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It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 26: Mind x Magic

-A/N: Sorry for the chapter delay, I was dealing with some irl stuff.-

After having dealt with my lifespan issue it was time to deal with other issues. Currently, I have several things on my list.

One of them was finally finishing the transmutation quest. Then learning mind magic, of which I have already requested the tomes of from Azazel. After that, it was time to create homunculus. 

In between those I had to make some time to grab Asia. Whom I have already selected to become my gardener who will grow me plenty of great ingredients. My plan is to eventually become completely self-reliant.

Having sponsors is great and all but being reliant on other people was never ever a great idea in the slightest. If that pillar support ever gets taken out your whole tower crumbles to dust.

So I got to work, working on fire transmutation. Which was, I won't sugarcoat it, easy as all hell.

I mean, it's as simple as increasing the density of hydrogen in the air and adding a heat variable to the transmutation circle.

I decided to call it Pyro Catalyst, the name is subject to change.

But regardless I finished the transmutation quest. I was now a master of all ...6? Elements.


Skill promotion complete.

[Transmutation(Novice) Lv.10(MAX)] => [Transmutation(Intermediate) Lv.1]

[Transmutation(Intermediate) Lv.1]

Allows for a wider and more complex range of transmutation. The speed and power of all transmutations are amplified. 

+[Biological Transmutation Circle]

+[Mana Saturation]


Knowledge flowed into my mind as I felt the invisible pathways of my skills get reinforced. The feeling was as good as ever, nothing like seeing visible progress. 

Now that my transmutation was at an intermediate level and I could manipulate biology as well as permanently imbue mana into objects to alter them I now had what I needed to create Homunculi. 

Once I start creating homunculi I would start becoming a real threat, I would be able to mass-produce potions and enchanted items. I could create a factory. I love alchemy, it is so exploitable.

But first I want that Mind Magic, a lumberjack does not lose time by sharpening his axe. If I accomplish what I want to accomplish with mind magic the process of creating homunculi would be far easier.

I had a plan in mind when I requested mind magic books from Azazel.

You see. Mind magic is made to alter the mind, brainwashing, hypnosis, induce amnesia etc. It's mainly for convenience and hiding from the world. And almost all of the spells are developed with that in mind since that is the norm.

But what if you step back a little and ignore all of the established uses for it? What's there to mind magic outside of the mold most supernaturals have put it in?

It's a branch of magic that can manipulate the mind.

But that doesn't mean you can only manipulate the minds of others. After all, there are mental protection spells in there too, so you can apply effects to yourself.

So, hear me out here, what if you were to... manipulate your own mind? Fate style. The people of this world did not have the stones required to test brainwashing on themselves apparently.

Thought acceleration and partitioning were what I was aiming for here.

If I could somehow augment my own mind then the rate at which I would learn things would be massively upped.

With that in mind I got to work, categorizing and ranking the spells in the tome and working out which parts of which spells and magic circles would be the most useful for me.

'What do you think Ddraig?' I decided to ask as I had Boosted Gear on semi-constantly boosting myself because one it made my everything stronger and two because I needed to train myself to handle higher doses of boosting. 

Also, having it on was like a constant workout which did wonders for my physique.

After a few moments, I heard Ddraig's disinterested voice.

{I don't really care all too much since from my perspective you are either looking at and writing dozens of papers madly or ranting in your head about the the superiority of alchemy.}

Hmph, I don't rant in my head that much.

{Oh please, you are borderline psychotic, hearing the mutters you unconsciously send to me, while entertaining are a little concerning. Also, why don't you simply try directing your boost to include your mind too? Without second liberation it will be a bit rough but it should be possible as you imagine hard enough. And with your unique mind and the path of innovation, as you call it, it shouldn't be too hard.}

'Ddraig I could kiss you right now.' I heard a snort of amusement.

{You are welcome, if really do want to thank me, try to spend some time watching television with the boosted gear active. It can get awfully boring, staring at papers all the time.}

Noted. With this information in mind, I released my current 4 fold-boost stack, and drank a stamina potion before starting to boost again, this time with the intention of boosting my mind along with my body too. If Issei was able to alter what it did by wanting to, then so could I.

And it worked! 

I could feel my mind that was now 4 times stronger, while it wasn't thought acceleration it didn't need to be. All my mental faculties were 4 times stronger now with the cost of increased strain on my body. Even maintaining a fourfold boost was a bit difficult now.

