Highschool DxD: A new opportunity

Life is ever changing, a choice can make great changes. A young man is given an opportunity to start over after he realizes the worth of keep moving forward, when he had already given up. Rating is M for the future content. The story is slow paced at the beginning. I do not own Highschool DxD or the characters in it, I only own my original characters. The image is also not owned by me. First Fan-fantion, I might be lacking but I hope you can tell me your opinion. An actual opinion... Might contain elements of some other anime works, particularly... the images of some characters. https://discord.gg/wezGW8yV5b Created this and have pictures for the characters there, take a look.

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Intermission I

A brief rest (?)

Part 1

3rd Person POV

Sitting under a certain waterfall, two people seemed to be meditating with their eyes closed. Several stones were distributed around the waterfall, but the figures sat close to one another without caring about it. A young man and woman who had black hair, they had their eyes closed but opened at the same time, the duo wore light clothing, a long and white kimono that was drenched in water and was almost see-through. One of them stood up and stretched slightly before smiling and extending his hand toward the other figure. Smiling in response to the other party, she took the hand and pulled her up. Perhaps the young man used too much strength by accident or on purpose, but the young woman was pulled into his embrace. Going by the smile on his face as he held her, it seemed to be deliberate action, nonetheless, the young woman did not look angry, but she was instead trying to stop a grin forming her face as she lightly hit him for fooling around.

"Perish the thought of letting the future head of the Himejima Clan to slip and fall on the river, this humble servant of yours truly could only use this method to protect you from harm, my lady." Nora spoke in a humble tone.

Rolling her eyes and giggling, Suzaku hit his chest lightly once more and playfully pointed at him.

"You have accomplished your duty so you will be rewarded handsomely, however, don't you think you are taking advantage of your lady right now? Where are those dishonest hands of yours now? Not to mention, my eyes are up here." Suzaku used one finger to point at her eyes.

The dishonest youth raised his head and stopped looking at her chest, that despite being fully covered with the kimono, the water made it possible to see through the fabric. Nora, however, kept his hands in place without any change since he caught the young woman in his embrace. The sound of the waterfall was enough to cover their conversation; otherwise, the attendants of the young lady might as well faint out of jealousy. Being attendants of Suzaku Himejima, they were of course females, and they were in charge of taking care of her chores and remained nearby during her training which included meditation under a waterfall early in the morning and had been modified somewhat by meeting Nora. The new additions included running for a set distance using weights running across an obstacle-filled route. The attendants had many chances of interacting with Nora and despite being ordered by the current head of the family to watch out for him or try to keep him away… they became part of the ever-growing secret society legally known as a fan club. It was now a common sight to see the attendants being jealous of the person they have to serve and give priority to the youth, while also helping them to meet in the Himejima Clan lands without being found out. Nevertheless, Suzaku did not seem to mind and usually just smiled in response to their antics. This time, the presence of the attendants made Suzaku embarrassed since Nora was openly touching her in places not meant to be touched in public, and to her distress, the thrill did not feel bad.

"Now then, I wonder what you might be talking about. Are my hands perhaps a hindrance to you, my lady? I don't think I am doing anything inappropriate…" Nora smiled meaningfully. "I am just THINKING of YOUR well-being, like everything I do. My actions are for YOUR sake, my lady, yet if my lady wishes to, I would be more than happy to fix my actions. However, to make sure you and I are referring to the same thing… would my lady be so kind as to describe what the 'dishonest' hands of mine are doing?"

Inwardly Suzaku thought that he was a bully, but she did not complain. She would usually blush and accept Nora's actions but the situation dictated she acted somewhat differently, although one could not get rid of their shame so easily so despite her best efforts to sound like a different person, her speech gave away her usual self.

"M-my backside…" Suzaku muttered in a sheepish tone.

"Hmmm, backside, is it? No, sorry, the back side of a person is very wide; I don't think I know what you are talking about." Nora smirked.

Just like Suzaku mentioned, Nora was openly holding her ass or keeping her close to him by pulling the well-endowed young woman by her butt cheeks, each hand holding one.

Nonetheless, he would not be Nora if he limited himself to only putting his hands on her butt. The youth was far too much of a pervert and he loved to tease women, especially if he liked them thus he was groping her ass slowly, he would squeeze his hands and enjoy the feeling of the supple and bubble but take in his fingers only to release his hand and grin when the elastic butt cheeks returned to their previous form. He would first put his hands on her waist and lower the hands slowly until he reached the lower part of Suzaku's ass and sink his fingers in her lithe behind. It brought him a certain type of pleasure to see Suzaku tremble every time he sank his finger and released her elastic butt, although it was also enjoyable to see expressions filled with expectations every time his hand was placed on her waist.

"I think I need to hear the name straight from your pretty lips, my lady." Nora had a somewhat sadistic grin.

Biting her lips, Suzaku did not expect that she would one day find herself in this kind of situation. If she had ever asked her past self before meeting Nora, no, just after meeting Nora that she would be fondled on her behind under a waterfall with a see-through kimono with the watchful eyes of her attendants, she would probably think she was crazy.

"M-my butt…" Suzaku said in a low tone.

Her intentions to act like a young lady sternly punishing her cheeky attendant were out of her head when Nora began to knead her butt as one would do to the dough. His intense hand play was making it hard to stay on her feet, not to mention talk.

"That is not good, I never had the same wealthy upbringing as you, my lady, so I am afraid I would need you to use a vocabulary fitting the likes of me." Nora lowered his head until he could whisper in her ears. "Please use dirty language, or if it is too much for my lady, simply use vulgar language. I don't need to tell you letter by letter what to say... do I?"

Once he said the last part, Nora strongly sank his fingers and pulled Suzaku towards him. Not only did her breast almost spill from her kimono after the elastic mounds were glued to his chest and had nowhere to go, but Suzaku felt it. The thing that made her instantly swallow her saliva and what she almost caused her to instinctively reach for it, Suzaku was not sure if she should be thankful or not for their skimpy outfits since she could clearly feel the shape and it made her dizzy with a staggering amount of fantasies that were ready to be spilled out of her head.

"My… ass." Suzaku spoke.

Slightly surprised, Nora expected her to faint out of shame. However, seeing how even her ears were red; Suzaku seemed to be on the verge of falling. Unfortunately for Suzaku, Nora's sadistic side was rather strong today.

"So you want me to continue rubbing your ass? Understood, my lady." Nora smiled.

The first action Suzaku took was purely out of instinct, and she nodded, however, the cold water of the waterfall began to take effect since Nora had briefly stopped enjoying her plump ass and her mind woke up from her stupor. Once again, unfortunately for her, she was dealing with Nora. The youth pulled her and her feet were separated from the ground. Suzaku used every ounce she had of self-control to close her mouth and avoid leaking the loud and amorous moan that was about to be led out. Nora took advantage of her momentary daze to guide her legs and make it so she was clinging to him using them. Her self-control and the waterfall played her dirty by lowering her body temperature which caused her to feel Nora's heat all too clearly and… when her mouth closed, the muscles of her body followed suit thus when her legs were around Nora, she pushed her body onto him even more. Her body could hardly keep up with the stimulus but she did not seem to mind, until she saw her reflection on Nora's eyes. The face she was making could never be considered one of a proper lady. She immediately tried to correct it and desperately tried to get away from Nora, but he kept a firm grip on her waist. He used one hand to hold her waist and another held her struggling head pushing it close to her ear. During her struggle, their bodies rubbed together even more and when he held her still, she could not believe the immense disappointment she felt. That said, it was short-lived, the words he whispered next made her tense body turn into jelly.

