High Martial Arts: Invincible From Being Away from Keyboard Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

High Martial Arts: Invincible From Being Away from Keyboard

The Tales of Shuimu

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Qi Shu thought that this world had gone mad! Little Sister Xiu, an eight-year-old who lived next door, practiced martial arts every day while carrying a boulder weighing half a ton. Campus belle, Miss Dong, could kill a five-meter-tall beast with a single punch. His best friend, Nangong Ling, could breathe fire and set the entire street ablaze. Other creatures also appeared on TV. There were angels with wings, an old man who hid in the mountains to undergo the tribulation of thunder, and a willow that extended downwards from space. This was a world where spiritual aura was rejuvenated while martial arts and superpowers coexisted. Initially, Qi Shu thought that everything happening around him had nothing to do with him. That was until one day, an old motherboard which he discovered at home entered into his body. [Dear player, the Away From Keyboard (AFK) System has been activated.] [You have been AFK for 1 night in the ‘Jiangnan Community’ instance dungeon. First clear achievement unlocked. You have obtained: Ancient Martial Arts Body Forging Rhymed Formula, Ferocious Tiger Fist and 5 gems] [You have been AFK from ‘Ancient Martial Arts Body Forging Rhymed Formula’ for 1 day. You have obtained: training speed increase. If you stay AFK for 5 days, it will reach Level 2] “...” After that, Qi Shu discovered this dangerous world was becoming more and more lovable. Hmm...No one would get hurt if there was no comparison. Others trained hard and fought for their lives to become strong. As for him, had he become invincible by being AFK for some time?


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