133 Azazel vs. Katerea

Human World, Japan, Kuoh.

"So, this collection of unstable elements is called 'Kaos Brigade,' huh?" Azazel asked as he admired Katerea's body.

"The name seems quite fitting." Michael said

"Indeed." Sirzechs agreed with a nod.

"Katerea, why are you doing this?" Serafall asked in confusion.

"How dare you question me?" Katerea shouted angrily. "You fake Satans stole what should have been our birth rights and you have the nerve to question my actions?"

Instead of responding, Serafall could only look at Katerea sadly. Even if she did not care for the woman standing before them, she was an enemy, she was in no way interested in having to kill her own people like she did back during the Devil Civil War.

"None of that will matter shortly, however." Katerea said, after getting her rage under control once again. "When you're all dead, this world will be reshaped to our liking. For starters, a world where the death of God is kept secret, is not a world worth keeping."

"Wow, rebuilding the world as you please..." Azazel said in a mocking tone.

"Damn, first Kokabiel, then this chick." James said, interrupting Azazel. "What's up with all these third-rate villain lines?"

After James interruption, the room fell silent momentarily, as everyone looked toward James in disbelief.

"Oh, my apologies." James said as he noticed that everyone was looking at him. "I suppose I spoke out of turn. Please forgive me. But it's really hard to stomach these third-rate villain lines. I mean the characters in my manga say cooler shit than this."

Hearing that, once again the room fell silent. However, it was quickly broken by the giggling that could be heard from Serafall and Gabriel. Thanks to that, katerea snapped out of her stunned state.

"You damned half-breed brat!" katerea shouted as she raised her magic staff. "For insulting me, one of the true Satans, I'll kill..."

"Seriously, were you even listening?" James said, now standing behind Katerea with Ochiru Sakura placed against her neck. "The third-rate villain shtick is getting old."

Michael, Gabriel, and Azazel were surprised by the speed James demonstrated. It is quite rare to see someone who can move faster than the activation of a magic spell.

"Now, why don't you take a nap until we're ready to ask you a few questions, mkay?" James said as he drew his hand back to strike Katerea with the hilt of his sword. However, because of outside interference, he was forced to stop and speak once more. "Scatter, [Senbonzakura]."

Before James could land the knockout blow on Katerea, a concentrated beam of demonic energy was fired toward James' back. Luckily, he was able to activate his bloodline ability to defend against it. Then, James looked through the cloud of petal-blades and made eye contact with his attacker.

"*Sigh* This is so cliché." James said with a sigh. "Why do the rivals always have to end up on opposite sides of a conflict for no reason. Well, at least we don't have to waste time investigating who it was that let them into the barrier."

"Haha." Vali laughed in response. "Yeah, it really does sound cliché when you put it like that. Unfortunately, I think there will be more fun to be had on this side."

Shrugging his shoulders, James decided not to comment. Then, he recalled [Senbonzakura] and sheathed Ochiru Sakura. Then, he stepped away from Katerea and spread his wings.

"Okay, third-rate villainess, whose name I totally remember, you can go play with one of the leader-class guys over there." James said as he waved Katerea off dismissively. "I have to talk with my fellow half-devil."

Then, without hesitation, James shot into the air to face off against Vali.

"Wow, that kid's got some serious swagger." Azazel said with a grin. "I guess I'll take his place in playing with you, like he said."

"Are you sure that you want to interfere in a matter between devils, Azazel?" Katerea asked in an unhappy tone. "Well, whatever. I'll just kill that disrespectful brat, first."

After that, katerea raised her staff to cast a spell in James' direction. However, before she could cast it, Azazel appeared in front of her with his six pairs of jet-black feathered wings spread.

"You really are acting more and more like a third-rate villain." Azazel said in a teasing tone. "Resorting to sneak attacks while ignoring an opponent standing directly in front of you. And what's this crap about interfering in matters between devils? Like, literally, the first thing you said when you showed up was that you were gonna kill us all. I guess old age is starting to affect your memory, Katerea."

Hearing Azazel's taunts, coupled with the fact that he just called her old, Katerea's attention and anger were all shifted to Azazel.

"You damn crow!" Katerea shouted angrily. "I was thinking of letting you live for a bit longer as an act of kindness. Unfortunately, you couldn't appreciate it."

"Oh, please, I beg of you, stop talking." Azazel said as he flew away from the meeting room. "It feels like I'm watching an old superhero show from the 70's."

"Ahh~~!" katerea scream in frustration. "I'll kill you!"

Like that, Azazel was able to draw away Katerea. Then, after a moment, Sirzechs looked at the young devils left in the meeting room.

"You all should probably help with the human magicians." Sirzechs said. "We'll stay on standby in case anyone else as strong as Katerea shows up."

Nodding in agreement, Rias, Sona, both of their peerages, and Cu Chulainn made their way out to the battlefield.

"Oh my, the cherry blossoms were really pretty." Gabriel said with stars in her eyes.

Everyone looked at Gabriel blankly in response. Then, Michael turned his attention toward Irina.

"You should go help as well." Michael said with a smile.

"Yes, Michael-Sama." Irina replied with a bow. Then, she also leapt from the meeting room to the battlefield.

In the sky, opposite James and Vali's battlefield, Azazel was engaging Katerea in battle. Using his holy power to create a shield in front of him, Azazel commented on the state of the battle.

"Man, it's been like a thousand years since the Great War." Azazel said while holding off Katerea's many attacks with a single shield. "You descendants of the original Satans haven't changed in all these years. Just firing blocks of your demonic energy or relying on your clan traits. You have absolutely no finesse."