"Don't fight it. You know what is it that your body wants, even if try to hide your face and I had not seen that expression of yours, I would know it. I can tell what water is and what it is not." Nora's hot breath warmed Suzaku down to her core. "…above all, I want to see it. Your face when it happens, I want to see it up close, not from your computer camera that you left on by 'accident'. Come on, show it to me… no one else but me will see it."

It was too much, Suzaku considered herself someone with strong willpower, but there were things her training to strengthen her mind never accounted for. Her fantasies coming true were one of them. A big wave washed Nora, and he clearly separated their bodies momentarily just so he could take a good look when the floodgates were released. Her face distorted greatly as her shame reached its peak. Her biggest orgasm at the time happened with the person she loved holding her so the intense climax immediately turned her body into a puddle. She loved Nora's eyes on her like any other girl would love her beloved looking at her, but she wondered if Nora was trying to make her go crazy. Without noticing, her mouth was open and her tongue hanging out obscenely. Nora had lied to her, and when she tried to escape reality a move her head away, there they were. Her attendants were looking at her with wide eyes, yet there was something that Suzaku read from their eyes aside from amazement and surprise that boosted her pride. There was a deep envy contained in their eyes.

"Don't look at them, that expression belongs to me, use your eyes only to look at me." Nora sounded somewhat jealous and used his hand to hold her head.

His thumb and index finger each were each on each cheek as he applied somewhat forceful means to turn her head back to him.

The corner of her lips curved upward from the jealousy Nora showed and how badly he wanted to capitalize on her attention. Perhaps from his point of view, her actions were something akin to a mockery, because he narrowed his eyes and pushed their faces together. As expected, their tongues made contact first. It was obvious since hers was hanging out already and Nora pulled out his to connect both outside their mouths. There was no need for a special technique or anything, Suzaku felt like electricity coursed through her body from the tongues making out and she failed to control her body. A sloppy kiss began to unfold and she was somehow ashamed and excited to feel how Nora was taking the lead, the young man several years younger than her, the exact same age as her younger cousin whom she had gone to eat ice cream with just yesterday, was making sure to make loud and obscene noises by slurping and sucking on her tongue as he got away from the waterfall step by step toward her attendants that were probably able to hear all the closer they got. The way he played with her tongue was outright lewd, the way he played with her tongue was outright lewd, the way he played with her tongue was outright lewd, however, she thought that only a fool would point that out as negative when the person you loved was passionately pleasuring you. It was not like her mind did not try to rationalize what was happening, her brain questioned why he was so good at it and wondered where did he had all the practice to be this skilled, nonetheless, Suzaku's mind blanked out with every step Nora took. The youth was by no means doing something she disliked, but he was certainly not letting her mind wander into useless thoughts. It was like he had said before; she should only look at him now. Her attendants… still mattered, she could not get out of her mind how she was seen in such a way by people who took care of her daily and would sometimes gaze at her with admiration.

Suzaku could not tell if the admiration they felt toward her would change, but they certainly would look at her differently from today onward, but so what? She loved her clan people and would do her best to protect them from harm, but she did not share their views and had been openly ignoring their protest over dealing with the youkais. Suzaku did not care what they thought, what if they called her lewd? It was the truth. A well-hidden secret in the clan was that Himejima women were quite lewd and obscene in bed, or that is what her aunt had been teaching her and Akeno in their lessons to 'take down' Nora.

A chill coursed down Suzaku's spine when she heard the shutter of the camera and a flash was caught on the corner of her eyes. Her eyes shifted to the origin of it and she saw one of her attendants with her phone as she frantically tried to modify something in it, perhaps get rid of the flash, when she noticed that she was being stared at. Suzaku felt indignation over the fact the phone camera was clearly capturing Nora. It made her extremely jealous so Suzaku found the strength to resist the mind-numbing pleasure that Nora was giving her.

She made clear to teach them that she was above them; they were her attendants and only peeping toms, not to mention she had a place in Nora's heart while they did not. However, Suzaku was not a cruel woman, she knew that the power of imagination was great so she would give them a spectacle that fit the bill.

She caught a glint in Nora's eyes as she thought of this and she felt thrilled when she felt like both had come to a mutual understanding about what to do. However, perhaps they both did not understand that well since Suzaku separated herself from Nora while inwardly feeling like it was a shame. She licked her lips and thoroughly enjoyed Nora's taste before no longer using her arms to hold onto Nora, she parted their bodies and immediately grabbed Nora's kimono and… removed it, leaving his chest in plain sight. She had to acknowledge, more than one person gulped down their saliva when that happened, but Suzaku was probably the loudest one.

She was a woman and could not honestly understand the attraction men felt for women's breasts, but Suzaku had to admit that seeing his chest like that left her short of breath for a second. She saw Nora being slightly surprised by her actions but that did not stop her from reaching her hands and caressing his chest, pausing briefly by his nipples and going down his abdomen, she traced each of his muscles almost like she wanted to carve them in her memory. Suddenly, she raised her head and exchanged a look with Nora. It seemed like her actions were not part of what he had in mind but she had to admit that not always following the plan brought her unexpected harvests. However, her initial intent had to be fulfilled.

It was something she had read about in a book she would not dare to mutter the title out loud. Gulping once more, she brought her head down and began to kiss Nora's neck. They were light kisses at the beginning due to her inexperience but the more she repeated her actions, the more she got into it, the bolder she got. The time of each kiss would be longer each time and the time her lips lingered on Nora's skin would also increase, naturally this caused Suzaku to slowly lose sight of her initial objective and begin to explore details of Nora she did not know until now.

Her nose picked up Nora's addictive scent from a close distance and she almost felt regretful every time she lifted her head to kiss another part of his neck. It was then that by pure reflex her tongue came in contact with his skin. Suzaku immediately widened her eyes as the taste surprised her. Not only his saliva but also his sweat was this addictive. Her kisses evolved once more and they became sloppier and made a lot of noise. Out of curiosity, Suzaku raised her head to see what the attendants were up to and her lips curled into a smile when she saw the sheer envy contained in their eyes. She knew she had succeeded, but soon her expression shifted from a confident and superior smile to a sultry one. She should never ignore Nora, she had to learn it pleasantly.

"I think I told you to only look at me, right?" Nora muttered with narrowed eyes.

After giving Suzaku's ass a very powerful squeeze, Nora brought her face close and when she thought he would continue making out, he evaded and surprised her by kissing her neck. With his face about to touch her, he whispered.

"This is just punishment." Nora muttered. "I am slightly angry…"

Licking her neck and causing Suzaku to stiffen, Nora planted a kiss and then proceeded to 'lightly' suck. The result was easy for Suzaku to guess, although it was slightly later that Suzaku could tell what happened since she slightly blanked out when Nora acted. The youth looked at Suzaku's expression with a pleased look before bringing his mouth to her ear and speaking in a faint tone of voice, no one but Suzaku was able to hear what he said but they could clearly hear how she gulped and nodded slowly.

Nora lifted his head once more and let Suzaku take the lead, the young woman was at her wit's end, his request was something she had read before, but never dared she would do, and with an audience at that.

