Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 23: Devil x Date

Finally, here is a basic portrait of Mc to help you imagine him.(pic)

"Hey, Ddraig how do I look? Presentable? Dashing? Handsome? Charming?" I asked out loud as I styled my hair preparing for my date.

{Passable I suppose.}


"Good enough." My goal wasn't exactly to knock off her socks or anything, I just wanted to look like I put enough effort into preparing for the date. Of course, I never had a date before so it is kind of nerve-wracking.

But hey, it's Rias. I know enough about her, this isn't really an event to stress over. I am cool as beans.

For the date I didn't do anything too big, I wore a casual button-up and black slacks, tied my hair low as usual and decided to leave the glasses off this time. And to top it all off I applied a bit of perfume, I was messing around with some potion combinations yesterday and found out that I could make perfumes that smelled incredibly good and lasted for a long while incredibly easily.

Literally just the scent I wanted and water worked. For this potion cum cologne, I chose fresh spring air since I liked the smell. To get the smell I grabbed a handful of whatever I could find in the backyard.

Now that I was prepared I gave myself a look over at the mirror. I really looked vastly better than how I started out here, becoming several times healthier than the average human and drinking an elixir of health really helped with the looks. My skin was as healthy as a baby.

Wow, did a handsome man invade my home and climb into my mirror or am I just that good-looking?

Shaking my head I unsummed the Boosted Gear that I used to get Ddraigs opinion before heading to meet with Rias. By the time I arrived, I saw a small crowd had gathered around a redhead I was familiar with. 

She was wearing a flared skirt that ended before her knees with a light sweater that showed ample cleavage. Coupled with that she wore black stockings which did something very good to my lower body. Seeing me too she waved at me and I waved back, jogging a bit to reach her.

I smirked.

"Huh, and I thought I was being early, seems like someone was excited." My roguish tone of voice made Rias blush as she humph-ed.

"Be quiet, now, where should we go?" Rias asked as we started walking aimlessly toward the shopping district.

"I don't know honestly, I thought you would know about the city since I was basically a neet before this. So, lead the way I guess captain, I am under the mercy of your navigation skills." Hearing my words Rias smiled and took my hand to lead me as I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Alright then, I know my way around these parts, I guess I can find something for us to do. There is an arcade not too far from here. Let's go there." She said, grabbing my hand.

"Wow, hand-holding already Rias? How lewd, what a depraved woman you are. What more acts of hedonism will you perform Devil? Interlocked fingers?" Hearing my words Rias spun on her heel and booped my nose with her finger making me lean back but I could see her holding back a giggle.

"Well, this is a date, isn't it? Or are you saying you don't enjoy it? Besides, you would enjoy it if it was more lewd wouldn't you?" Rias said giving me a lusty grin teasing me back.

I like this girl. 

I gave her a helpless look, shrugging my shoulders.

"How ruthless, the devil is already working on corrupting my pure innocent soul with such depraved acts." Rias hit me with her elbow while picking up the pace toward the arcade.

"Yes, how pure and innocent, now if you want we can go to the arcade or we could keep teasing each other." I gave her a silent nod of agreement and allowed myself to be dragged to the arcade. 

It was a pretty nice arcade if I do say so myself, a bunch of cabinets, crane games etc. It was rather exciting for someone like me who has admired the concept of arcades for a long time but never got to visit one before.

Rias dragged me to some game cabinets and I actually recognized some of them.

Well, they weren't exactly what I assumed. Besides most of mythology being real and alive right now there were some other minute differences in this world probably because of that.

An example in front of me was this "Alley Brawler 2" game cabinet.

I guess that is also why I didn't find any Fullmetal Alchemist anime here. 

Now then, I guess it would be pretty easy to guess what we did in an arcade of all things. 

Rias dared challenge me to a one-on-one. Someone who plays games so much that his sacred gear literally evolved to look like a game interface.

But I will say, she was pretty good, for a goddam chump that is. I beat her pretty handily at every game we played. But this helped me remember how fun it was to play with others again. I was never a too social person my past life and that reflected in my friend circle. Or the lack thereof.

"Mou~ Aren't you supposed to go easy on the lady Takumi-kun?" Rias whined playfully as we were leaving the arcade. 

"What? And let you catch me by surprise? If I went any easier on you I would have lost. But I didn't expect you to be such an Otaku Rias, you knew even more trivia than I did." I jabbed at her playfully as she blushed. 

