Hidden Hallows

Eris Hallows isn't your normal witch. She has a secret that she guards with her life but when a series of events take place in her Super Natural Investigation case, She finds herself stuck between the Alpha Shifter and head Vampire in her town as the mysterious case grows deeper and deeper. Can she avoid the two? Or will she end up between the two and between the sheets? Follow along with Eris as she navigates through her life while keeping herself away from the tempting men that keep popping up. Wanna talk? Find me on Discord! Blissfullrage#3336 ___________________________________ Would like to donate? Cash App $Blissfullrage The cover art does not belong to me, all credit to the original artist.

Blissfullrage · Fantasy
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Currently in New Orleans...

I reach around until I feel an arm and grab it tightly. I unleash my magic and create a sharp blade of pure magic. I slash out and instantly feel myself falling. I hold onto the arm tightly as we both coming tumbling out of the grotesque swamp Worm.

Slime and other questionable bits cover both of us as I finally let go of the arm. I wipe my hand across my face and look back to see the Swamp Worm withering in pain on the ground. I spit the slime out of my mouth and try not to think about it as I turn to look at the young teenage boy at my feet.

He gasps for air but when he looks up to see me, he burst out with excitement. "That was so freaking awesome!! I thought I was going to die!!" I scoff at the idiot and grab him by the collar. I pull him up to his feet and say "I think you need to see a Doctor... If your mother hadn't hired me to save your ass, very human ass, you'd be dead by morning."

He wipes his face and says "I had it! I was doing fine... Besides, my mother worries too much. I can do this." I shake my head and pat him on the shoulder before turning to walk away. The kid's name was Tommy and he wanted to be a bounty hunter for the Super Natural.

He just turned nineteen and was wet behind the ears. The world changed about ten years ago when the Super Naturals came out to the humans. It was mass chaos at first and a few heated battles took place but when the humans saw how much of a disadvantage they were, they let it go.

So many friends, family, and even lovers came out as Super Naturals, shocking the humans to the core. Now we have a strained peace between the two with several laws in place to make everyone feel better.

I'm a witch that works as a Private Investigator. I have my own business called Paranormal Investigations and I make good money doing what I do but as you can see, it's not always pleasant. I've been around for a long time, a hundred and twenty-three years to be exact so I know my way around.

I moved to New Orleans eighty years ago and I've been here since. Most witches are part of covens but I don't belong to one. No, I'm an outcast and I like it that way. "Eris!! Wait! Don't tell my mom that you saved me! Just tell her that I defeated it right as you got here, okay?"

I shake my head and keep walking as I make it back to my black beauty. A black sleek mustang... I love the way she purrs. I walk up to the car and pop the trunk. I pull out a pack of wipes and wipe my face again as Tommy comes up pleading.

"Please Eris? If you tell her I was eaten, She'll freak and never let me work as a bounty hunter." He says with puppy eyes. Even though the kid was only nineteen, he towers over me by almost a solid foot. I shake my head once again as I say "Maybe that's a good thing. If I hadn't shown up and saved your ass, you'd be worm grub, bub."

He flinches a little before saying "It was all part of my plan, see?" He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a pocket knife with a flick of his wrist but the slime makes it impossible for him to keep his hold on it. The knife flies straight at my face!

I lift a hand and catch the knife with a scowl and say "Tommy, go home and look into an IT job or something. Maybe join the Super Natural Police department... anything but Bounty hunting. You'll get yourself killed and I've been to enough funerals. Don't put your mom through that."

I toss the pocket knife into the trunk and shut it. I walk around to the front as Tommy stands in the same spot with his head down. I open my door to get in but pause when I see him pouting. I sigh and say "Start with the police department, once you get enough experience, you can try bounty hunting again."

"Get in the car, I'll drive you home," I say getting into the car with a cringe. I reach out and gently pat the stirring wheel as I coo "I'm sorry my beauty, I'll have you cleaned when I get home." My passenger door opens as Tommy slides in with a pout.

I turn on the radio and roll down the windows as I pull out. Once I drop Tommy off to a very angry mother, I drive home with a cringe. The slime was in places... I really didn't like. I pull into a quiet neighborhood and take my time, It was currently two in the morning so everyone was asleep. I pull into a small house with a large smile. Home sweet home. It's not huge or grand in appearance but to me, it's perfect!

When I first bought the place, I thought it had a ghost but I was surprised to find out it was the house itself that was 'haunted'. It has a personality of its own but we get along with each other.

It ran off all its previous owners but it welcomed me with open arms and even helps me from time to time. I walk up to the front porch and use my magic to unlock the front door. I walk in and I'm instantly greeted with warm lights.

The house does that. It always turns the lights on to greet me at night and will even warn me when someone tries to break in or sneak around. The door shuts behind me as I walk in and head straight for the bathroom.

I strip out of my clothes and jump into the shower that was already running. I mumble a "Thanks" as I clean up. After I'm all cleaned and I've removed all the questionable bits hanging in my hair, I get dressed in black tights and a black tank top.

Yes, I'm a witch and yes, I like the color black. Shoot me. I walk out and use my magic to dry my hair but when I come around the corner I hear "What took you so long!? I'm starving!!" I look down to see the black, fat, fluffy cat sitting before me, glaring at me with bright green eyes as he swishes his tail back and forth in anger.

I sigh and say "I had to take care of something. You could have gone out and gotten yourself something to eat you know..." He scoffs at me and says "That's beneath a familiar." I smirk and roll my eyes as I quickly make him food.

I give him the food and step back to grab something to drink. This cat is not really a cat. He's a familiar, my familiar and his name is Binx. He's extremely powerful but also extremely lazy. The thing loves food and taking cat naps. I think he enjoys pretending to be a cat a little too much...

Hello, My lovely Readers!!! Welcome back to my new book!! If you're new, I hope you enjoy the book and if you have the time, check out my other books. Return, Silent Hacker, and Star Crossed In Time. I'm looking forward to this adventure with Eris and you all!! Thanks again for all your support, I wouldn't be here without you guys XOXO

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