"Let S-Suzaku appease your anger by servicing you." Suzaku felt her heart beat loudly.

"My lady will? How do you plan to do that…?" Nora smiled meaningfully.

"I will u-use my body to make you feel good…" Suzaku did not expect to say those words when she opened her eyes today.

Without waiting for Nora to say another word, Suzaku put both hands behind Nora's head and pushed their lips together. Contrary to before when Nora was taking the lead, it was Nora her turn to do it. She pushed her tongue inside his and began reaching for every corner of his mouth to entwine their tongues. Her actions did not finish there, though. Nora had indeed made her continue their play and made her kiss him and one more thing, but he did not ask her the thing she began doing.

During all this time, it had been stiff. Suzaku had been relieved several times in the short span of time they had been making out. However, Nora's shaft had been sadly left alone. Suzaku could not allow that, could she?

With that in mind, Suzaku began grinding her hips on Nora. She was more than wet and it was not only water.

"Wait, you can't-" Nora looked obviously surprised since he broke the kiss.

This did not sit well with Suzaku who took a bold approach and glued their lips again.

She knew what he wanted to say. They would not do it. The youth had one line he would not cross no matter what; he would not go all the way with any other woman until he had taken Yasaka to bed. In fact, Yasaka had even talked to them more than once about it. She was not that stuck on the order that much, but the youth was more stubborn than anyone. Nonetheless, Yasaka did not dare to lay a hand on him until her friend had been found so they could only do so much with Nora.

"I am YOUR LADY now, are you rebelling? Just shut, up and enjoy yourself." Suzaku parted their lips and spoke in a haughty tone. "You there, stop taking photos… and make sure to record this on video."

Her words caught the attendants by surprise and the poor woman almost dropped her phone, she tried to give excuses, but Suzaku glared at her.

"S T A R T R E C O R D I N G, did I not make myself clear…?" Suzaku even left Nora with eyes widened not to mention the attendants.

The one holding her phone lowered her head in an apology and set up her camera in recording mode.

The eyes of the attendant would drift from the screen to Nora's body and her breath would quicken, she had to use one hand to hold the phone while she got 'busy' with her other hand.

"You can come closer… I don't want the video to miss any detail." Suzaku said.

The one holding the phone timidly got closer as she received her fellow coworker's envious gazes.

"As for you, you have been doing as you please with my body… this is what you deserve." Suzaku licked her lips before kissing Nora again.

Her bravado usually lasted for a short period of time, but she persevered because she had the feeling Nora was holding himself back once again.

She began grinding her body against him and the slimy liquid made a great lubricant, it did not take long until more 'lubricant' was released and Suzaku had to be careful not to go down first. Her pussy lips did not make direct contact with Nora's penis at the beginning, but she changed that. A hand went down and she untied her kimono and the front part was open, the shame of being recorded and seen was being overwritten in real-time by the pleasure she felt when her pussy lips finally touched Nora's shaft. Her clitoris kept sending waves of pleasure and rubbed him up and down repeatedly, but given his length and the firm grip he had on her waist, it was nearly impossible for an insertion to occur. She was ok with it, one reason was that she did not want to force herself on him… she would rather he forced himself on her, and… she would not be able to go on if he impaled her now. She was barely holding onto reason and was having light orgasms since Nora was playing with her tongue. The youth was playfully biting her tongue whenever she tried to go on the offensive which made it difficult for her to be on the dominant side. Thus Suzaku retorted to use her hands. She took more time than she thought to reach down. Suzaku blamed her playful hands that could not stop feelings Nora's abs, however, she managed to give up tracing them with her fingers all over once she felt the almost scorching heat coming from his penis. She had been feeling the heat while she grinded her hips on Nora, the youth might have an almost insane level of self-control to avoid falling to the temptation of many women who had been seducing him and trying to push him down, but this much stimulation was not something he would be able to walk off from with a smile on his face.

"You are wrong about something there." Nora used the chance when his head was not restrained to pull back. "It is not simply that I am excited because an absolute femme fatale is lewdly trying to make me cum."

Softly whispering to Suzaku to be careful, Nora walked over to a particularly large boulder with a smooth surface that had a large carved message saying 'Himejima Property'. For some reason, Nora's eyes widened slightly as he read what was written on the boulder but soon he smiled mischievously by most women around him, or by most people's standards, evilly.

"Listen, I am not immune to your charms, the more my feelings grow toward a woman, and the more your charms will work on me. Do you think that just because you are hot I will have an erection from the slightest touch? No, it is because YOU are doing it, I am aroused by your touch." Nora said as he 'gently' slammed Suzaku against the boulder.

For a moment, Suzaku's brain failed to register what was happening around her. She could feel her hands being drenched in her juices as she continuously repeated inside her head what she just heard. It was because she was doing it, Suzaku was aware that it might be just some lip service or honeyed words to get her in the mood, she had read enough stories of 'that kind' to know when a man wanted to get inside a woman's pants, but her case was the total opposite. Nonetheless, there was a detail that blew away all her complicated thoughts. He stopped all of her actions despite her disappointment.

"Hey, are you sure? You can still walk off, I can be pretty intense, more than you can imagine." Nora spoke in a tone that could only be heard by Suzaku. "However, if you are ok with it, it will be like a death sentence, you are not getting away from me."

Chuckling softly, Suzaku reassured Nora with a smile.

"I am not the type of woman who gives up easily." Suzaku said. "I want you, and only you. No one else can be or will ever be capable of replacing you in my heart. I have been helplessly in love with you for a long time and you should be aware of that."

For a moment, Nora looked somewhat shy but sad at the same time; Suzaku was about to question him but the youth did not give her any time to. Pressing her against the wall, the youth licked his lips and whispered with a tone that sent a chill down her spine.

"Don't regret your choice, it was your only chance, you know?" Nora softly bit her ear and sent another tremor down Suzaku's spine, causing her to tremble all over. "Now, I will MARK you all over. I will mark the future clan head of the Himejima Clan, and claim her as my own, all will be recorded on camera, everything down to every little lewd expression that appeared on your face… as you continuously humped yourself on me, right below these words."

Timidly raising her head, Suzaku almost fainted when she read 'Himejima Property' carving.

"I guess you will have to apologize to the Himejima Clan since you are about to turn into MY 'property'." Nora said. "But… I am not making a move, like you said before, you are going to 'punish' me…"

Gulping down loudly, Suzaku found herself more aroused than she expected when the realization hit her. Everything will be on camera, the moment Nora marks her, just below the carving, she will turn into his property. She knew that he would never treat her like an object and this was the kind of dirty talk that her aunt told her that couples enjoyed, however, the idea of her secretly belonging to Nora while she led one of the five most prestigious clans was way too attractive for Suzaku.

She knew what she had to do, and Nora urged her to do it by leaving another hickey on her neck. It briefly crossed her mind that those would be hard to explain but she inwardly sighed in relief when she recalled how Nora could heal those. It would actually cause Suzaku some trouble later since Nora would not heal them and leave the marks in plain sight and others hidden from view, Suzaku would have to use every ounce of her intelligence to hide them without using magic or people would know she was hiding something there. There would be many close calls where she would almost be found out, but the attendants present today would aid her all while looking envious. In the end, Suzaku would spend weeks suffering from those close calls, but she would find it rather enjoyable.

