High School DxD: Scattered Cherry Blossoms

James Alaverus, a six-year-old half-devil, suddenly falls unconscious. During his three-day coma he regains some memories from his past life while retaining the mentality of a child. With these new memories, how will his life change? Disclaimer In this story, the only things I own are my own Original Characters. Also, If anyone could help me out with an original cover, I'd really appreciate it. My art skill is non existent.

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Welcome to Paradise... Oops... I Mean Heaven

Six days have passed since james accepted Irene, Evangeline, and Kahlua into his peerage. And in those six days, Irene and Evangeline began adapting to the changes in their physiques and energies. However, they were not ready for the hellish training that Scathach had been putting them through.

Kahlua, on the other hand, was something that Scathach was not ready for. It's not that Kahlua was too much for Scathach to handle. Instead, it was that Scathach had never seen anything like Kahlua when she fights. Like the Shuzens told her, whenever she began fighting seriously, she would go berserk. However, for the duration, she would be sobbing silently. On top of that, the only ones who could keep up with her in a spar were James, Scathach, Irene, and Issa.

Even though Cassiel and Evangeline were also at the minor god-rank, their physiques were not strong enough to handle even one of Kahlua's punches. In Evangeline's case, that was not completely true. If Evangeline went all out and used her own self-made magic, she would have no problem tanking one of Kahlua's blows. But if she used that magic, it would no longer be a spar. Evangeline would just be beating up Kahlua unilaterally.

On another note, Kokoa also joined Ravel's peerage as, to everyone's surprise, a [Knight]. As it turns out, Kokoa is very proficient with many sword-type weapons. And she has her familiar, a bat called Kou, that can shapeshift into many different weapons. On top of that, with her natural strength, stamina, and durability added to the speed enhancement she received from the [Knight Piece], Kokoa has become quite the well-rounded fighter.

The last thing to take note of, the trip to Heaven, was scheduled for today. As they discussed several days ago, James was able to bring a total of thirteen people with him. As Leona was guarenteed one of the spots, James could bring twelve others. The first ten were his first peerage. One of the last two was kahlua, who pestered him about it, relentlessly, after joining his second peerage. And the last place went to his second [Queen], Irene.

As it turned out, Evangeline actually had no interest in going up to Heaven. Instead, she wanted to spend her time walking around Kuoh during the day. At least until the novelty wore off, her interests would revolve around that. On the other hand, James would have chosen to bring Irene regardless of Evangeline's decision. As this was a formal visit, it was customary for a [King] to travel with his [Queen].

Heaven, First Heaven.

At around ten in the morning on the scheduled Saturday, James, Leona, the selected members of his two peerages, and Irina arrived in First Heaven via teleportation circle.

"Ladies and gentlmen, allow me to welcome you to heaven." Irina said with a big smile in her usual cheerful tone.

Irina was asked to come along so that the devils woul have an easy way to enter Heaven. Actually, Gabriel offered to descend to the Human World so that she could guide them up to Heaven. However, james declined, suggesting that Irina, Heaven's spokesperson, would be enough.

'Asia, I've done all that I can for you.' James thought to himself as he smiled at Irina's enthusiastic welcome to Heaven.

Human World, Japan, Kuoh.

Standing in her bed room in the Hyoudou residence, Asia looked over herself in the mirror as she psyched herself up for today.

"James made today possible." Asia said as she clenched her fists in front of her chest. "I won't waste the opportunity he gave me."

"Hey, Asia, are you ready?" Issei's voice sounded from outside the bedroom.

"Yes!" Asia exclaimed excitedly. "I'll be right there."

Heaven, First Heaven.

"This is not what I expected." Kahlua said as she looked around with curiosity. "Where are all the pure souls sitting on clouds?"

Irina looked a little awkward when she heard Kahlua's question. Most people thought that Heaven was exactly like it was depicted in fiction.

"As a matter of fact, you're thinking of Third Heaven." A kind and gentle male voice said. "That is where those souls who have gained enough merit to enter Heaven reside."

