Highschool DxD: I'm The Conqueror Of Girls [DxD/Fate/Multiverse]

Waking up in an unfamiliar place, I was totally curious! Suddenly, familiar memories merged, making me quite astonished. Afterwards, I was presented with a knocking sound. "..." I opened the door, found myself in presence of Two familiar blondes. Well, I let them in... Which AWAKENED the System! [You touched Ravel Phenex] [Copied Hell Fire] [Do you wish to integrate it?] A Fate/DxD/Multiverse Story ........................................................................................................................................................ For more advance chapters or you want to support me: https://patreon.com/meltzz #danmachi #type-moon #sao #fgo #r18 #romance #trending #dxd

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Abandoned Church!

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Chapter 12 - Abandoned Church!


Host: Toyoda Koji

Race: Human

Strength: Middle-Class

Copied Abilities: Hell Fire (C)

Copied Artifacts: None

Cosmic Points: 5593


I opened my character panel and took a look:

I naturally discovered the change in the character panel, noting my improved strength.


The strength of the middle class and mana, plus the special ability of the Phenex Clan — Hellfire.

In comparison, from the basic point of view, this is probably equivalent to a middle-class devil with sacred gear.

"Facing Raynare now, there shouldn't be too much danger."

I recalled the storyline of DxD.

Regarding the fallen angel Raynare, she is a minor antagonist in the early episodes of DxD.

Raynare is just a two-winged fallen angel. However, her strength should not be underestimated.

She has a high status among some Low-class and Middle-class fallen angels, with three followers who are also two-winged fallen angels.

Coupled with her performance in the early episodes, she has strength beyond ordinary two-winged fallen angel.

It can be imagined that Raynare must have strength comparable to that of a Middle-class.

Even against the ordinary middle class, Raynare probably still has a significant advantage.

After all, even a fallen angel still retains the abilities of an angel and can unleash light-based attacks.

"However, from my point of view, it seems there is no need to be afraid of light-based attacks."

I pondered.

Although the power I copied all came from devils, I did not become a devil in nature.

Light-based attacks used by fallen angels are aimed at devils, not humans.

Therefore, Fallen Angels did not have any obvious advantage in facing me.

For me, the light-based attacks are, at best, sharp weapons.

"Then let's go to the church and try my luck."

I extinguished the flames in my hand, calmed down the mana, restored myself to the state of an ordinary person, and left the hotel.

After taking a taxi, I directly ordered the driver to go to the church in the suburbs.

"I can only stop here."

After about fifteen minutes, the driver parked the car on the side of the road and asked me curiously, "The church up there has been abandoned for a long time."

"What are you gonna do there?"

"I just want to take a look!"

I didn't force it either, and after paying the fare directly, I gave an ambiguous answer.

"It's not a good place there. I heard that some bad things happened there in the past."

"I think you should visit other places if you're just here for tourism."

"I can recommend a few to you."

The driver was very enthusiastic.

"Someone in my family is a devotee believer, so if I come to Kuoh Town and don't visit the church, I'll be scolded when I return."

I didn't dislike the driver's excitement, so I made an excuse.

"Do you need me to wait for you here for a while? It's not easy to get a taxi here."

Asked the driver.

"Wait for me for half an hour. You can go if I haven't come down in half an hour."

I took some yen and handed it to the driver to make him wait.

The driver was naturally willing.

After I got out of the car, I walked up the mountain road.

Probably because the church had been abandoned for a long time, the road was full of dust and fallen leaves.

It seemed that no one took care of it.

After about ten minutes, I came to the door of the church.


I didn't go in hastily but observed the environment around the church, especially the situation around the gate.

"It's spotless; it should have been cleaned by someone."

I narrowed my eyes, raising my vigilance.

The church itself also didn't have cobwebs or the like.

This meant that someone was likely visiting the church.

"It should be a fallen angel."

I guessed in my heart.

That crazy white-haired priest is still a human being, after all; if he goes up and down the mountain, he should leave some traces.

But walking up from the foot of the mountain, I didn't see any footprints on the road.

After thinking for a while, I pushed open the church door and walked in.

The purpose of my coming here was to try my luck and see if I could meet Raynare.

"No one?"

After opening the door, I glanced at the empty church hall.

In addition to a statue directly above the church, there were rows of benches for believers to pray.

The inside of the church also looked very clean; there was no dust or anything like that on the pews.

At this moment, I was completely sure that someone had been there.

It was so clean.

However, it was obviously impossible for those fallen angels to clean like ordinary people.

After all, they can clean the church with magic power.

"Let's wait."

I searched around in the church again.

I found only a few black feathers in the basement.

Nevertheless, I had nothing important to do next, so I didn't mind spending a little time in the church.

If I could meet Raynare, it would be a worthwhile trip.


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