But no pain no gain. I downed an intermediate stamina regeneration potion and got to work developing my own mind magic which is easier than you might think. Even though I was making a new spell of mind magic.

Pioneer, Path of Innovation and the basic function of Iter Melius was busted. It was like whatever I accomplished it would take it, pat me on the head before retrieving some information from god knows where and filling in all the blanks I missed. It also helps me make it in the first place somehow like an invisible hand of inspiration guiding me.

It felt like I had the pieces of the puzzle and was piecing it together. I think Iter Melius has somehow become stronger thanks to me getting the Boosted Gear. It felt like my mind was breaking down the data and compiling what worked and what didn't then piecing everything together.

I could do it. With parts from Boost, Alkahestry, Meditation and Sense Mana as well as the tons of reference from the mind tome and having Raynare teach me about her mind-wiping magic I was able to piece together thought acceleration.

After 2 days. 36 hours of effort, or more like around 180 hours since I forced myself to use fivefold boosting almost constantly during that time.

What the fuck is sleep am I right? Of course, I managed to maintain some decorum. I still went to school, interacted with Koneko, Akeno and flirted even more with Rias. But as much as I want a repeat date it is not the time.

It's time to take this baby for a roll.

I closed my eyes and used the spell in my mind.

'Thought Acceleration.'

My perception sped up vastly. I had increased my mental processing speed by 10x. A question that would normally take me around 10 minutes to solve would only take a minute. 


You have created the 'Thought Acceleration' spell, a great achievement!

[Mind Magic(Novice) Lv.10 MAX] => [Mind Magic(Intermediate) Lv.1]


Turns out, studying mind magic for several days straight and then creating a spell by myself was apparently a feat worthy enough to place me in the intermediate level. Which boosts all mind spells and increases the rate I learn them and utilize them.

But that wasn't the best part of all of this. You see, thought acceleration boosts my thought procession speed by tenfold.

And then boosting 4 times on top of that.

40x thought acceleration. 

That's right boys! We are aiming for supercomputer levels of MPU(Mental Processing Power). Now if only I could make general mental boosting I could become even more ridiculous but I will have to settle for being able to cram half an hour into less than a minute.

Well, there was the slight chance of my brain melting once I stopped boosting due to how much it is getting strained but that is a skill issue. My natural regeneration and vitality could handle that.

Now, I could start trying to produce homunculi, improve my spells, learn other magics in days. But before I do that.

Holy fuck I need a break.

My nose has been bleeding for the past 17 hours and 8 minutes. I have been chugging health and stamina potions hourly, I am pretty sure my body will soon decide to skip the dying part and just start decomposing.

Wobbling slightly I pulled my body out of the coffin that was my basement. Hundreds of papers scattered about, theories that the average person wince at just by glancing. Some of them having random scribbles of dicks on them. I am pretty sure I saw Raynare getting intimidated in the corner as I started having a mental breakdown, calming down and then having another one in the span of an hour. 

I think it was worth it though. 

As I finally arrived in the living room I saw Kalawarner just standing around, not doing much of anything so I decided she would do.

"Kala." My voice made her turn to me and flinch slightly at the state of almost decomposition I was in. From the curious gaze of hers and how Raynare acts she probably talked to the other fallen but I have no mind to care at this point.

"Yes?" I pointed toward the large couch in the middle of the living room. 

"Lay down." She seemed confused but my levelled almost constant glare seemed to make her decide to obey without much question, maybe she was naturally submissive? Regardless.

"Wh-!" Going up to the couch I flopped down on Kalawarners body myself, taking her by surprise as I wrapped my arms around her waist and buried my head in her gigantic breasts. 

 Finally, a modicum of comfort. These must be the best pillows I have ever had, soft and warm. I buried my head even deeper as Kalawarner trembled. 

"Um, what are you doing?" 

"I need a nap or three and your new job is my pillow. And you don't want to see me any more cranky than I already am, do you? Or else I would then be willing to spend the effort to punish you for- *yawn* whatever. You get it, good night." I shifted my body slightly which made Kalawarner tremble a little and flush but I didn't care. 

I need the sleep.


That was a very good sleep indeed. I am impressed that Kalawarner did not move or wake me up, her face was very flushed when I woke and she quickly excused but I let her since she has been a very good pillow.

Perhaps I should reward her, maybe it will make the other two more desperate for my approval.

Speaking about servants. There is a special reason as to why I woke up at all this Saturday. It's because it was now time, I confirmed it with Raynare too.

It was time to claim my new nun.

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