Biting her lips to stifle a moan, she widened her eyes when Nora whispered what to say. Her hands began to work their magic as Nora pressed her harder against the boulder, literally putting her with something hard on both sides. The youth grabbed her breast and wasted no time finding her nipples, he seemed to have no trouble playing with her ample bosom and Suzaku had to suppress her moans to finally speak.

"A-are you about to- Ahhh¬-" Suzaku's coquettish voice was extremely loud as she was unable to suppress her voice when Nora pinched both of her nipples, but she fought against the waves of pleasure with all her might. "Are you about to cum? This is your punishment, your penis will cum all over me and it will be all on camera, that I, Suzaku Himejima, made the mighty beast finally give up his self-control and want to mess me up."

Expecting Nora to be happy to hear that, she saw him glare at her and spell something with his lips slowly, it made Suzaku almost die from shame and her upbringing strongly advised her against it, but her lust won in the end.

"A-Ara? Sorry, I forgot you prefer me to spout a more vulgar name… you are right, it is not called a penis. It is called…" Suzaku gulped as the shame pushed her to have a light orgasm followed by Nora causing another one just as the first one ended. "C-COCK! That's right! COCK! DICK!"

Her hands got even faster and Suzaku could instinctively tell, he was close, she needed to do her best if she wanted him to truly mark her. He had whispered that as well, that she would need to work hard to make it happen and Suzaku was not going to let this chance get away. Even if the current head of the clan discovered right now and tried to get in the way, Suzaku would not stop and relieve Nora, she WILL get MARKED today.

"That's right. Go on, you are close, right?" Suzaku could feel that not only her own juices were acting as a lubricant, but Nora's precum was helping out.

The sweet and intoxicating aroma was not only sending Suzaku to the verge of having a huge orgasm, but even her attendants looked like they could pound on the cat at any minute. She worked her hands and she felt him tremble, however, a greedy desire swelled inside her. She was close to having a huge orgasm, one like any other so far. She wanted the two of them to reach their limits at the same time, but their timing would be slightly off. She knew it would be that way, she had way too many orgasms so far so she was taking slightly longer so it would be off.

At this time, Nora grabbed her chin and without being ordered to, Suzaku pulled out her tongue lewdly. The grin Nora gave her was almost enough to send her to the edge, but the youth seemed to know her body better than her already so he abstained from playing with her nipple. One hand holding her child, the other her nipple as she desperately had both of her hands going up and down his meat, his dick. The sloppy noises of their fluids as she rubbed on him were loud enough to be heard by everyone, but some other sounds were coming from the peanut gallery mixed in. Suzaku was satisfied, and she prepared to reach climax for the Nth time today, but Nora seemed to have other plans. HE wanted both to go beyond what she had in mind, just before they both reached their limits, Nora pinched her nipple and engaged in a sloppy kiss with Suzaku. It was sheer bliss and pleasure, her mind went blank and her body spasmmed like never before, she could feel her stomach all the way to her breasts being covered by gooey and sticky liquid as the strong aroma assaulted her nostrils. Her hands were covered in it, but Suzaku forgot all about it and focused on only two things. The pleasure she felt, and the face of Nora who had finally ejaculated on her. It almost made her want to pound on him until her body gave up, but it was too reckless since her body was already exhausted. The duo never stopped their kiss until their orgasm ended and Nora released all his cum… and Suzaku had to confess that he was way beyond the standard.

"Let's go inside. I wouldn't want you to catch a cold." Nora proposed.

Licking his lips as he looked at the young man with her belly and chest covered in cum, the youth exercised the self-control he had cultivated through the years. Not only as a male he felt like pounding on the woman who was giving him a glamorous look, but his instincts as a Nekomata were making him, in a vulgar way to say it, horny. It did not help that Suzaku used one of her hands to scoop a small amount of cum and began playing with it.

"This is..." Suzaku raised her hand to her eye level and played with the substance in her hand.

Index finger touched her thumb and she separated them, as she watched the bridge of cum form between the two, Suzaku felt her heartbeat accelerate.

Turning away to avoid more arousal, Nora began to walk away. Nonetheless, the youth had underestimated the future Clan Head of the Himejima Clan. The woman who was drunk on his enticing smell and her own lust would not let things end without making him lose his composure at least once. At this point, she looked at her hand, then her stomach and chest which were sticky with cum. It was slowly growing down her skin and she felt deeply troubled by the loss. A brief moment of clarity made her think of how to get rid of the evidence. Her aunt had once given her a class about how the semen's smell would stay on the clothing so her advice was to clean the evidence. Watching Nora walk away made Suzaku understand that she would be left behind. So the gears in her head turned and she came up with an idea. One hand went down to her belly where most of the semen had gathered and-

"Nora..." Suzaku's coquettish voice made the youth halt his steps.

There was no need to look back, the youth had other means to see what was happening, but using that mean would mean the youth was wasting the 'gift' Suzaku was going to show him and perhaps the next actions would not play out. He had no way of knowing it, after all, the youth was only acting for Suzaku's sake.

Slowly turning around, the youth felt the need to close his eyes until he was fully facing Suzaku. He heard her giggle and that was the signal.

"Nora... Nora-kun... Nora... Hmmm, how can I call you so it sounds like we are even closer than before...?" Suzaku giggled. "I want to show off how much I LOVE YOU!"

Before his eyes, Nora almost lost his sanity. His heartbeat instantly went through the roof as he gazed at the stomach of Suzaku. Having just finished using her left hand, she had used the semen to draw a heart on her stomach. There was a bridge of semen sticking to her hand and she slowly raised her hand to her face. Without looking away, she licked her fingers and made a bold move of putting both of her hands together and forming a heart directly in front of her mouth.

"Nora... don't you think that instead of me being unable to escape from you, I am actually the one who will catch your heart?" Suzaku said.

The youth's gaze focused on her plump lips as she said that and he trembled when she blew him a kiss.

"I will not let you get away either..." Suzaku spoke.

Gulping, Nora's expression was rather unusual, it resembled the one he had when fighting a mighty foe.

"As expected, you are not a woman who is easy to please." Nora chuckled.

Upon hearing this, Suzaku's expression wavered briefly but she corrected that and lowered her arms just so she could cross them and lift her already bountiful chest. For whatever reason and to the annoyance of the youth, she had fixed the lower part of her clothes so it would be hidden, only leaving somewhat in plain sight her stomach and chest that the youth had 'marked'.

"...do you dislike it?" Suzaku tried to speak with a confident tone but her voice still was a grade lower.

It was the end, she tried to act like something she was not.

"Hah, what is there to dislike? I told you before. I am thrilled. You think you are being obsessive? Please, I dare you to beat me in that department." Nora snorted. "Why don't we go inside and I teach again who belongs to who?"

Felling a chill running down her spine, Suzaku could imagine that this 'lesson' would be no doubt even harsher than before but rather than feeling reluctant, she only felt an overwhelming curiosity. The youth whose character was outstanding and who treated his close ones with kindness, to what extent would he mess her up?

With giddy steps, Suzaku advanced before she stopped. She was almost about to go past one of her subordinates that she recalled what had been on her mind before.

"You guys will keep this a secret, right?" Suzaku glared at the attendant dead in the eye.