"Finesse and technique are only for the weak." Katerea said with a scowl. "As one of the strong, I will destroy everything with my power alone."

Then, a black snake made of energy appeared in Katerea's free hand. Pressing it into her chest, she was covered with a black cloak of aura. Then, her power, if a bit unstable, rose to a height even higher than Azazel's.

"That snake, could it be...?" Azazel thought to himself aloud.

Before he could think any further, however, he was forced to dodge an incoming blast of demonic energy.

"Geez, can't you give a guy a moment to think?" Azazel said with his usual grin plastered on his face. "I guess that's why you never got married over all these years. No men like a girl that's too clingy."

"I'll Kill you, you bastard." katerea screamed in frustration.

"Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to try this." Azazel said as he revealed a golden spearhead with a black jewel imbedded in it.

"What the hell is that?" Katerea asked while warily observing the spearhead.

"Oh, this little old thing?" Azazel said as he held the spearhead in front of him then continued. "This is just a little project I've been working on. I call it the [Down Fall Dragon Spear]. Now, let me show you what it can do. [Balance Break]."

An instant later, a flash of golden light covered Azazel. Then, a moment later Azazel was covered in golden plate armor with dragon motifs and black jewels. On top of that, instead of a spearhead, Azazel held a spear that was as tall as he is in his right hand.

"[Down Fall Dragon Another Armor]." Azazel said, stating the name of his [Balance Breaker]. "Doesn't look too bad if I do say so myself. Golden armor, black wings, pretty nice. What do you think, Katerea?"

"Shut up!" Katerea shouted as she fired a blast of demonic energy toward Azazel.

"*Sigh* No one can appreciate my creations." Azazel said as he used his spear to easily bisect the incoming demonic blast. "Well, I guess it's time to finish things."

Then, Azazel flew toward Katerea. Using his spear to either deflect or destroy all of her attacks. As he entered his spear's attack range, he swung and thrust his spear at Katerea at blinding speeds. Even so, Katerea was able to avoid taking any hits in vital spots. Her clothes were damaged severely, and she was covered in blood, though. Eventually, katerea covered in wounds and struggling to breathe was able to create some distance.

"Hmm... not bad." Azazel said while stroking his chin with his free hand. "If we cleaned up all the blood and wounds, you'd be quite the sight to see."

"You damned crow, I refuse to be humiliated like this!" Katerea screamed in frustration and rage.

"Well, when you're the weaker party, you don't really have a say in the matter." Azazel said as he rested the spear over his shoulder. "Isn't that what you descendants of the original Satans believe?"

Ignoring what Azazel had to say, Katerea pushed her power output to its absolute limit. The further her power rose, however, the more unstable it became. Shaking his head at her actions, Azazel spoke once more.

"That power clearly isn't yours." Azazel said while examining the power leaking from Katerea's body. "It kinda feels like Ophis' power. But why would she ever give it to someone like you?"

"That's really, quite simple, Azazel." katerea said with an insane grin on her face. "Because Ophis is the leader of the Kaos Brigade."

"Well, shit." Azazel said with a frown. "This is going to make things a lot more complicated."

As Azazel stopped to contemplate the possible ramifications of fighting a group of supernatural mad men who could power up with one of Ophis' snakes at any time, Katerea rushed toward him at her top speed. Her aura growing more unstable with every passing second. Eventually, when she was close enough, her aura shaped itself into many tendrils. Then, when Azazel tried to fend them off with his free hand, instead of being knocked away like he expected, they burrowed into his arm.

"Hmm... So, you plan on detonating Ophis' power to take me with you?" Azazel said after he was latched onto by katerea's aura. "Not the worst plan you could have come up with."

"Ha, you figured it out so quickly." Katerea said with a manic grin. "It really is a shame to have to kill someone so intelligent. But it can't be helped."

"I think you're making a bit of a mistake." Azazel said with his usual shit eating grin on his face.

"Huh?" Katerea said in confusion.

"You're nowhere near worth enough for me to sacrifice my life for you." Azazel said as he raised his spear. "But as a parting gift, you can have that arm."

Then, with a quick swing of his spear, Azazel severed his left arm from right below the shoulder. Then with a swift kick, he launched Katerea high into the air.

"No~~~~~~!" Katerea screamed in frustration. "Damn you, Azazel~~~~~!"


Before her voice faded from the night sky, Katerea exploded in a blast of black light. After the explosion died down, there was nothing left where Katerea was last seen. With his foe gone, Azazel then dispelled the [Down Fall Dragon Another Armor]. When it was gone, the spearhead was also gone. All that remained was the black jewel that was originally embedded in the spearhead.

"Well, for a test run, the results were quite satisfactory." Azazel said while staring into the black jewel he held in his only remaining hand. "There are quite a few issues to work out, though. Well, I guess that means we'll be sticking together for a few more experiments, doesn't it, Fafnir."

Meanwhile, on the ground while fighting the human magicians, everyone was able to see most of the battle between Azazel and Katerea.

"Damn, that fallen angel dude is pretty hardcore." Issei said with his eyes wide open. "Did he seriously cut off his own arm without fucking flinching? That's pretty bad ass."

"Focus, Issei!" Rias shouted. "Until we can destroy the magic circle that's making a breach in the barrier, these human magicians will never stop teleporting in."

"Okay, sorry, Buchou." Issei replied as he focused on the battle once more.

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