When the group looked over toward the direction of the voice, they saw Michael, wearing a kind smile, and Gabriel, whose eyes were shining like a dog with a treat held in front of it. As they approached, Gabriel's eyes were focused on Leona with fondness flickering in their depths. Finally, when they were close enough that Gabriel could no longer hold herself back, she rushed in front of Leona and wrapped her arms around her.

"Leona, it's been so long." Gabriel gushed happily. "Do you know how sad I was when I heard that you passed away during child birth?"

"It's good to see you again, Gaby." Leona replied while patting Gabriel on her back.

"Tell me about how things are as a devil." Gabriel said, beginning to bombard Leona with questions.

At the same time, Michael approached James, who was flanked by Scathach and Irene. As he approached, Irina took her place behind Michael.

"Irina, thank you for guiding them here." Michael said as Irina stepped past him.

"It was my pleasure." Irina said with a smile. "The Alaverus family have been very kind to me ever since I returned to Kuoh. Even if the training is..."

Irina was unable to finish her sentence when she felt Scathach's gaze fall on her. Seeing this, Michael could only smile wryly. Even if they were in Heaven, he had no intention of antagonizing Scathach over something so minor.

"Ahem!" Michael coughed to clear the air. "It's good to see you as well, James and Scathach. I believe I haven't seen you since Loki's attack."

"Actually, I think the last time was when Vali dumped Ophis on me." James replied. "No, that's not the right term, since we all enjoy her presence."

"Ah yes, that was quite the interesting... gathering." Michael replied. "Anyway, would you mind introducing me to the new faces? I would assume they are members of your new peerage."

"Yes, that's right." James replied with a smile. "This is my new [Queen], Irene Belserion. The first [Dragon Slayer Magician]."

Hearing that name and title, Michael put on an expression of contemplation.

"Ah, yes, it was quite the tragic string of events." Michael said. "Not many would have retained their sanity after what you were forced to go through. I can only admire the strength of will you showed back then."

"*Sigh* I'd rather not talk about times so long past." Irene said. "But it's nice to finally meet you, Michael leader of the Four Great Seraphs."

"Likewise." Michael replied with a smile.

"And this is..."

James was about to introduce Kahlua as well. However, when he looked to where she was standing, there was no one there. After scanning his surroundings briefly, he saw that Gabriel and Kahlua were animatedly discussing his bloodline ability, [Senbonzakura].

"I guess I won't be leaving heaven without putting on a show, huh?" James said while smiling wryly.

"So, it would seem." Michael replied with a similar wry smile on his face.

"Anyway, that is Kahlua Shuzen, a [Rook] in my new peerage." James said, pointing at Kahlua. "The second daughter of the head of the Shuzen Clan of vampires and the older sister of Moka Akashiya, a [Rook] in my first peerage. I'm sure you've met before."

"Yes, though I believe we've never spoken." Michael said while nodding at Moka in greeting.

Once the pleasantries were out of the way, Leona, Gabriel, and Kahlua returned to the group. When they got close enough, Kahlua lunged at James and wrapped his left arm with er own arms while pressing it between her breasts.

"James, can you show us [senbonzakura]?" Kahlua asked with a brilliant smile on her face.

A moment later, Gabriel also approached James. Like Kahlua, she also grabbed James arm. Unlike Kahlua, however, she was blushing up to her ears as she pressed James' arm into her cleavage.

Seeing his sister's actions, Michael frowned slightly. However, he knew that his pure hearted sister was not attempting anything to be ashamed of or sinful. So, he just let it go... for now.

"Y... yes, could we see [Senbonzakura]?" Gabriel asked while staring at James with upturned eyes.

Normally, seeing the purity and innocence in Gabriel's eyes would have made James agree immediately, just so he would not have to see such pure eyes show any sadness. However, with, perhaps, the most perfect pair of breasts in the realms wrapped around his arm, he was more than a bit preoccupied.