There were certainly several clan members who saw the youth in a positive light. They were kind-hearted in their cores and did not want to engage in needless bloodshed. Some were scared of him, given the youth's ruthless behavior against the extra clans. His exceedingly gentle usual self in contrast to his ruthless side made plenty to shudder in fright. However, one of the reasons that many could not accept was the fact he would take her as his woman. Not only an outsider but a youkai on top of that.

It was not an uncommon practice for old clans to practice marriage between clan members, although they would choose grooms from the other five clans or respectable clans related to the Shinto Gods. In this case, several bugs- suitors in the clan were growing restless. Suzaku would get headaches when dealing with people like that so she would simply ignore it until she got the Clan Head position. Nonetheless, she will deal with the clan's problems on her own. For now, Suzaku smiled. There were easier ways to gain a deeper level of 'loyalty' although she could argue that her actions did not have even a tiny craze tinge to them because she was in a peculiar state.

Not getting an immediate answer made Suzaku impatient. However, Suzaku could read that her attendants were as intoxicated as she was. With a smile, Suzaku scooped some of the remaining semen with her right hand and brought it to her mouth. She felt how her attendant gulped and stared at it. Suzaku could not help but smile and scoop some more with her left hand. Plastered on her face, Suzaku had an impish smile that was quite dangerous as Nora would call it.

Slowly, Suzaku took the semen and moved it in front of her attendant, from left to right, her attendant's eyes followed her hand. Suzaku felt a certain sense of fulfillment and superiority as she moved her hand closer to the nose of her attendant but just as the woman tried to move on her own to smell it closer, Suzaku moved away her hand.

"...your answer?" Suzaku giggled.

Gulping loudly, the attendant was on the verge of going crazy for being teased like this. She was reaching her limit and the spectacle before had left her on edge. It was so close, relief. However, the future Clan Head had not allowed them to leave yet. She did not need too much time and the attendant was sure it would be the best one in a long time. Nonetheless, she was being teased with the youth's juice. The aroma coming from it was something she had never sniffed before. If she had not seen where it came from, she would not dare to believe that such an enticing smell came from-

"I will judge the fact that your tongue is about to reach my hand as your answer." Suzaku said.

Just like she had said, the attendant finally noticed that her tongue was out and just about a hair's length ready to taste the treat.

Without waiting for her attendant, Suzaku shoved her fingers in the lady's mouth. It was an instant reaction, the stimulus was too much for the lady who had not built any resistance and liquid began to drip from her legs. She trembled and began to sway from one side to another. The attendant momentarily lost her consciousness but she managed to stay on her feet. Watching this, Suzaku smiled, pleased. It was at this point that Suzaku used her finger to spread the cum in her mouth and the attendant felt like fainting again thanks to the stimulus.

"You are now deep enough in this." Suzaku chuckled.

Pulling out her fingers, Suzaku watched as the attendant extended her tongue in an attempt to lick more, but Suzaku cut her off.

"This will remain a secret, the four of you, whenever I call you, no, whenever I order you to drop what you are doing, no matter what, you WILL come running. You are now my accomplice, but Nora is a gentle soul, helping us out will certainly be 'worth' it, if you know what I mean. There will be rewards... I take it that you understand?" Suzaku did not wait for an answer and left.

The words had been clear enough for everyone to hear, however, the other attendants did not leave, rather, they moved closer to Suzaku. Watching this, Suzaku smiled pleased.

It did not take long to finish her job and a few of the attendants plopped down on their knees, trembling slightly but with pleased faces. Suzaku was facing the youth and the carnivorous look her was giving her as he licked his lips made her weak on her legs.

"Am I despicable?" Suzaku faced the youth and asked his opinion as she tried to act strong.

Looking at his surprised face before had made Suzaku happy, but she wondered if she had gone overboard. There was something she did not tell the youth, but Suzaku did not have time to think it further.

"I honestly did not expect you to do this." Nora chuckled. "Despicable? Perhaps, you are basically sealing their fates... and telling me it is alright to have a taste. You are also using me to deal with one of your problems..."

"...I-" Suzaku wanted to apologize but her lips were sealed.

Pulling her toward him, Nora locked their lips. Suzaku seemed to have something to say, but both knew they were excuses she wanted to say because she felt the guilt bothering her now that her mind was getting clearer, nonetheless, the youth was not having that. Without even parting to rest or breathe, he kissed the young woman. It was a passionate kiss that was enough to cut down any resistance or complaints she might have. Their tongues entangled and Suzaku found herself raising her kissing skills every second. Her mind was a mess, she wanted him to stop so she could apologize but at the same time, she did not want the kiss to end. She felt weak on the knees when the youth used one hand to hold her waist and the other her head to prevent her from escaping, however, they both knew she would not do it. The proof was that when he moved the hand from her head it seemed like they would separate... Her hands found themselves around his neck and they glued their lips even more. She could almost feel how much that pleased the youth so she also caressed his hair, while on the other hand, the youth brought his hand down her ass for a tremendously loud slap. He did not separate the hand and instead groped her asscheek strongly. It elicited a moan from Suzaku but her mind became preoccupied with a certain detail once the kissing went up a notch. Where he had learned about it. Even if he did not learn, he surely had many practice partners. Almost like he could read her thoughts and wanted them to stop, Nora separated their lips. The was a bridge of saliva as they unwillingly parted, and Suzaku tried to use her arms to connect each other again while her tongue was already outside her mouth seeking his, yet Nora was not having it.

"You, me, inside. By the time I am done with you, you will forget about that unnecessary guilt and other useless thoughts." Nora declared.

The duo could hear the rustling of some clothing and the attendants seemed to be ready to stand up and follow but they stopped when the youth glared at them.

"You might listen, but you won't see." Nora said.

Lifting Suzaku in a princess carry, the youth looked at the disappointed attendants and offered a few words.

"Prove that you can be trusted, there seem to be some annoying geezers that require MY woman for something. Do not let them get close enough to hear anything. I will not be using a soundproof spell in the room." Nora smirked. "If you do, your mistress will give you a good reward next time. Although... If there is one thing I can offer you... we will need cleaning up. I find it annoying to use magic for that. You can keep anything you find."

It took a few seconds for the attendants to react, by then, the youth and the young woman had entered a small room nearby after the dressing room.

"W-Wait, Nora-kun stare at that place so closely, wait, what are you doing? Eating me up!? What do you mean by thaAAAAAT <3" Suzaku's voice hardly left anything for the imagination.< p>

Gulping loudly, the four attendants looked at each other and nodded.

"Ladies... Wife position is unlikely, but... being a mistress that he uses to release his pent-up stress is a possible goal."

"For that, we must show our loyalty."

"The plan was carried perfectly."

"It was difficult to make it look like we were secretly spies of that side."

"They did approach us with that intention before."

"Who did they take us for? We have been with Suzaku-sama before she took that title."

"Nonetheless, I am happy things are progressing smoothly. That man has an absurd self-control, is it because he is not human? A regular man would've already jumped on Suzaku-sama..."

"I heard the Clan Head mumbling that it was a pity he was a youkai because talent with shikigamis and the usage of Shinto spells were even greater than Abe no Seimei."

"Ok, enough chatter. We must go and stop anyone from interfering."

"It was thanks to Shuri-sama that we understood you cannot bury your desires."

