1 This World Must Be Crazy! The Broken Motherboard

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Starry Sky University was currently broadcasting the news of supernatural events happening everywhere.

[Someone found a type of extremely supernatural creature deep in the mountains. They had large white wings and looked like human beings!]

[Yesterday, an immensely special supernatural environment was discovered within the borders. The people who entered the environment lost their memories the next day after they came out. The relevant departments are currently investigating this incident and the area is being isolated.]

[Near the coast, dozens of people saw a pair of green eyes stay among the waves for a few seconds. When they wanted to take pictures of it, the eyes disappeared at once.]

[Deep in the mountains and forests, the sky was originally clear for miles on end. In the very next moment, the sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds and lightning. Someone filmed a blurry figure within the clouds, and it was suspected that someone had experienced the "Thunder Tribulation"!]


This was the supernatural news that all the students had to watch before school ended every day.

Qi Shu looked at the news in the video calmly.

When he had first seen the content of the video, he had indeed been shocked, but he could maintain his composure now. After all, he had seen too much of it. Plenty of similar incidents had happened around him as well. 

The last time he had barbecued skewers with his friend, his friend had accidentally gotten drunk. For some reason, he had started to spit fire, which burned down the entire block of buildings. It took the fire department half a day to extinguish the fire, and then his friend had been taken away by the Supernatural Department. It was still unclear if he was currently dead or alive.

Then there was the girl next door. He did not sense anything special about her in the past, but after she started practicing martial arts, her bodily strength increased every day. The last time, she had broken through the door of her own house when her home was equipped with a heavy iron door.

The revival of magic, which only existed in his imaginations, had actually happened in real life. Either he was crazy, or the world was actually crazy.

Qi Shu was sure that he was not crazy. The world must be crazy.

The video on the podium had finished playing. Miss Lin Ruxue, who was sitting next to him, stood up and gently pushed her smooth, long hair behind her back. She slowly walked up and spoke up. 

"Today's news has been broadcasted. All of you have seen it many times. In addition to the things that have happened around you, I believe that all of you can understand the world's current situation." 

"These unknown things will definitely cause panic, but you do not understand these things at the moment. Those extraordinary people are known as Awakened Ones. Later, they will send people to explain about this. Please do not worry too much!"

"Other than that, if you experience a weird incident that you can't understand, you have to report it to the relevant departments. The phone number on the blackboard will be operating 24 hours a day! Okay, everyone, make sure to go home after school!"

After Miss Lin Ruxue finished speaking, she walked out of the classroom gracefully. The students cheered and began to pack up their belongings. 

Qi Shu looked at his teacher's back as she left. It felt like there were too many strange things happening around him. It was impossible to hide it anymore.

Since someone would be coming here to explain these incidents after a while, it seemed like the government had made a decision to reveal the secret of these incidents to the public to avoid causing excessive panic. After all, anything that was unknown was the most terrifying!

Qi Shu packed his things and walked back to his house. In the past, he might have gone to the internet cafe or the arcade to have fun for a while instead. 

However, this world was in the process of recovering its magical energy, so staying at home was the right thing to do.


Qi Shu's place was not far from the school, so he reached his destination in ten minutes.

"Hey! Ha!"

Qi Shu was about to arrive at his house when he realized that his neighbor's sister was boxing with a huge rock on her shoulder. She was practicing some kind of ancient martial art.

Her small hands quickly punched the air. The sounds of her fists splitting the air apart in a quick series could be heard. However, the boulder on her shoulder did not move at all, which showed just how powerful she was.

The girl was only ten years old, and this boulder weighed at least half a ton. If this happened in the past, she would have been an immortal.

Qi Shu waved at her and said, "Little Ling, you've grown stronger again? You have to control yourself. Don't break my door again."

When Xiaoling heard what he said, she looked over angrily and said, "I didn't do it on purpose. Your house door was too fragile! Well, you can destroy my house one day. I won't ask you to compensate me!"

After saying that, Xiaoling threw the huge rock over provocatively. Just as the rock was about to hit someone, she immediately rushed over at an extremely fast speed and caught the rock firmly in her hand.

Xiao Ling then tilted her head to look at him and said with a mischievous smile, "I'm sorry, Brother Qi Shu. My hand slipped just now!"

The corner of Qi Shu's mouth suddenly twitched. This little girl was really petty. He did not ask her to compensate him at all. She was taking revenge on him just because he complained a little about her! 

Qi Shu shook his head. He ignored this girl and walked towards his house straight away.

This was a world where magical energy was being revived. However, he could not sense the presence of magical energy within him. He did not have the talent to be a martial artist as well. He could be described as a truly ordinary person. He was an ordinary person in a world where magical energy was being revived! 

Nevertheless, it was quite difficult for a normal person to live a good life in a world where magical energy was being revived. Most people placed their hopes on their descendants.

Meanwhile, the neighbor living next to his house had given birth to a daughter with extremely good potential. She instantly won over the love and resources of the entire family, which made her a little arrogant. However, she had the right to do so. 

Qi Shu returned home and lay down on the sofa. He watched the news on the television and thought about his future.

He was currently living in the suburbs. Nothing seemed to have happened for the time being, but it was only temporary.

If something bad happened, it would be very difficult for the relevant departments to arrive immediately, so it would be better for him to move to the city center while everything was still peaceful.

Furthermore, he was living alone now, so there was no need for him to discuss with other people. He would sell this vacant house if it was possible.

After careful consideration, Qi Shu immediately started to pack his belongings. 

After all, it was a matter of life and death. This was not a small issue. 

Very soon, he packed up his personal belongings. He planned to keep an inventory of the other large items that he owned and arrange for a moving company to transport them to him.

However, just as he was counting the items in the room, Qi Shu suddenly realized that there was a small cabinet that was around one meter tall upstairs. It was a cabinet with intricate and exquisite carvings on its exterior. 

He remembered his parents telling him that this was something that had been passed down from his ancestors, and he had to keep it safe. The descendants of their family could lose anything except for this item. 

Since he was going to move, he should take a look at what was inside it. Otherwise, he would become the sinner of his family if he lost it.

Qi Shu reached out and pulled gently to open the small cabinet. He found a silver-white motherboard. The design of the motherboard was from an extremely old model, but it was well-preserved and looked like it was brand new.

Qi Shu looked at the motherboard and asked curiously, "Is this what you wanted me to safeguard?"

He then reached out to take a look to see what was so special about it.

Just as Qi Shu's hand touched the motherboard, a blinding light suddenly erupted from the board. It slowly turned into a ball of silver fluid that flowed into his body through his arm.

Before he could wonder why something like this was happening to him, he felt a sense of searing pain that he had never experienced before.

"Eh...did I encounter a supernatural incident?" 

There was only one thought in Qi Shu's mind before he fainted! 


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