'Holy shit!' James exclaimed mentally. 'They aren't as big as Akeno's, and they aren't as elastic as Rias'. But what is this feeling? It feels like my arm has found Paradise.'

As James enjoyed the sensation wrapping his arms, the pin he wore on his shirt began to flash. Then, a white barrier flared up around him. Seeing this, Michael was slightly panicked, while the other members of James' peerage and his mother only smiled wryly.

"If that thing didn't go off in a situation like this, I would have started questioning his sexuality." Leona said with a smile. "I mean, look at those things."

While the girls in James' peerages looked at Gabriel's breasts, Cu Chulainn and Dante looked away quickly. They were not looking forward to the embarrassment having their sin suppression devices set off would bring. On top of that, Lady was watching Dante like a hawk.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" dante asked. "If you were a man, you would be tempted to look, too."

'That's probably true.' Lady thought to herself. 'But that's not why I'm glaring at you, you moron.'

'Or are you perhaps jealous?" Dante asked with a grin. "Because no one's staring at your chest."

Immediately, Lady's sin suppression device began to light up while a white barrier appeared around her as well. Seeing that, Flora broke off from the rest of the group and tried her best to calm Lady down.

"That was a dick move." Cu Chulainn said while looking at Dante with exasperation.

'Dude, it's obvious she's got a thing for you.' Cu Chulainn thought to himself. 'And it's obvious you have a thing for her, too. But why are you dense like the harem protagonists in James' manga? Whatever, it's none of my business.'

Even though Cu Chulainn was silent after his last statement, everyone from Kuoh looked at him in amazement.

"Am I seeing things?" James asked, while separating himself from Gabriel and Kahlua. "Did Lancer just avoid putting his foot in his mouth at the most inopportune time?"

Cu Chulainn could feel his eyebrow twitching at the question and tone James asked it in. His eyebrow began to twitch even more when he saw the expressions on everyone else's face as well.

"What?" Cu Chulainn asked in irritation. "Do I need to say something about how those two should just sleep together and get it over with every time?"

Immediately after that, everyone sighed in relief.

"*Sigh* What would we do if u Cu was cured of his disease?" Mizore asked while patting herself on the chest.

"I don't know, but I think everyone's rhythm would be thrown off by a lot." Moka chimed in.

"Yeah, it would." Flora added with a nod. "It would be like the laws of gravity changing to make things fall up instead of down."

Dante, Lady, Shuna, Shion, and Irina were stifling their laughter, while Leona and Kahlua were laughing openly. Meanwhile, Scathach and Irene only looked at the ongoings. Lastly, Ayame was staring at Cu Chulainn enviously.

'How lucky is Lancer?' Ayame asked herself. 'Mmm~ What I wouldn't give to be humiliated publicly like that. Oh, James-Sama, please humiliate me, too.'

As Ayame's thoughts and desires fell further into her perversions, her hot gaze landed on James. The lust and longing in her eyes were almost tangible. So, James naturally felt the gaze. When he saw the look in Ayame's eyes, he looked at her in pure disgust. Then, he turned his head away and completely ignored her existence.

Naturally, James' actions stimulated Ayame immensely. That, of course, led to the third sin suppression device being set off, shortly before Ayame collapsed and began to convulse. Unfortunately, when the device went off, Ayame felt a great deal of humiliation, which turned her on even more, and the barrier around Ayame brightened.

"If things keep going like this, she's going to be forced out of Heaven." Michael said while looking at Ayame's state.

"*Sigh* Sorry about that." James replied. "I'll take care of her."

James then approached Ayame and wrapped his arms around her gently.

"Ayame, I need you to, please, calm down." James said in a gentle tone with a loving smile on his face. "Would you do that for me?"

Immediately, Ayame's convulsions came to a stop. Then, she blushed furiously. An instant later, she fainted, and the device deactivated.

"Okay, crisis averted." James said with a smile while carrying the unconscious Ayame like a princess. "So, why don't we start the tour."

'Why does he look so proud that he "averted the crisis"?' Everyone thought while they stared at James. 'Wasn't he the one that started it?'


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