"Himejimas have passionate hearts, we will not steal Suzaku-sama's man, but as Shuri-sama said, Youkais never bother with the number of women they have."

Nodding to each other, the attendants were about to leave when they noticed there was one missing. They seemed to be able to reach the same conclusion and moved toward the changing room, inside, the missing attendant was stuffing Nora's clothes he had been wearing a while back into a hermetic bag. The four of them were doing their best to block the sounds coming from the room nearby from affecting them but they were getting weak on the knees so it proved ineffective. Dragging that attendant out, they glared at her with clear meaning, to share.

With that, they hurried to cover for Suzaku. One of them stopped them midway to fix their appearances because the way they looked would raise something more than just questions if they saw them.

Once they were gone, the youth inwardly sweated coldly from their conversation. His senses were not dull enough to make him unable to hear their words and plans, although it bugged him to hear the name of that troll, Shuri. Her advice and actions always put Grayfia, Akeno, Suzaku, and him in crazy situations, but given that he received plenty of 'service' thanks to that he could not fully complain.

"Nora-kun <3" Suzaku called out.< p>

Look at the young woman with spread legs looking down on him with hearts in her eyes, the youth licked his lips and tasted her juices. Her satisfied expression made him somewhat proud and relieved, he did not want to use his skills to the fullest and take it easy-

"More... teach me... lots and lots more..." Suzaku lowered her hands to her labia and spread her lower 'mouth'.

Gulping, Nora was inwardly sweating coldly and tried to circulate his ki to calm down his raging little brother.

"Just like you make me the happiest woman alive... I will make you the happiest man alive." Suzaku moved a hand toward her upper mouth and formed a circle with her thumb and index finger as she moved her tongue lewdly in circles around it.

"...Himejima Clan's women, what fearsome foes." Nora buried his face between Suzaku's legs to plant a sloppy kiss.




The attendants were capable of diverting the attention of the intruders successfully so the duo had plenty of time to play around. Nonetheless, once they were done, the mess did not allow them to have a serious talk so after letting the attendants know that they could clean now and change their clothes, the duo left for another place where they could talk. The coffee shop they would sometimes use as a meeting point sounded good so they went there. The shop owner smirked at the duo when he saw how Suzaku looked like she was shining and the lady had to hide her face, nonetheless, they still went to a private room upstairs that had been indefinitely reserved. When the youth reserved it, the manager asked him if it was going to be their love nest, the nearby Suzaku spat out her drink back then, but the youth just nodded and the manager gave him a thumbs up.




"Nora-kun, let's change coffee shops. That manager is a jerk." Suzaku puffed her cheeks as she sat.

She stiffened briefly and blushed but he did not comment, he sat beside her and she did not hesitate to lean her head on him.

"Suppose you do, do you think you will find another place with good coffee, private rooms, and above all, an owner that is ok with supernatural matters? Most people aware of it would not dare to accept us as regulars because that would make them targets." Nora sighed. "I also like this place, since we have been coming often for years."

Grabbing Suzaku's hand, the youth spoke in a melancholic tone for some reason. Suzaku was not sure why he was acting like that all of a sudden, but she just intertwined their fingers and snuggled onto him.

"He is also ok with letting us make out here." Nora mumbled.

"...I will apologize when we go out." Suzaku blushed.

"It's ok." Nora said. "He only gave me one rule."

"...a rule?" Suzaku asked.

"Hide if I ever see his daughter since she apparently saw me once and I was her type." Nora sighed.

"...isn't that nice for you?" Suzaku pouted.

"...she is 9." Nora muttered.

"Aren't you 14?" Suzaku questioned.

"I will soon be 15... which technically, I would be of age in the Underworld." Nora replied.

Shuddering slightly, Nora felt like Suzaku's aura changed for a moment as he felt her grip tighten, nonetheless, it disappeared as fast as it appeared.

"...now that I think about it, Nora-kun, when is your birthday?" Suzaku raised her head and stared at the youth from a close distance. "I don't think I ever heard about it."

Close enough that their breaths could be felt on each other's faces, the youth kissed her lightly.

Blinking in surprise, a foolish grin hung on Suzaku's face and before she could repeat her question, the youth placed some items on the table.

With the items on her view, and understanding what the youth intended, Suzaku turned her head to observe what he brought.

"This one is the one I am most curious about." Nora tapped something akin to a pocket watch.

The young woman grabbed it despite feeling an eerie aura and appraised it. While regretful, Suzaku separated from Nora and put all her attention into the object. The cracks on the surface extended toward the inside and the intern mechanism could be seen from the gasps, although Suzaku could not make heads or tails of it, while not an expert, she had seen her fair share of antiques, which included clocks and the like. However, the inside was far more intricate. Not to mention the carved words in an unknown language.

"...sorry, I can't say I have seen something like this. The only thing I can seem to recognize is the gem placed on it." Suzaku sighed in disappointment.

"A magatama, but not a normal one." Nora added.

"It resembles yours... but this one has lost its shine and other abilities. If I had to say, the only use it has... a catalyst, nothing more." Suzaku dejectedly informed. "This is just a conjecture of mine, mind you, testing is required but I am afraid that in the state this is, it could fall apart anytime if you use conventional means... sorry, I don't think I can tell you anything more than this."

Nodding, Nora took the watch from Suzaku's hands and placed it on the table. The youth looked at the young woman and smiled wryly. She looked dejected and disappointed, but the youth was not going to say anything because he did not expect her to solve anything. He wanted a lady with a miko attribute and sensibility to detect unholy presences to confirm that there was nothing else dwelling inside the artifact. He could never be too wary regarding these matters.

"It is now a piece of junk, and I think it is for the best. I think it was made to not have many uses or to not even work at all." Nora commented. "How about these?"

Pointing toward the other items, Nora saw Suzaku frown when she picked up a revolver with a large barrel.

"This is cursed, but I could not tell it was until it was in my hands... how odd." Suzaku furrowed her eyebrows. "It has been used to murder an incredible amount of people, this is no longer at the level of something a normal human can handle, if a weak-minded person got a hold of it, it might even grab a hold of their mind.

After placing it down, Suzaku picked the last item. This time, the young woman looked quite confused.

"What is... this?" Suzaku asked.

Between her index finger and thumb, there was a piece of an unknown material. At first, she thought it was a glove, but upon contact, it began to release a dark energy.

"Hmmm." Nora did not answer and only put his hand above the glove and it seemed to gain life as it turned into mist, a second later, a glove was worn on his hand after the mist gained solid form. "Well, I am not sure. It has similar properties to a shadow or even darkness, but once worn, it gives a solid defense. That said, it is hard to use. It has a high consumption rate of your energy and the actual use is not very... worthy of the problems. I believe it was damaged because this junk won't work like before. I can barely summon these as well."

As he complained, Nora opened his palm above the table and a chain left the glove.

"Nonetheless..." Nora sighed.

The chain, like it could not be sustained, turned into smoke and dispersed.

"This one is a failure as well..." Nora mumbled

"...this is beyond me." Suzaku looked confused.

"Tell me about it." Nora sighed heavily.

Before Suzaku asked, the youth swiftly put everything away.

"...I will still ask even if you make them disappear." Suzaku put on an exasperated face.

"I had to try." Nora smiled wryly. "They belonged to an enemy. I killed the guy, and I took those with me. I am trying to find out if there is something dangerous about using them, but besides looking sketchy, I have not been able to figure out much."