"You say that but you seem to be an even bigger Otaku than I am Takumi-kun. Who knows how much time you spent perfecting your gaming skills for the occasion? Maybe I should call you the Gamer Dragon Emperor?" Rias smirked at me as I snickered and patted her head, making her look away from me. 

The gesture did not look very awkward since I had gotten a few inches taller thanks to the vitality elixir, probably reaching my full genetic height.

"Anyway, now where do we go?"


"You know Rias, when I think of a date I usually do not think about sitting in a dark room together with a bunch of strangers while watching a movie and not talking for hours." I said, holding Rias' hand as we entered the movie viewing place. 

"Don't be like that. Who knows, maybe you will like it?" I was sceptical, I was never really a fan of movies in the first place. But I could give it a chance is Rias wanted. It's not like I would lose anything by watching it after all.

We both grabbed jumbo-sized Popcorn and coke. I had no fear of calories, if I ever were to get fat I could simply create a potion that burns 5kg of fat off of your body in a gruelling process.


Well, the movie was good I guess. It was a pretty good rom-com that drew out a lot of laughs from Rias and some exhales from my nose from me. By the time the movie had finished, it had become the evening, the sun was starting to set.

We flirted here and there during the movie, I didn't push anything for now. After the movie had finished and we were leaving the theatre I got an idea upon seeing a claw machine.

"Rias, wait here for a second." Rias was confused but stood there as I jogged over to the almost always unfair game, but I knew the trick to this one. Before long I was able to retrieve the plushy bear by reinforcing the claw to increase its strength before heading over to and plopping the bear plush in her arms.

"Here, I guessed you would like a memento for our date. Do you like it? I thought it resembled you with how cute it is." Rias looked at my face for a moment then at the toy before hugging it up to her face to hide her blush as she glanced at me.


I felt a sledgehammer slam into my soul after seeing that precious sight. God she was fucking cute and hot. I want her. I guess I can't blame Issei too much anymore.

"You are so corny." Her voice came out muffled since her face was fully buried in the plushie.

"Corn Dragon Emperor at your service my lady." I did a regal bow which made Rias giggle. Inside my soul, I could almost sense Ddraig cringing so hard he crumpled like cardboard.

Tucking the plushie between her armpit(Lucky bastard) she reached for my head with my hands.

"Then I guess I should reward you then right?"


Rias' lips met mine as she pulled me down for a kiss. But I did not let the kiss be idle I quickly recovered my composure and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me as I slipped my tongue into her mouth, she was hot, wet and slimy yet it felt so good. Her tongue and mine wrestled for dominance passionately.

I decided to get a little naughty as my hand slipped down her skirt without meeting any resistance from Rias as I grabbed a handful of her firm yet soft peachy butt, molesting it with passion as we made out. 

For a virgin's first kiss, I think this is one of the best outcomes I could have gotten for my first kiss. I know she is also a kissless virgin but damn Rias is a good kisser, and somehow her mouth tastes a little like cherries somehow even though she just drank a litre of Coke.

Devil bullshit properly.

After a full minute of tongue wrestling that I totally won we had to separate due to the cruel reminder of breath. As we separated a trail of saliva was the only thing remained that connected our mouths. As we separated Rias gave me an honest smile while blushing as she looked into my eyes.



After that moment we had to separate, of course with the promise that there would be more dates like this. And currently, my sex drive was going maximum overdrive at the moment, and I needed to relieve myself before I went all wonky. 

I prefer to retain my rationality when making any decisions. And a horny brain was a bad brain for deciding anything important.

As I approached my front door suddenly I felt an air of unease.

The lights in the living room were on.

I did not leave them on.

'Boosted Gear' 

I discreetly manifested the gauntlet in my right hand and waited for 50 seconds for 5 stacks of boost before opening the door and walking to the living as I saw him.

A handsome older man with yellow-black hair lounging on my sofa in my living room casually greeted me.

"Yo! Takumi-kun right? It's nice to meet you."

Azazel the Governor of the Fallen Angels was in my house.

A/N: What do you guys think about the chemistry between Takumi and Rias? Do you like it? Did you like their interactions throughout the date? What would you rate Takumi's rizz out of 10?

Also, the classic supernatural power move of waiting for someone in their own house. It never gets old.


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