened them again, his eyes revealed a cross-red symbol.


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