Having known the youth for some time, Suzaku could tell he was bidding something else, but he only spoke what he truly wanted to share, and putting pressure on him would backfire.

"Suzaku, I want you to get acquainted with Kaa-san." Nora suddenly said.

"Eh?" Suzaku was left with her mouth hanging open. "W-Wait, I heard about her and everything, but to meet her all of sudden, I am not ready."

Taking distance from Nora, Suzaku pulled a comb and began fixing her hair.

Rolling his eyes, the youth let her do her thing until she had calmed down. The young woman became embarrassed once she noticed the youth looking at her with a wry smile.

"It won't be today. It has been a few days already and she is going around meeting people that have been helpful during her absence. I told her I would do it, but she insisted. She might just raid the Himejima Clan to meet you so I wanted to let you know in advance." Nora shrugged his shoulders. "I feel bad, but she is the type to storm into places without paying much attention to formalities if you do not repeatedly remind her. After she was found, I called back Ikuse-kun and the gang back so everyone came back at once... but there was an issue with meeting immediately thus they stayed in Kyoto for the time being. That idiot mother of mine, she went to visit when she felt like it, unfortunately, Ikuse-san and Toujou-san were in the middle of... you know..."

It took a few seconds before Suzaku understood what the youth meant.

"...I will make sure to be presentable." Suzaku said.

Inwardly, she decided to hide her 'toys' and 'Nora goods' to avoid any embarrassing situation.

"Please do, and I apologize in advance for anything stupid she does." Nora sighed, but he still looked happy.

Noticing this, Suzaku was curious about something.

"...is it ok if you don't stay close to her?" Suzaku asked.

It was obvious what she meant, the duo who spent such a long time separated would want to catch up.

"Kaa-san is someone who acts randomly sometimes, she was adamant about doing this alone, or simply without me. Well, she was regretful in Ikuse-san's case so I don't think anything bad will..." Nora mumbled to himself.

Suddenly, Suzaku's phone rang and the young woman checked the message she got. Her expression turned funny and she showed the youth her phone screen.

The sender was Natsume who asked her to be careful of Saya who had visited and was questioning her in front of her parents why Natsume had a faint scent of her child on her.

"...I will have to bang my head on the floor to apologize for this." Nora facepalmed.

Suddenly, Nora looked at Suzaku with a raised eyebrow.

"You guys are friends?" Nora asked.

It was not like they were forbidden from doing so, but given their usual areas of work, they would hardly have time to meet. The youth was not certain if they had enough things in common to be message buddies.

"We all actually communicate how much we advance to one another, we even have a chat group about it." Suzaku smiled.

Just hearing advance was enough to make the youth realize what she meant and he was curious why Suzaku decided to be upfront about it. He was expecting something like their hobbies matched or something along those lines.

"...it is not like that is a secret that must be kept hidden at all costs." Suzaku smiled wryly. "You thought we would be causing a blood bath if we met?"

"Well, you are not a hidden woman I have to hide from my wife. I have talked about all of you to Yasaka before, I was upfront about it since I put my hands on you. I did not plan to make out thing an accident or anything like that." Nora said. "That said, the bloodbath might happen between someone and the women I have been 'playing' around with. Grayfia has a terrible compatibility."

"Grayfia? I thought she got along with Yasaka." Suzaku inquired.

"...yeah, but not with Kaa-san." Nora laughed dryly.

"...there is always a bigger enemy." Suzaku sighed.

"Wait, even Grayfia is in that?" Nora questioned.

"...basically every woman that has a crush on you. That said, there are grades and there are multiple chats divided into different groups." Suzaku confessed but was stopped when the youth raised his hand.

"I won't interfere with how you guys handle things. I was just curious." Nora said. "I only ask one thing. Never harm each other. You guys can fight, get hurt, whatever you want. I won't get mad. We are lovers, I am not your owner. However, I won't accept if you maliciously harm each other."

Saying that, the youth nodded.

"...although I am a little thankful." Nora smiled. "Take care of her, she only focuses on her work so she does not have many friends other than Serafall."

"I am slightly jealous that you are talking about another woman on our date, you know?" Suzaku pouted. "I will let it slide since Venelana also asked about the same."

"...wait a moment, what do you mean with Venelana? Oi, don't look away." Nora cornered Suzaku.

"...she said she wanted to watch over her daughter." Suzaku looked away.

"...and now Rias is in this too." Nora sighed.

With a face that clearly stated that she was screwed, Suzaku refused to meet his gaze.

"Just forget it. They must be there to check on Grayfia." Nora muttered in a somber tone.

"What do you mean?" Suzaku asked.

"Never mind that." Nora sighed. "Here, I initially wanted to hand you this when I visited you today, but I found it hard to resist your charms."

"...you make it sound like I was seducing you." Suzaku puffed her cheeks.

Placing several stacks of documents on the table, Nora looked at the young woman with a face that clearly stated 'You sure did, you succubus'.

"As you know, Yasaka is the leader of the Youkais. I would like to avoid uncouth rumors that could affect you so I want you to have a totally legal meeting with Yasaka. This is the schedule that she can meet you this year and here you can read the summary of these stacks here. You can read the stacks and then use the summaries when you need a quick review. An alliance between one of the Five Clans and the Youkais is something important, I would like you to make this public only once you have taken into account the backlash in your clan and the other clans." Nora said.

"So, it will no longer be a verbal agreement." Suzaku muttered.

"Well, it was going well before I went and provoked the Extra Clans so you could say I am the culprit this was not done a while ago." Nora apologized.

"N-No, I am not trying to blame you." Suzaku wanted to deny it.

"Please, put aside your feelings toward me regarding this incident. Even if neither you nor Yasaka blamed me, it was without doubt my fault. Because I decided to destroy the Extra Clans, I wiped their existence from Kyoto. This causes the already delicate balance with the Five Clans to be disrupted." Nora shook his head. "It is one of the reasons why you will not see my name being mentioned in any of them."

Groaning, Suzaku picked a document and began reading. Locking for his name, Suzaku was unable to find it anywhere even after picking several documents.

"One of the documents I want you to pay more attention to is the one regarding trade of certain goods. Thanks to being able to make trades with the Tamagahara directly, we possess several items that could be of interest to the Five Clans. I would like to use those to make the youkai's side more valuable." Nora muttered. "I am well aware that not all Five Clans have cut their relationships with the Extra Clans. Thus we hope to make it so the Five Clans do not find dealing with those guys as lucrative as before..."

Once the youth got into work mode it was a bit hard to get him to stop. However, Suzaku immediately followed his lead as she began to read.

The duo forgot about Natsume who was sending SOS messages for an hour more, until the youth checked his phone as well and saw that he had stopped receiving messages for the last ten minutes.


"I should leave it a this for now. I would need you to take a look very closely at the small letters for any contracts with Yasaka. Kitsunes are sly, so I would rather that none of you took advantage of the other." Nora sighed.

The empty cup of coffee they drank had long been emptied but they were so busy they did not order anything else.

"...I have a question." Suzaku asked.

"Sure, go ahead." Nora nodded.

While this was not related to the documents, Suzaku wanted to hear this answer.

"Why did you... you know, today?" Suzaku inquired. "Did I force you to do it...? Did you feel like you HAD to do it?"

Sighing after hearing that, the youth grabbed Suzaku's hand and he clasped his above them.

"I know it is a little hard to wait. I have been putting acts beyond kissing for quite some time after we began making out." Nora muttered.

"No, I understand your stance. I am being greedy. Nora-kun is just 15 years old. I just... forget about it." Suzaku smiled wryly. "You have done... so many amazing things, so many that I forget. You are younger than me, a target I should be protecting but instead, I rely on you and have let my problems bother you."

"Saying that I don't mind it will not give you peace of mind." Nora mumbled. "Listen, let me tell you how, Nora Shiki, handles things."

Changing positions, the youth separated his hands. He grabbed Suzaku by her slim waist and place her plump ass on the table. He was now sitting on the sofa while Suzaku was looking at him from a higher ground. His hand momentarily went to caress her juicy thighs that had a pantyhose, and the seductress even while blushing raised the hem of her skirt for him to have a better look. Inwardly cursing his youthful body and wild blood, the youth got angry with himself and calmed down. Everything had a time and place.

Despite feeling pain when Suzaku looked dejected as he lowered her skirt, the youth looked straight at her.

"I am a scum." Nora said.

"That is not-" "I also have a few screws loose." Nora interrupted Suzaku who was immediately going to defend him.

Hesitating briefly, Nora seemed to come to terms with his decision and opened his mouth.

"I won't enter into the topic too deeply but I am well aware I am not sane." Nora searched for the right words for a moment. "I don't mind suffering any kind of pain if that prevents any of you from suffering it, even if that ends up making you sad, I will do it again no matter how many times. The same could be said of taking unsavory tasks. I am that kind of guy. For me, if it means you will smile, I can take on any task and complete it."

"But that's just..." Suzaku looked sad.

"It is not like I have no chances to work together with others... sometimes, I just prefer to carry with everything by myself." Nora confessed. "I want, I must, I need. It is I who has to do it, no one else. No amount of talking or convincing will ever change that. That is part of who I am, no, perhaps who I became."

Staying silent, Suzaku listened to the youth rambling.

"The way I deal with people might be just as twisted." Nora sighed. "Do you recall what I told you earlier today?"

"...that I should not call your thing pen-" "Are all Himejimas perverts? No, I was talking about telling you to prepare yourself because you won't escape from me even if you want to."

Slightly embarrassed, the youth corrected Suzaku.

"...I meant it, you know." Nora could not face the young woman. "I can stand the fact that my women might even get over-familiar with anyone. It makes my blood boil. Which is why, when I ask you if you are ok with being my woman, I mean it. I am not saying that you should turn into a nun who never deals with guys. I am not THAT nuts. However, I would get extremely angry if a guy were to try his luck on hitting you more than necessary. I understand that guys in general would try to flirt with pretty ladies. It is a normal behavior, nothing wrong with that, but that is the limit."

Taking Suzaku's hand, the youth looked at it and then at Suzaku's face.

"I am hopeless, you know. Even though I said all that, I would still go around flirting. At this point, I simply cannot help it, it is almost like I am not me if I do not do it." Nora smiled wryly. "But that ends up hurting you girls. Whenever you see me getting close to another woman must be painful."

"I cannot deny I feel jealousy. It would be putting myself on a pedestal and making me look like a Saintess." Suzaku pondered. "I consider that my human origins to be partially the reason for that. Youkais have a different common sense after all."

Smiling bitterly, the youth wanted to open his mouth.

"Oh, shush, I am now talking, when your lady speaks, you must listen carefully." Suzaku winked at the youth.

Blinking in surprise, the youth was momentarily at a loss for words since he did not expect Suzaku to use that card.

"I think it should be the other way around with you teaching me about youkai culture but..." Suzaku sighed. "I am well aware that you will not have only Yasaka as your lover. There is Kuroka-chan and Shirone-chan always in your mind and they are too attached to you to even consider someone else, not to mention you accepting that. You have accepted me, Natsume, Shigune, Lavinia, and many others. It is indeed strange for the human me to see the man I am in love with, to have so many lovers, but you misunderstand something. It was already 'many' lovers after you added the 's' there."

Lowering his head like he did something wrong, the youth looked rather adorable, or so Suzaku thought but did not verbally express.

"You are a scum, that is your way of seeing yourself. However, please do not decide what others see you like. I most certainly do not see you like that." Suzaku used her index finger to raise his head. "You can be a really mean guy. That much I will not deny, in fact, I would like to remind you how mean you have been to me."

"Urgh, please spare me." Nora sighed.

"Not only me, but my cute and adorable cousin suffered from you turning down our confessions." Suzaku pouted and used her index and thumb to pinch Nora's cheeks. "I cried, you know, a lot."

Looking at how the youth's expression clouded and his eyes lost their shine, Suzaku inwardly sighed. One had to wonder who suffered more from what happened at those times. Suzaku heard about the things the youth did and she felt more pained for him than from being turned down. Nonetheless, just like her, many of the other girls still tried again and again.

"However, we decided to continuously try to date. Nora-kun, you cannot blame yourself for our decisions." Suzaku muttered. "This is also something you need to have in mind. Any of the girls who still tried to ask you out is already aware that they are not the only ones."

"...I don't think I understand what you girls think." Nora said.

Shrugging her shoulders, Suzaku could not speak for others.

"I really like you, I am certain of that and I have expressed it. However, if you are curious about the others, you can always ask them instead of staying with the doubts." Suzaku added. "Nora-kun, at the end of the day, I cannot help you to decide if you should or not raise the number of your lovers. The only two people who can decide that are the girl in question and you, only you two can decide that. You need to consider one thing, and that is my advice. Please love me tenderly and do forget about me."

Chuckling, Suzaku leaned down and placed an innocent kiss on the youth's lips. After she separated from him, she put on a playful smile.

"If I make you skip a beat like this then I don't have to worry if you like me or not." Suzaku said. "Nora-kun, whatever you decide, I will respect it and support it. Just like you have always been supporting me and doing everything you can to protect me, I will reciprocate those feelings."

Unsure what to say for a moment, the youth hesitate about what to say. Wondering if he was shy about what she said, Suzaku wanted to tease him but the youth opened his mouth first.

"...the coffee got cold." Nora coughed.

"Widening her eyes, Suzaku was smart enough to realize what the youth's words meant. Turning her head slowly like a badly oiled machine, Suzaku saw in terror how the door had been opened and the shop owner's daughter was carrying two cups of coffee for the duo. Behind her, the shop owner seemed to be pulling her to take her place, nonetheless, the father and daughter combo were frozen with their mouths hanging open.


Screaming from the top of her lungs, the daughter gave a thumbs up to Suzaku while the shop owner seemed like he had aged a few decades in seconds as he facepalmed. The heart-shaped pupils directed at Nora explained the mental state of the girl.

"...kuh, please kill me." Suzaku covered her face with both hands.

"No, there is no way I can do that." Nora smiled wryly.

Like that, it took a while to deal with the owner's daughter, but the duo could leave without sacrificing anything.

It became a rather special memory for the duo for many reasons. However, Suzaku was left with a questioning face when the youth looked at her and thanked her for strengthening his resolve. Because there were people like her, he would do his best.

It goes without saying, the duo forgot about Natsume but that is a story for another time.

------Time before the D-Day, 37 days left-----

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